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  1. That's a monster!! .. 935mb any closer to the UK with 1035mb over the Azores , would present a new angle on a UK Wide "White Out" ............... an "Isobar White Out" Pressure differential across the UK would be unprecedented
  2. Ouch that's a bit harsh ?....perhaps SOB ,. Snow on Birmingham ?
  3. I now stand corrected Met Office @ 10:56 updated their Severe Weather Wind Warning to include the East of England for tomorrow
  4. Agreed BA Looks like an anomalous chart, it will no doubt resolve itself on the next update. What is more disturbing for me is the Storm System tracking east across Scotland today to be centred just off the ne coast of England 06z tomorrow , Severe wind warnings in force for NI, Wales and the Sw, yet no mention of the East Coast of England tomorrow, contrary to Met Office Shipping forecast and Inshore Waters forecast which has the wind up at F8-F10 down the eastern seaboard, with the Wash to Cromer being in direct line of fire for the NNW flow, no hunt for cold there , it will be bitter with t
  5. and also no wind Mike ... looks like the output of a corrupted data set
  6. Same for Anglesey been light green / orange (pink / dark pink if you enable "weather type on") , all afternoon but nothing falling from the sky. Perhaps the snow is a little shy up north and is waiting for darkness to fall
  7. Well according to the Precip Radar it has been snowing on Anglesey for the last few hours, yet not a flake has fallen, at least in my neck of the woods - very bizarre, any just reason why the PR is showing this yet nothing cometh from the Sky?
  8. Wow .. that's incredible .. looks like a ghost town in the middle of Siberia .. epic!
  9. The Marine Obs don't give weather details - M5 Buoy out of action too https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/marine/observations/162091
  10. Interesting thought though https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anomalous_propagation
  11. It is .. also helps to see what precip type is coming in on the one map, as the forecast for "less frigid" air pushes in to the south with the chance of snow precip turning to freezing rain. Still does n't explain why Anglesey is sat under darker shades of pink and nothing failing from the sky .. as of yet ....?
  12. Metoffice now upgraded Valley on Anglesey for Heavy Snow for the rest of the day. Dop Radar showing the same level of precip as Cardiff yet still nothing falling from the sky .. bizarre .. .send some north please buddy
  13. Try the "weather type" button changes the animation to snowfall rate
  14. Had to chuckle when the MetOffce turned off the least used services due to high demand on the site - I would not consider the Rainfall Radar Observations one of the least used services - especially during big snow events. The Netweather Precip Radar appears to be working, but I agree all the Precip appears to hanging over the Irish Sea and not marking any progress to the west. Here on Anglesey radar indicating light to moderate snow all morning, yet nothing has fallen this morning .. so I have my doubts that all is working as expected.
  15. Precip Radar showing snow all morning for Yns Mon yet not a flake falleth from the overcast sky, probably being blown straight over head and out into the Irish Sea in the galeforce easterly.
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