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  1. The new LED wet bulb could be used this weekend!

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    2. Dancerwithwings


      Just to give ya idea of what it means but there are humidity factors to go with it, but just a general idea;

      The wet-bulb is a regular thermometer with a wet (distilled water) muslin wick covering it, and brisk air flow across the wick (600 feet per minute). As a result of evaporative cooling, the W-B temperature will be cooler than the Dry-Bulb temperature.

      So this coming weekend with high winds sounds like someones got a new toy to have a play with.BUT...LED ??

    3. Dancerwithwings


      Dual color LED indicator for datalogging (Green) and alarm (Red) modes ;P

    4. Stuie W

      Stuie W

      All modern bulbs are LED correct? ;-)

  2. LED wet bulb on order

    1. Mapantz


      What does an LED one do?

  3. Anybody have a replacement wet bulb?

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