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  1. So after this week, what are the thoughts going forward? The 850`s settling down to what early 20 degC and pleasant for most? I fly to Cordoba tomorrow and never experienced 40+ degs but in the scheme of things, bit like a chilli, once you get to super hots, they all hurt the same.
  2. Well I am off to Cordoba/Spain next week where 40 degs is unfortunately nailed on... It does look like the beast from the South for the UK next week at points, especially the South if any record temps could be broken but 22 deg 850`s in Hull is pretty impressive indeed. Via the ECM, it`s a swift brush on the 850`s, Weds - South up to the Humber and Thurs a little touch more Ne but that`s your lot on raging temps next week it seems. So this is 2 years in a row where July has had a flirt with 30+ Degs, not unusual at all but climate change is starting to become a lot clearer imo.
  3. Ok, been watching this forum/model watching since winter but slightly scratching my head. In the search for cold where FI charts are slated/never happen, we are looking at FI charts showing dross weather.... I would have thought that we all know FI charts just never come to fruition so why are they being brought up? Yes you can look for trends but worrying about them is odd to me.
  4. NAO, fair bit of scatter with a outlier diving negative but to me does look like trending to neutral, whether this goes negative into March is yet to be seen.
  5. You would almost think we have had a 2nd SSW, Vortex split all over the place.
  6. Exactly my thoughts ref cutting off and getting in situ over scandi, it would be the strongest Scandi HP/block for a while.
  7. Well they are still mentioning blocking to the NE so these charts are maybe more believable than you think. Yes the HP is dragging up milder air but there isn`t anything other. Scandi high is looking promising and if the last dart at the bullseye is the end of the month then I`ll take those charts.
  8. You and me both, quietly. Certainly a little straw clutch for sure.
  9. I would say, get to there, settled, await the next attack.
  10. Bit of an eyeopener but then again more so when I realised it was the CFS. What are we yanking those charts out for?
  11. FI is for looking for trends, very interesting jet indicating blocking.
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