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  1. 43 members online, that normally signals winter is over in here... So just looked at the ECM, ok a little wobble and yes don`t want it to wobble more but when you have other models in relative agreement it`s not really a major concern. If all the other models flip to the ECM then fair enough but 1 iffy run (still cold) was always going to happen. Not overly concerned with this ECM run tbh, water this down then yes.
  2. I would go with that, dew points should be low enough regardless.
  3. Just to show some perspective of the UKMO chart, the 850`s are cold but maybe not as cold as some may think.
  4. Euro trough Atlantic ridge, wasn`t hard was it............ what a great set of charts
  5. So the out of favour mostly slayed GFS is now our friend? To be honest it hasn`t really been wrong up until now, could be the form horse... ironic I know.
  6. Well if you drink copious amounts of T246 then you will have a very very sore head.
  7. Blue, did you really just come out with this wisdom? Next week is fully game chase on unless something seriously goes wrong.
  8. That old myth of we will get what the US get`s isn`t actually far off the mark currently, well apart from intensity but the jist is right there on the chart you posted. Lovely height wedge you often dream of winter after winter... crossing every digit I have for this.
  9. Never had you down as a swinger but hope you are still swinging the way you predicted.
  10. Well it might be IMBY but it`s my mums Birthday with this chart, little boom here...
  11. Well, let`s be honest, we would take both. Edit: a blend that is.
  12. Blue, if i am looking at that chart correctly.. that is amazing heights/blocking over the pole