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  1. Using the ECM as an example, will be keeping a keen eye on future runs for any deviation of this LP which is the thorn in our side Sunday/Monday.
  2. Looking at the GFS 6z it appears to me that there is a serious downgrade on winds. This is the highest I can find in the next week.
  3. Well there is your 12z outlier for London from the ECM....
  4. Finally an 850 chart for London with serious -10 members, time to get interested, again, finally.
  5. Are you sure Shaky? Here are the 850`s for 168/192/216...
  6. ECM certainly looks like it wants to go down a milder path, no outliers in here.
  7. Firstly, I nearly created a storm weeks ago moaning about 10 day charts (sorry) and this is an FI chart but looking for a trend. The ECM is trying for the holy grail of the azores/greeny link. This would be a huge step into the new year.
  8. Well, tbh,I quite like where the bulk of the vortex is, Canada it isn`t. Yep some straw clutching but there is interest there.
  9. I think what you mean NW is that the profile looks pretty much like a normal profile, which, for us, isn`t great.
  10. My recollection was the ECM was the big dog showing us digging ourselves out and a mod saying get ready, it`s coming... and it erm.. took a wrong turn. I`d be careful getting on the wagon again.
  11. The only issue Mike is the reluctance of the Atlantic ridge, we need that. there isn`t a zonal onslaught in sight but we could end up in just a dry cold day scenario. Certainly not against that whilst we would await further developments.
  12. If the trend is to, as has been for a wee while, get the bulk of the vortex over the Siberian side then there is some prospects down the line.
  13. ECM makes a radical jump from the scenario at 192 to 240. what you would say is that there is some serious phasing going on when this ridge develops..
  14. Well the 192 ECM is hardly filling me with frigid joy.
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