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  1. Hi Crewe Cold The thing is none of our forwards are up to the task at the moment we lack supply the only plus points are Fernandes and Shaw you can see the frustration in Fernandes , you are right about Martial he gives us nothing with a face like a smacked weeble to boot, I also think Rashfords interest is waning and Greenwood not on it as well , why wait until the 74th minute to bring a sub on . If we keep playing as we are top 4 looking suspect I think we are missing Pogba and I never thought I would be saying that , as for the city game I dread to think could be humiliating as for
  2. Somthing needs to change quickly that was a shocking tonight and i can't see a way out of it not this season anyway man utd need an injection of pride maybe a change of leadership as well.
  3. Ok Thanks for that . That is quite remarkable can't ever see that temp being eclipsed again.
  4. Does altnaharra hold the record for the lowest temp or was it braemar ?
  5. looking like north east coast lines will fair pretty well into next week !
  6. hi not so different from myself apart from ice hockey cheers moffat

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