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  1. Nasty Low Pressure System Winding Itself Up In West, Many Will See Hours Of Rain, Upto 25-40mm in Favoured (cont) http://tl.gd/8pl3j8

  2. Temp: 3.6°C Wind:3.1mph SE. 1010.7hpa Falling. Rain 24h 0.9mm cloudbase:1072 ft Showery, becoming less settled.hum:83%

  3. The Obrg Went To Shotover Earlier, The Weather Was Really Stunning Today, For A Mid February Day

  4. Temp: 9.8°C Wind:3.1mph N. 1006.0hpa Falling. Rain 24h 6.0mm cloundbase:248 ft Unsettled, precipitation later. #oxford #wx

  5. I just updated my Weebly website -check it out! http://t.co/xhD7cC6 via @weebly

  6. Wind 1.2 mph E. Barometer 1004.0 hPa, Falling. Temperature 9.0 °C. Rain today 0.0 mm. Humidity 72%

  7. it bradley im going to stay awake all night to know the password of mark

  8. This Is What The Wind Did, In Oxford, http://plixi.com/p/75744963

    1. skyblusam


      A few leafs ??????????????????????????

    2. stratty


      wow, that is truely outstanding!?

      some leaves in Oxford!?!

  9. Morning, Rain Will Affect Many Areas Today, Will Eventually Move Eastwards, Sunshine Coming through in far west (cont) http://tl.gd/8lmgmg

  10. I uploaded a YouTube video -- time laps clouds http://youtu.be/7o_uNSayUlo?a

  11. Wind 2.4 mph SE. Barometer 1003.7 hPa, Falling slowly. Temperature 9.5 °C. Rain today 0.3 mm. Humidity 92%

  12. Wind 2.1 mph NNE. Barometer 1003.6 hPa, Falling slowly. Temperature 9.2 °C. Rain today 0.0 mm. Humidity 90%

  13. Wishes, Wind Would Chill Out A Bit, Really Windy Tonight 40mph+ Winds South (Max), Up North Wind Could Reach 80mph+. Goodnight, Mark

  14. Lots of clouds over oxford http://myloc.me/hlkmQ

  15. Wind 2.2 mph NE. Barometer 1009.1 hPa, Steady. Temperature 10.2 °C. Rain today 1.8 mm. Humidity 86%

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