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  1. 14C, sunny, light winds. Yes, it's a great day.
  2. That same model showed full cloud cover here today at 3pm. Fail - must be worse than the GFS.
  3. Very low RH here, currently 20%. Temp is 17C with a DP of -6C.
  4. The Beeb changed their forecast for Sunday here. Yesterday it had cloudy and 11C. Now it has mostly sunny and 13C. Cloud amounts were also overestimated for this morning, because it was completely clear with no mist or fog in sight.
  5. River Ouse in York burst its banks yesterday, and the River Aire in Leeds was rather high. It's because of all the rain that fell in the Yorkshire Dales. All that rain water flowed downstream.
  6. -5.5C on the 29th of December, which was our coldest overnight low since March 2013.
  7. Yes, cery vlever.
  8. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves - at the moment we are looking at a settled period with temps largely in the mid-high teens, but it is not unusual at all get a period of weather like that in April. Nor is it unusual to get one or two days above 20C. There is no April 2011 or April 2007 repeat on the cards.
  9. Shame about what's to come though. Hope it's only a blip.
  10. Funny, because today is sunny and 13C and I have seen nobody dressed in shorts. Quite a few people are still wearing coats. I think they're nuts myself because it's a lovely day and not even remotely cold, but there you go.
  11. I love thunderstorms and torrential downpours, but I can't stand all-day frontal rain. Yuck.
  12. Highs of 9C on that last chart for here Frosty - brr. What a waste of high pressure that would be.
  13. Yup - a beautiful day, much better than expected. Pleasantly mild and sunny. No idea why people would want rain instead of this.
  14. Wunderground awards stations gold stars if they meet a certain quality requirement. It's pretty easy to see which ones are more accurate though by looking at their fluctuations or how different they are to nearby official stations.
  15. 2012 was the last bad summer here. August was the only decent month.