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  1. No heatwave here. Still warm, but not hot.
  2. Average high in Reykjavik in July is 14.2C so mid teens is decent for them.
  3. It definitely wasn't showing 34C in Yorkshire. In any case, it almost certainly won't happen but I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed. 28 years since we broke our record high, and that's 28 years too long in this warming climate. It's bound to happen sooner or later.
  4. I bagsy this chart. Shades of early August 1990 for this part of the world.
  5. It's 27.1C and sunny at the moment.
  6. One point to make is that you'll need the very hot weather to extend further north and west than what is currently being shown for it to have a big impact on the CET values. Hot weather for the SE only won't be of much use. The CET zone goes all the way to Stoneyhurst in Lancashire - and it's not been overly warm there in recent days.
  7. No, I based my comments off yesterday's Arpege run which showed a big downgrade in any heat here. Today's runs are better, showing 30C pushing into Yorkshire, but it's still in the balance whether we get any truly hot weather here. And I don't consider 25C hot - very warm perhaps. Yes, we would have killed for such weather in 2007, 2012 etc but they were the very worst of summers - better to have higher standards than that! Every good summer here has reached 30C, even some poor summers reached 30C (i.e 2011), so I would expect 30C at least once. 1995 reached 30C 8 times here, so that's a good figure to aim for.
  8. 0.4mm today brings our total for the month to 1.1mm.
  9. I suspect the lack of enthusiasm might also be down to the fact that for much of the country there is no actual heat on offer. Looking at the Arpege charts for example, there seems to be yet another front tracking its way south on Monday which brings cloud and a bit of rain here, and thus temps of only 24C and a very tight temperature gradient across the Midlands, which is a bit disappointing considering the relatively high 850 temps. That could all change as the previous runs were different but that's how it looks on the 12z. I think some very warm or hot weather is nailed on for the SE but it's a bit precarious for the rest of us. There was probably more excitement earlier in the season because the heat was nationwide rather than restricted to one area of the country. It's also been a rather cloudy week in this part of the world and there still doesn't look to be much in the way of sunshine on offer, so even less reason to get excited (for what has been a very warm month thus far it seems to be lagging in the sunshine stakes compared to, say, 2006).
  10. Of course it will - but it doesn't take a Mystic Meg to figure that out, unless you think our current dry, warm weather is going to last until Christmas. Until a breakdown is within the reliable time frame I will pay it no heed.
  11. I've lost track of the number of times GFS has predicted 10mm or more for this location and yet we still have less than 1mm to date for the entire month. Those charts are really not reliable at all.
  12. Those temps have every chance of being correct but I'm not the only person on here to notice that the Met Office have a tendency to underestimate temperatures. Wouldn't pay too much attention to them tbh.
  13. Fortunately, tomorrow is looking better here - not much rain and still warm, with sunny spells into the afternoon (and any rain isn't forecast to arrive until the evening, and even then it's light and a 50% chance).