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  1. Still looks good for Yorkshire on Friday, and the GEFS mean looks better too. We hold onto the cold air for longer, so Friday is a big snow event.
  2. In days gone by, Kent could be one of the coldest places in the country, during easterly events, so I thought your lot would be a bit hardier. That being said, I'm a big softy when it comes to cold. I have had my heating on every day this month.
  3. So at the moment we are looking at what, 4 ice days, with snow for many, in late February and early March, and people are calling the ECM run a disaster or such nonsense simply because it doesn't last for another week? You can tell that people have become spoilt by the exceptional output. Quite pathetic really. Everyone on here would have sold their granny for this a month ago.
  4. Cold can't continue forever - has to end at some point. Quite frankly the fact that we are looking at potentially 3-4 ice days in late February/early March is bonkers enough as it is.
  5. Also GFS isn't very good at picking up convection - and it's just one model offering one possibility.
  6. That could happen, but by the same token the ECM showed that same area of snow affecting most of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and then moving towards SE Wales, so all to play for.
  7. BBC temps have trended down over the past few days, I expect them to continue to do so.
  8. Look North have often been like that, especially with Paul Hudson .
  9. No point taking local forecasts as a gospel when it comes to snow, you'll have to wait until closer to the time. No way we can accurately predict where showers will fall this far out (I'm sure you know that).
  10. A weather warning has been released for Tuesday for Yorkshire (as well as Lincolnshire). Currently a high impact, low confidence forecast. As we get closer to Tuesday we might see an amber warning issued if confidence is higher.
  11. Looks like ICON has picked up on that little feature exiting Norway that WRF-NMM has been showing for a while now. That brings less cold 850s to the north but by the same token brings in a dumping of snow to parts of Eastern Scotland and NE England/Yorkshire. One to watch as there's consistency there.
  12. January 1995 is something I do remember and it really was unbelievable. Would love to see a repeat one day. Here's a write-up of the event I found on someone's blog:
  13. Nice - never knew Feb 1991 was so snowy here. I was only 3 at the time (and I'm sure I loved it though!).
  14. Were you still in Leeds in 1987? All I can find online about January 1987 is how much snow fell in Kent and Essex but I can never find anything for this part of the world.