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  1. Ditto. I hope we get an early taste of spring in February like we did last year. In fact, I’d take a February like 2019 or 1998 every year.
  2. Just had a squall pass through with hail. Looked like a hurricane for about 2 minutes.
  3. Blackbird singing this morning.
  4. Fine by me as long as it’s dry. Stormy weather can stay well away.
  5. Crime was at its statistical peak in 1995 so I doubt it. London only had 84 homicides in 2014, which was the lowest on record, compared to over 200 in 2003, the highest. Both of those winters were mild but were like night and day in terms of crime. There’s no link at all as far as I’m aware. Lack of police will be the biggest reason.
  6. For people my age (I was 22 at the time) it was probably the first properly cold, snowy month we ever experienced in the UK. I certainly don’t remember anything as good in the 90s or 00s.
  7. I hope we get the warmest January on record. Go big or go home I say. Must be possible this year. Mid teens forecast here on Tuesday.
  8. Well I think it’s safe to say the start to this decade will be a world apart from the start of the 2010s, weather-wise. January 2010 was a great month, hard to believe it’s 10 whole years ago..
  9. That’s actually one area this decade has been fairly decent here - it’s been pretty snowy, certainly snowier than the 90s and 00s and probably snowier than the 70s too. However that snowfall was overwhelmingly concentrated in 2010-2013. It’s been pretty lacklustre for snow since late 2013 except for early 2018. 2013/2014 was the first winter without any settling snow I remember, and 2018/2019 came close were it not for a sprinkling of snow at some point in January, but it might as well have been snowless.
  10. Cool/wet weather in summer is a big spoiler for outdoor events and holiday plans. People rely on the weather holding up in summer. As much as cold weather lovers dislike mild winter weather, it really doesn’t have an impact on your daily life.
  11. Yes, June was stinker but July and August were fine.
  12. It wasn’t a great summer but it was a perfectly decent summer for people who like warm weather. Even disregarding the exceptional heat in late July and the still record-breaking heat in late August (have we forgotten this already?), there was plenty of pleasant and usable weather in between. On paper it was a wet summer but it certainly didn’t feel like it - conversely there have been summers that were statistically dry but didn’t feel like it due to lower temperatures and sunshine. Statistics can be misleading.
  13. What an absolutely insane game. My heart is still racing. Our defensive record has gone to pot but that’s football at its most entertaining.
  14. I’m 32 and have admittedly not experienced many cold winters in the UK. Couldn’t imagine anything like 1963.
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