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  1. Video from Instagram. Does't say where in Cornwall, but wow - incredible or what?!
  2. Whoops, didn't get to finish my post, and now I can't edit it! I meant to say 'Most May's don't have periods of weather similar to this'.
  3. 3 days of 25C and above when including Saturday (which should exceed 25C widely once again). For many places the temperatures have been 10C+ above the norm for 3 days straight. Not long-lasting enough to be a heatwave, perhaps, but you're really just debating semantics. Most May's don't have period
  4. Yeah, I remember seeing all of the storms breaking out over Brum and then through Leicestershire and LIncolnshire, and then later in the day over Cumbria and the NE. We were in the dry slot.
  5. We had nothing at all on that day - words cannot accurately describe how angry I was!
  6. Three consecutive days above 25C in May is very unusual. Last happened in 2012. It also happened here in 1995 and 2003, for what it's worth - and we all know what those summers were like (although the less said about 2012 the better!).
  7. Maybe next month WH.
  8. The weather here looks fairly nice for the weekend - highs of 24C on Saturday and 21C on Sunday. Fresher on Sunday, but still perfectly pleasant. 21C is above average for May.
  9. Why is this SizzlingHeat creature always rambling on about breakdowns? Why can't people just enjoy nice weather while it's here instead of being doom merchants all the time?
  10. The automated BBC forecasts online also shows cloud. Perhaps they are overstating it - I hope so.
  11. Keeping my fingers crossed for some action today! Seems like widespread feature will move east later.
  12. I don't know what it's been like in your part of the country but from my perspective this is patent nonsense.
  13. No, cool wet summers are not the norm away from the SE. Indeed. Much too early.