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  1. cheese

    Autumn 2018

    No, my tea leaves say so.
  2. Meanwhile in Paris, 22C and sunny. No highs below 20C at all in their forecast, even getting up to 28C next week. Our forecast isn't too bad to be fair but it's annoying how the great weather has just been across the channel.
  3. cheese

    Autumn 2018

    Depends on the year. Some years, frosts occur widely in October, locally in late September. Some years, not until well into November, sometimes even December - and there have been years where many UK locations have not recorded a single frost at all in one of Dec/Jan/Feb (sometimes 2 or all three). And the snow on the very tippy tops will only be transient and slushy, I suspect most of us get more snow than that in a typical winter. I think this winter will be the mildest ever though, will make Dec 2015 look like Dec 2010 by comparison.
  4. Lol, the rain is almost UK-shaped! Oops, already mentioned. Still funny though.
  5. August 2016 was definitely decent, the last 2 thirds of the month were actually very nice, widely sunnier than average overall. The search for a hot August continues though.
  6. cheese

    Autumn 2018

    Bet they will see their first frosts a good 3-4 months before the rest of us. And I bet the any snow the very tops of the Scottish peaks have had will be more snow than any of us will get all winter. Mark my words.
  7. My neighbour and her 6 year old daughter are currently at Silverstone to watch the MotoGP, they've decided to come home, and lots of other people are heading back to their cars apparently. Racing has been delayed and might not go ahead at all. Not very good. All day rain in the summer is the worst.
  8. The mean max here is now 22C, it was falling steadily but today will take a big chunk off it (the 22C mean max includes the max so far today bearing in mind but I don't think it will get much higher than it already has). I think it will still finish bit above average in terms of maxima but only slightly. Still, I have worn a t-shirt and shorts most days this month which indicates a reasonable summer month, even if it hasn't been particularly sunny. It's also been drier than average and I don't see today changing that as the rain isn't heavy. It's a shame though because this August was on course to be the warmest of this decade by a big margin and the warmest since 1997 here (yes it was even warmer than 2003 until the past 2 days). Oh, and it goes without saying that today is just horrible.
  9. My point isn't to say that this August has been bad, as I don't think it has - just that it has obviously tapered off slowly. The final 10 days of June were great here, unbroken sunshine every day except for the dull starts, 25-27C maxes, low humidity, clear blue skies. Perfection. The first 20 were not very good, and as I mentioned earlier, the first 17 days of August were sunnier than the first 17 of June for eastern and southern England (that won't apply now though). Nottingham had 43 hours of sun for 1-17 June, that's pretty dull. Your patch will have been much better of course. May was a great month of course, and it was consistently more sunny throughout the month than June here.
  10. John Halmond's washout August prediction was a bust too, so yes, it does make fools of us all.
  11. I wouldn't - to me, summers that end well are better remembered than summers that end badly. A bad end to summer kind of taints your memory of it, plus this time of year is 'peak holiday' time so more people have time to actually enjoy any nice weather rather than being stuck working all the time in May/June etc. This is especially true if you have kids. I would say nice weather at this time of year is more important than at any other time. As a kid, the summer of 1995 was immense, but it would have been much less immense if the hottest weather had occurred in June instead when I would have been in a classroom most of the time. But, beggars cannot be choosers - though I still insist that for much of England the first 20 days of June were fairly rubbish due to the persistent cloudy easterlies. In other news, the Beast from the East and the summer heatwave produce bumper fruit crop: https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/uk-weather-heatwave-summer-fruit-beats-from-the-east-apples-plums-tomatoes-a8506466.html
  12. Here, we reached 29C on 1 October 2011, 30C on 13 Sept 2016.
  13. Anyway, got both my lawns cut today before tomorrow's deluge. If nothing else it will be a good excuse to stay indoors since I like lazy Sundays. There's a beer festival occurring just down the road though so disappointing for them, probably low turnout. It's also the final day of Leeds Fest, but I suppose it wouldn't be a British summer festival without loads of rain and sodden ground.
  14. Even Bingley at 264m ASL reached 16C today. Grenoside is at 170m or thereabouts, but is only 14C? As I said, it must be a new microclimate.
  15. Yup, tomorrow is looking like the worst possible weather imaginable for summer, and it's terrible that it's coincided with the big summer bank holiday weekend when warm, sunny weather is appreciated by most. Not good at all.