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  1. Looks like this low cloud won’t lift at all today. Very unusual to get North Sea crud in August.
  2. Well that’s something I definitely didn’t expect. Are SE winds typically hot there?
  3. Well said. I’m not pleased for other people getting storms and I’ll moan as much as I want to. Sorry if that upsets anyone but I’m sure you’ll live.
  4. Amazing what a change in wind direction does. About an hour ago the temperature was 30.3C, but the wind direction veered to NE and it fell 28.2C.
  5. Can’t believe this entire spell of weather is going to end with a single distant rumble of thunder being the only thing of note. Words fail me.
  6. Certainly doesn’t bring me any cheer! Reading this thread is like a punch to the gut. There’s nothing fun about watching other places getting all the exciting weather if we’re being completely honest.
  7. Nothing here either. 2020 is turning into a very poor year for storms in Leeds. I really don’t understand why NW England is hogging all the thunderstorm activity this year. And don’t even get me started on Scotland getting all these amazing storms even though they haven’t had any of the heat.
  8. A solitary distant rumble about an hour ago is all the excitement we’ve had here. Oh, and it rained a bit too.
  9. Now 30.2C in Leeds, so at least I can say all 3 summer months exceeded 30C.
  10. 29.6C is the high so far in Leeds. The dew point though is a very oppressive 21C. It feels ridiculously muggy today. If things don’t go bang tonight I’ll be quite displeased.
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