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  1. We had our first ground frost this morning. Today was also a nice day in general. Even got the grass and hedges cut. Doubt it will be for the last time though.
  2. Exactly. We’ve had more than enough rain now and the ground is thoroughly waterlogged. What we need is a drier period, otherwise we might end up with a similar situation to December 2015 - and I’m sure no sane person wants that. This certainly isn’t typical autumn weather unless you live in the Lake District. In Leeds, for example, we don’t exceed 60mm of rain on average for any month of the year - our wettest month is actually August with 58mm - and yet we’ve reached that figure with more than half the month to go - certain people perhaps forget that most of England is actually quite dry, even in autumn.. ..and besides, one of the best aspects of autumn is mellow, cool sunny days with frosty mornings, misty evenings and the sun shimmering on the colourful foliage - surely nobody thinks the current weather is preferable to that?!
  3. I like mild, sunny winter weather - like what we had in February this year. Not so much the damp and cloudy variety. Although I suppose the weather in February was often just plain warm! Anyway, the darkness and dampness is what I dislike the most about winter. More sunshine would make a huge difference and winter wouldn’t be quite so depressing. I agree with Damien though that Christmas helps to make December much less depressing.. even at 32 I still love Christmas - the lights, the decorations, the music, the food, spending time with family reminiscing about Christmases gone.. it’s 100% my favourite time of year, weather aside. I still like early January with the good vibes of the New Year but that goes away pretty quickly, especially when all the lights start coming down.
  4. Think I’ll get the grass cut tomorrow before the dreaded rain returns. Today was gorgeous.
  5. A moveable force meets a stoppable object.. they’re both so awful that their only chance of winning was against each other. Still, Huddersfield should get a morale boost. Stoke are doing a Sunderland.
  6. Real Madrid lost 3-0 at home to CSKA Moscow 6 months after winning the UCL in 2018. It was their biggest ever home defeat. Sh#t happens. I don’t think Spurs fans should give up just yet as the group stages are usually unpredictable. Still think they’ll finish second in the group. Onwards and upwards.
  7. Worst period of weather all year imo. Heating has been on for the last few days.
  8. Most of us want it warm and dry, it’s just that we’re usually outdoors making the most of it. Not much time spent outdoors today with the rain though. Good day for doing nothing. Tomorrow looks better.
  9. Way overdue? Really? September is practically a summer month as far as average temperatures are concerned so god knows why anyone would expect autumnal weather so soon. Do you expect warm spring sunshine as soon as March arrives?
  10. Now now, I wouldn’t call markyo’s post a forecast..
  11. Exactly. Anyone who thinks the current weather is ‘grim’ clearly needs to get out of the house a bit more often.
  12. Well, yes - that happens every year. It’s what we call ‘changing seasons’.
  13. Cool misty mornings, pleasantly warm sunny afternoons. Not sure how anyone could describe it as grim. This is exactly what September should be like. Probably the best weather for stunning autumn foliage too.
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