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  1. Looks like Rhyl is getting a good soaking. Always thought it could do with a bit of a wash!
  2. Same as last time - too much cloud preventing convection from kicking off. It seems like every time there is a possibility for severe storms, we have way more cloud than forecast. We are cursed.
  3. The sun's come out here and it's 23C. However, it does look like that cloud further south is moving up this way. As per usual it looks like unforecast cloud will kill our storm chances.
  4. Huge crawler on the London webcam linked on the previous page.
  5. Wednesday looks quite warm as well - highs of 24C here. Some thunderstorms around though and perhaps quite cloudy (though I don't mind cloudy and warm - it's cloudy and cool that annoys me!). Combine that with Sunday which was also sunny and warm - I make that four days. And in fairness, July hasn't been so bad here, most days in the low 20s, only 2 days below 20C. Can't go wrong.
  6. Exactly - but what the ECM is showing is totally useless weather and wastes what ought to be the best time of year for people who enjoy going outside (we have most of the rest of the year for those who revel in rain and gloom without having to deprive summer lovers of something to look forward to).
  7. Even if it was only a halfway house, it probably wouldn't be too bad - but we really don't want to see that low pressure move south.
  8. Tacky? I'm just lowering the discourse to the kind of level you're used to. Sheesh.
  9. Ignore draztik. Nothing he posts is ever useful - just another tedious wind-up merchant with too much time on their hands.
  10. BBC say heavy rain here tomorrow morning, but that rain is moving through pretty fast!
  11. Hopefully that means tomorrow morning won't be rainy.
  12. It's shown unsettled weather countless times only for it to never verify - so people have every reason to be sceptical. Indeed, if every time GFS showed unsettled weather actually came to fruition then I'm sure this summer would have been a total washout already. Of course, it might be correct this time - no reason to totally discount it - but let's not pretend that you yourself don't have any vested interests. You always appear out of nowhere to bang on about unsettled weather in fantasy island. You did the same thing in July 2013 - so please drop this silly facade of being impartial and objective when you are anything but.
  13. Bradford receives 86cm of rain a year on average. Over 100 for Huddersfield does strike me as very high. I remember calculating the averages for the old Leeds Weather Centre, which closed in 2003. I can't remember the exact figures but the average rainfall there was broadly similar to Church Fenton (60cm).
  14. Summers in the UK haven't warmed as much as on the continent. Most of our warming seems to have taken place primarily outside of summer, which is very annoying. If you're a four-season lover such as myself, then winters getting closer to summer temperature-wise is a nightmare scenario.