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  1. Sleet shower here, saw some big flakes mixed in. Pleasant surprise.
  2. Grandparents ruining their grandchildren?

    With obesity at record levels, I think everyone could do with cutting back a bit. Too many fatties about nowadays.
  3. Frost watch season 17/18

    3rd frost of the season this morning here too. Possibly fourth, because one morning fell to 1.9C but I don't recall if there was a ground frost or not (I wasn't awake early enough).
  4. No, and it's getting really boring. If people want to be smugly self-satisfied can they please do it somewhere else? This thread is supposed to be for light-hearted humour, not a raging b**chfest.
  5. Yeah, except the Conservatives have been in power for nearing on a decade - at some point you have to lay some blame on their door, rather than harking on about Blair and how awful he was. If the Conservatives were interested in rectifying the issues that the NHS currently faces, it wouldn't take the best part of 7 years to do so. If people in the UK were able to look at things objectively rather than trying to blame everything on the political party they don't like, maybe things would actually change for the better here. In Germany, the two major parties were able to form a coalition - but politics in the UK isn't mature enough for that, because both Labour and the Tories are more interested in scoring points against one another like children instead of working together to improve the lives of people living here. Anyway, that's all I have to say.
  6. No point talking about 'Blairite Labour' when they are no longer in power. You need to pressure the current lot to fix it, because with each passing year it gets worse.
  7. Conversely, a cold winter might be the kick up the weeble this country needs to get its act together. The NHS needs something doing to it and I feel like nothing will happen until it faces a major crisis.
  8. Clear, calm and smokey, 1.6C. Definitely perfect Bonfire Night weather.
  9. Mean max: 15.8C Mean min: 9.4C Highest max: 21.3C (14th) Lowest min: 0.3C (30th) Highest min: 13.6C (14th) Lowest max: 9.6C (30th) Rainfall: 45.0mm Rain days >1mm: 9
  10. So what? As long as I'm not trundling to work in pitch darkness I couldn't give a flying monkeys.
  11. I will take early sunsets over late sunrises any day of the week.
  12. Frost watch season 17/18

    4.6C yesterday morning which was our lowest of the autumn so far. It's currently 8.8C and windy. Frost on Monday morning possible.
  13. I don't remember much snow in the 90s at all. The only event that sticks out to me was in January 1995, but that was mostly a northern event. Leeds had 40cm.