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  1. Theres one issue that really gets on my nerves atm and thats the inconsistencies of attached pictures mainly in the model output discussion. Some images open in a new page at nwstatic so pressing back gets out of them but some pop up in a frame and the x isnt often noticed so i hit back and get dumped back at the topics page and have to find where I was up to again. Is it possible to have the back button just close the popup?
  2. On the 10 day at a glance and only that page, I get redirected to a malicious page asking me to download an app to remove viruses. I suspect it's coming from one of the ad banners.
  3. Certainly happy with what I've woken up to here. Pretty much the same as the last event.
  4. Likely a stadium or car park with lots of sodium lights.
  5. I was looking at that slot lining itself up perfectly for me.
  6. Got about 10-12 cm here so im happy with that Although the wind on the radar looks to be steering NE to me, bringing the showers from up north further south for a time id suspect as a result of the 'kink'.
  7. Gap appearing on the radar as usual for me. All going to be passing to my north unless some showers appear from nowhere. Got a covering from the showers that are getting me currently however so cant complain yet.
  8. Im too far north argh looks like a gap opening in it just for me :(.
  9. Fine for me too now, it was rather odd, especially since it was occuring between devices.
  10. Something odd going on with the 10 day at a glance page, when I press full forecast it takes me to a garbled mess of a page. Happens on my pc, laptop and phone.
  11. Heavy snow here, settling on everything but it think itll melt rapidly once it stops.
  12. Mass of precipitation coming this way, looks to be lasting 2 hours for the areas it passes over, expect it to reach here at 9pm at this rate
  13. 5-6cm here now but the dripping has started. Snowflakes still dry however
  14. We have missed everything here till now, first ok snow event of the winter, missed almost all the snow showers in the previous cold spell.
  15. 3cm here, which is suprising since im only just over 100m asl.
  16. If I must make a comment, theres one major annoyance on the main site, the rollover menu at the top of the page is quite annoying as even just briefly passing the mouse over it causes it to open and block the content below it, means I have to carefully move the cursor around the menu carefully. Would be better if a short 0.25s or so delay was implemented to stop this from happening. Also applies to the + icon in the sharing links that appears on the 10 day at a glance page. Sometimes that menu wont disappear until the page is refreshed too.
  17. Wet snow here but white scenes to be found above about 250m around here.
  18. Having little sleety showers here, alternating rapidly between full snow and full rain
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