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  1. Cooking lunch on my patio the patio is that hot.

  2. Say summer has started on the 21st of June some say it began ages ago. Then 6 days later you pwn them with a heatwave.

  3. First day of summer and longest day.

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    2. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Its the first day of Summer in North America.

    3. Ja23


      but google say summer begins

    4. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      The summer solstice is mid Summer, When the sun slowly starts to shift south again and the night's draw darker

  4. Looking at the history of earthquakes 2011 doesn't really stand out. Sure we have had a lot but not a record breaking amount. Interesting read however.
  5. Had a good weekend.

  6. Ok ok high pressure I demanded that you come to the UK forever but now that your here and my wish came true bugger off for a while we need rain!

    1. Ja23


      But after a few days of rain please return.

    2. Ja23


      06z looks like rain will return later on.

  7. Has taken the day off work to sit outside in 20c with a cold beer.

  8. Wishes high pressure could be over the UK all year round.

  9. 21st of March Spring Starts Today.

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    2. Somerset Squall
    3. Polar Maritime
    4. Ja23


      F uck you nice ya big sh_ite. Cridders and snowrob go f uck Nick.

  10. Fed up with winter. I want nice spring weather.

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