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  1. Looks like the South Coast will miss out AGAIN. Meanwhile areas slightly inland like Horsham and Crawley could see some action!
  2. tomp456

    World Cup 2018

    We scored 12 goals at the world cup, 4 were penalties, 1 was a lucky deflection, and 1 was a free kick. We need another striker as we cannot rely on Kane all the time, and maybe something more creative in midfield. The good thing is that we have a young team who will only get better, and we have players yet to really come through like Rashford and Foden,ryan sessegnon We've also got the kids winning their version of the world cup so that can't be a bad thing either. The future is bright. We will be back. We will one day win the Euros or World Cup, and we will beat teams like Germany, France, Brazil, Italy, en route! Last night was a learning curve. The draw was good for us but we can only beat what's in front of us. I expect us to be destroyed by Belgium on Saturday though.
  3. It looks awfully heavy to my south and south west. Literallu sweating me balls off. RAIN IS NEEDED PRONTO!!
  4. The BBC has heavy showers around the Sussex coast for early evening, is 28c in shoreham
  5. This horrid cloud better bugger off tomorrow, I'm sick of it. We are June after all!
  6. Such fine margins. Just 13 miles west of brighton the sun has not been out all day!...a couple of bright spells here and there!
  7. Lightningmaps.org showing neither.
  8. Not only do the French hog all the decent storms, they have the tenacity to get them killed off as they head out over the channel, AND THEN send the storm inhibiting junk cloud to our shores. This specifically applies to the coast, as inland areas will see the beef later.
  9. Accuweather still going for storms at 7pm here. Can't see i happening myself. It's apparently sunny in Hove....but overcast in worthing!
  10. Only 16.5 on Worthing pier!
  11. Lucky you. Overcast on the coast lol
  12. urgggghhhhhh why is this cloud hogging the coast! Seems to be breaking up a little bit in land!!
  13. Those small breaks in the clouds have disappeared. back to overcast again
  14. Anything is better than nothing. Just pees me off when the imports die over the channel, and surface based stuff forms just out of range to hear the thunder lol It's still raining here too but is much brighter than it was!
  15. You are almost certainly correct, but there are some gaps appearing in the cloud in the channel now....
  16. I'm calling a bust for the Sussex coast. It's all reverse Psychology really.
  17. The state of the latest local bbc forecast...all wrong already. Had the clump of rain from this morning as showers. Ha ha. On a more positive note is is brightening up a tad...still overcast though!
  18. Want the sun out but it’s still raining But I can see some gaps in the channel on satellite so hopefully in the next couple of hours my wish will be granted.
  19. BOOOOM!!!!! That’s not the sound of thunder, that’s the sound of storm chances vanishing for the West Sussex coast
  20. Got a feeling somewhere today is going to see a mothership supercell, an f5 tornado, green skies & flying cows.
  21. Is she? Well she did mention that there's going to be a tonne of lightning.
  22. I'll be using much more colorful language if the storms do skip merrily round me.
  23. If the Beeb forecast is to be believed then the storms will be missing me in Worthing, which means after a brief hiatus, my storm shield will be back on.
  24. What a great four days it's been. Got a lightning show on Saturday night, saw that Aylesbury cell from the coast on Sunday, got a decent storm yesterday, and a few more claps of thunder today. Happy days! Just need an MCS from France to give us a beating like last year or in 2014, and the summer would be complete!