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  1. I have recently purchased the Oregon Scientific WMR89 weather station, it's a decent ish piece of kit, the one thing that bothers me is the wind readings. According to the instructions, wind speed only transmits to the base unit every 58 seconds. The highest gust recorded was just 16.1mph on Tuesday (the winds gusts were much higher that that here in Worthing) Wind vein is mounted on a pole with no obstructions so I don't think its placement is the issue What I want to know is...does the wind speed every 58th second get sent to the base unit, (by which time the strongest gusts of wind have been missed!) or the strongest wind speed within the previous 58 seconds....get sent to the base unit which case the wind vein is probably faulty?
  2. There must be something wrong with my new weather station, strongest gust measured at just 13mph!
  3. tomp456

    Premier League Discussion

    Is there a Netweather Fantasy league? Shall I create one if there isn't already?
  4. 21c/71%humidith ...looks like the heavens will open at any moment - been like that all day...
  5. This store is not so bad.....the air con in there is lush!
  6. Unbearable levels of humidity. unbearable lack of thunderstorm! so much potential straight into the s****er.
  7. It’s a shame all this instability is going down the crapper. very disappointing
  8. I heard its going to be a Kent Clipper...
  9. All year I have been on the edge of risk areas, today is no different. Will be surprised if we got anything here. But you've got to be in it to win it...and I'm just about in it.
  10. scrap that. It's now peeing it down
  11. We've had precisely 3 blobs of rain and a few crack of thunder. The drought is over y'all.
  12. Edit: It is no longer raining. The ground is barely wet.
  14. Any storms near here are going to pass by quite close Distant thunder heard from Brighton, apparently!
  15. Comical from Wx Underground. It is certainly not 32C outside https://www.wunderground.com/weather/gb/worthing Just as comical is their forecast for tonight. - storms!
  16. 26C at shoreham already, up 1c on this time yesterday.
  17. Night all. see y’all on the next bust
  18. Initiation...chop chop....or I’m going to bed!!
  19. Good things come to those who wait
  20. Yeah! By far one of the best storms I’ll witness. went from 11-2 here. mental.
  21. Yup remember it well. was cloudy all evening (it’s not now though) then 20 mins after sunset BOOM, storms kicked off a few miles away from me in the channel, and got pretty much a direct hit, and non stop lightning and rain for 3 hours. cant see that happening tonight though, the sky doesn’t look threatening. But time will tell.
  22. Hoping for something decent on the sussex coast tonight. mother nature needs to MAKE THE WEATHER GREAT AGAIN.
  23. An absolute furnace outside, and its less than 5 months until Christmas Day. Best get them trees up in the shops ASAP!
  24. Looks like maybe the area around IOW could do well later. Will have to settle for the light show again! 404 error!!!
  25. It's humid but quite nice here... "only" 25 degrees and has been that way for several hours!