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  1. Went out around 7.30 last night to take the dog for a walk and I got a whiff of that storm smell in the air for the first time this year. Nearly 12c here, sunny intervals. Dare I say that spring has sprung!
  2. Done with this rain. The grass is squelchy and horrible. Time for spring to spring.
  3. Some snow is settling, most isn’t and is just turning to rain when it hits the ground. roll on the damn spring!
  4. Are you going to put money on it?
  5. Current snowfall rate = 3 flakes per minute. hopefully we’ll have a nice dusting if it carries on like this until 2099.
  6. If anything makes it to the W. Sussex coast and settles I'd be amazed.
  7. 65 minutes until snow according to accuweather
  8. I take it the chances of settling snow are over now unless temps go below freezing? (is just above freezing in Worthing pier) puddles everywhere!
  9. A total pee take this, so much snow falling, turning to rain the second it makes contact with any surface.
  10. Microscopic snow particles now falling in Worthing
  11. Is that lot over EA heading directly west or more SW?
  12. a sizzling 2 degrees on Worthing pier. too warm for snow at the moment! (No idea what the dew points are though)
  13. Lovely! No rush, got all day!
  14. Dry as a bone on the Sussex coast. looking forward to seeing what Mother Nature can produce today and tomorrow
  15. Snow y’all say? well it’s raining here lol
  16. Is it going to snow for you over the weekend? Find the answer here (you might have to hold the mouse cursor over the GIF to reveal the answer) You're welcome. The pointer goes back to No, but this is a lie.
  17. When you realize there's a good chance of snow at your location the weekend
  18. Exactly. probably won’t verify though
  19. The latest ICON run is absolutely mental, almost criminal.
  20. It feels like spring out there
  21. Feels so mild out there now, it's not even 6c!
  22. Temp now 1.3, rising rapidly. Probably the hottest it's been all week And Raining.
  23. Snow long since stopped on the south coast, looks like the stuff in the channel will miss here, tempreature has risen considerably in the last few hours, it's now 0. Tomorrow the high is forecast to be a whooping 5c, so I think it's time to get the shorts and t-shirts out!!