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  1. The mid levels look very unstable here. Still humid as.
  2. The cold front may have introduced cooler temperatures, but its' done nothing for the humidity. Still very sticky out there!
  3. 21c /16c dp, and 27.5c inside. absolutely shocking conditions to sleep in. Roll on on the winter snow (sleet as it’s better known here!)
  4. I know.....I know....should’ve put the #reversepsycology in there. Has worked a treat recently (and I honestly think I’m out of the game for tonight anyway)
  5. Anything likely to go off after sunset to the west of that line running from France through to East Sussex?
  6. I think you’re better off heading east to Brighton....ain’t gonna get nothing here now.
  7. Any coastal residents west of the lightning over East Sussex is probably out of the game tonight.
  8. Cool. I'm heading home (in worthing) will head to the beach maybe later, or Brighton, will keep an eye and a half on developments.
  9. I rekon anywhere along the coast west of brighton will miss out.
  10. At around what time roughly is the elevated stuff supposed to get going in the channel?
  11. So much for the France storm being killed off by the channel
  12. Compared to some parts, it's rather cool here on the Sussex coast....just 25-26!
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