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  1. Looks like it could be raining for the entire daytime tomorrow here. Grass is already waterlogged!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Edward. Maybe the Met Office will upgrade their warnings???
  3. So according to the BBC forecast the south coast is going to get a bit of rain for a bit, then a bit of wind for a bit. Seems pretty standard weather for the winter here !
  4. This GIF of Woy sums up today/tonight's storm
  5. Looking forward to another standard autumn/winter weather event. Seems the fake news media will be going into overdrive shortly, telling us how a few twigs or a leaf on the railways or a puddle in the road will grind the country to a halt All I can say to mother nature is bring it on.
  6. Saw a flash in the rain, thought it was lightning. Turned out to be a firework. Happy new year to y’all
  7. It’s blowing a gale y’all Thank heavens I stuffed my face earlier - has weighed me down! Roll on the summer y’all
  8. Bit less rain & more snow on the coast now. Sucks that we have to rely on the French for storms and Russia for settling snow here!
  9. sleet in Worthing. Don't know the temperature, but it must be close to freezing Not as windy as I thought it might have been (so far)
  10. Premier League Discussion

    Was the Jose game plan REALLY to get one of the United CBs to hit the ball up top to lukaku every time? Poor tactic that didn’t work once! very poor for a team that cost hundreds of millions to assemble. as for lukaku he needs to be benched, I don’t care if he works for the team, he was brought in to score goals and if he’s not scoring shouldn’t be on the pitch. I know he doesn’t get the service he requires....so why play him? dont know why United didn’t do the high press like at Arsenal! City’s defence is not that good! maybe now city will be lulled into a false sense of security ... title ain’t over til it’s over mathematically
  11. Hard to believe it was blowing a gale out there earlier, now it’s as still a.f. expecting only rain here, but who knows, can’t rule out the odd bit of hail
  12. Let’s not have the Merseyside and Manchester derbies postponed PLEASE, Nature.
  13. Ahh, ok. my source should go to specsavers then
  14. A few flakes in Crawley allegedly
  15. Raining here, snowing north of the downs
  16. There’s talk of the Manchester and Merseyside derbies being snowed off.... please Mother Nature don’t let this happen.... send the snow here instead
  17. Not expecting a single flake of snow in Worthing over the coming days, the best bet for snow here would be an easterly blast from Putin.
  18. There's a huge game of football in Manchester on Sunday afternoon, nature DARE not snow it off! Let's have it all down here!!! Give the northerners a break!
  19. Looking forward to Summer 2018 already. Snow ain't even forecast here. Shame.
  20. Seems like "Brian" is your bog standard autumn type weather. The fake news like the Daily Mail and Express have been having field days over "Brian". Roll on the -20c temps (daily express) and hurricanes (mail) for the winter.
  21. Taken this afternoon the pic makes it brighter than it was
  22. Hurricane Ophelia

    Not much to see apart from every sky. think it will be sunny here soon
  23. Hurricane Ophelia