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  1. Seems like "Brian" is your bog standard autumn type weather. The fake news like the Daily Mail and Express have been having field days over "Brian". Roll on the -20c temps (daily express) and hurricanes (mail) for the winter.
  2. Taken this afternoon the pic makes it brighter than it was
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    Not much to see apart from every sky. think it will be sunny here soon
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    I have never seen the sky so dark and orange. Not sure if video is picking up the colours
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    Just started to pick up in Worthing
  7. It was a lovely summers day out there. now it’s a dull summers day!
  8. Hurricane Ophelia

    Thought it was going to be sunny here today but the cloud has rolled in. was very warm and sultry earlier. wind just started to pick up in the last 30 minutes expecting 40-50mph gusts through the afternoon and evening
  9. Squall has arrived in worthing. Very heavy! Edit: As soon as it starts, its stopped!
  10. Its hammering it down out there, so much for the light rain forecast by the bbc!
  11. Looking very black to the north over the downs!
  12. Pic taken a couple of hours ago, looking north over the South Downs
  13. Some lovely colours in the sky tonight
  14. Looks like the heavens are on the verge of opening...