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  1. Storm food has appears above the worthing skies! Will we get a storm here today? Of course not. It's not too hot either!
  2. Raining. A few distant rumbles of thunder heard. Still far too hot to sleep. Edit: in Worthing for those on mobiles who can’t see locations
  3. Not holding out for much on the coast, but when is the humidity meant to arrive? It’s lovely in the sun, the edge of the heat taken away by a freshening easterly breeze!
  4. Cooler on the coast, only 27°c. looking forward to the storm shield working overtime for us southern coastal areas overnight and through tomorrow
  5. Outside it’s 23c at nearly 1am.....absolutely impossible to sleep in inside it’s 26c, even with windows open,
  6. Where’s the great cool off?! It’s almost 21c in Worthing with a dp of 12c. A few boobs of wetness earlier, I suppose that’s it for June’s rainfall. ?
  7. lovely! not entirely sure how or why the base unit of the station is predicting rain ? ?
  8. Hi everyone. Here is the latest storm forecast, has been consistent with very little if any change, for at least the last decade.
  9. If some of those yellows and reds get to the south coast and it verifies, I’ll be a happy bunny.
  10. 22c in my garden, and a dew point of 6c. Not a cloud in the sky. Perfect weather. Even warmer tomorrow, before the brief plunge into the depths of winter on Sunday and Monday.
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