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  1. Phone app says it’s only going to get to 19c in Worthing today. it’s very wrong!
  2. Not much to report on the sussex coast....we've had some convective spits in the last hour, enough to make the pavements partially damp!
  3. a couple of strikes north of Brighton in the last 30 mins. is raining now .
  4. cracking...literally. was waiting at Preston Park Station just north of Brighton and saw a CG bolt to the north across the Sussex countryside.
  5. Is it worth me heading to Worthing Pier this evening? Obviously not expecting anything spectacular, like in June 2019 where I got a front row seat of a storm over Eastbourne/Hastings way.
  6. Finally some nice convective skies around in Worthing. It has been over a year since I last heard thunder here, and that single clap of 2020 proved to be the one and only. Here's hoping for a better year this year!
  7. Looks like there’s two bands of snow, and I’m between them. Couldn’t make it up. Roll on the summer storm busts 😂
  8. It appears that even an exceptionally cold night will be stolen from us here with temperatures now only expected to go to -1 instead of the - 4 to -5 that was forecast up until this morning. I do dislike living on the coast sometimes!
  9. you're further east than me though and away from the coast, seems we need very precise conditions to get decent snow on the coast, conditions that only show up a few times in a generation.
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