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  1. There's a great shot around the 18 minute mark
  2. Just been watching this back from Saturday night. Shame my i-pod doesn't know how to focus! Still some mint lightning shots on the video though! https://www.pscp.tv/w/1YqGoLgEQgjJv
  3. Get on this y’all. Thunder is getting louder
  4. Is that going to hit East Sussex/Kent in a few hours?
  5. Quite a few strikes appearing in the channel off of Bognor....just needs to move a little bit more eastwards....
  6. Something is going on for sure. Been eerily still all evening then all of a sudden strong almost gusty wind. No rain and no thunder heard though there are storms a county away! These pictures are looking west towards the action. Ipod has made them much brighter for some reason! Edit: It is now raining. It is wet. How to delete this box? Lol.
  7. Dark skies here, nothing more! Am just a few short miles away from the action as usual lol.
  8. Sun gone now thanks to as cas pleeaaasseee any storms in the channel come to worthing
  9. The weather station on the end of Worthing Pier is measuring a measly 12.9c. Must be nearly double that a mile in land !
  10. Went out around 7.30 last night to take the dog for a walk and I got a whiff of that storm smell in the air for the first time this year. Nearly 12c here, sunny intervals. Dare I say that spring has sprung!
  11. Done with this rain. The grass is squelchy and horrible. Time for spring to spring.
  12. Some snow is settling, most isn’t and is just turning to rain when it hits the ground. roll on the damn spring!