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  1. Bring back the Atlantic and some better weather than that with lots of rain and heavy rain. And some mild weather but no to an eastly weather. But to a nice SSW wind.

  2. But if Joe B right yes in one way but we could go either way but I rarther have nice winter weather with some wild weather and stormy weather. But models are all choping and changing all the time. Even the SSF models are forecasting snow now. But on higher ground. But the alnitic is still that strong could blast it away. who dares win in the Superbowl.

    1. Eugene


      Superbowl sucks, stupid game nobody cares about outside of the USA, MMA is the future

    2. shotski


      BBL is the future. superbowl pants

  3. send the snow to spain give them the blast for a change.

  4. And forgot 25% chance of cold 75% chance of mild.

  5. Newsflash from my own weather forecast from 13th- the end 75% chance of rain 25% chance of snow. With acess to SSF models from Derby uni. Pm me for more info.

  6. Metchecks and netweather snow rick forecast for the 17th of Feb are the same % so that's matching so that's a good match and springs on it's way.

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      What on earth are you on about?!

    2. A.J


      smoking jamaican woodbines, per chance?

    3. Costa Del Fal
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  7. More Atlantic temps to come but I know with time it will come as winter is over. After the models.

  8. For snow lovers Simon's Cat 'Snow Business'

  9. I hear there is a storm brewing out there a thunderstorm not a snow snowstorm but a big thunderstorm for the UK.

  10. I seen other models for the polar vortex and it send it mostly to Canada not Europe.

  11. I wish I was in a nice warm country now. away from this weather basking in 22c all year. That's how I want the UK to be for the next 55 years.

  12. see in the charts for the east midlands from 14th + days a high snow risk I hope the models change to no risk at all.

  13. Winters not over but I want it over.

    1. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost



      You've been repeatedly saying mild and no snow or cold this winter, despite the below average Jan, and cool February (at least here) so far...

    2. Eugene


      Yes by the sounds of some people you would think its been a mildfest, in reality it looks like being two short mild spells this winter then cold again

  14. What as Derby done sold there best player. Same as Liverpool and Newcastle's goalkeeper.

    1. D.V.R


      What was his name again?!;)

    2. Stormyking


      Torres wasn't Liverpools player, Gerrard is Liverpools best player

  15. Temp in Allestree Derby MAX today 31'0 c so is that a winter record As we are closed in by a few houses.

  16. Bring on a red hot summer and a red hot time until 2099

  17. Bring on spring and summer ****** ****** is over the models are saying not much hope of real heavy snow untill next winter.

  18. No more snow untill 2099 please.

  19. I have not bring on spring and milder weather.

  20. Pm me for the yearly weather forcast.

  21. This my full forcast for the year from my charts from last year and 1991-2000 charts.


    After a mild end to the month the south of the Uk will end the month with a light scattering of snow. The rest of the Uk will finish the end of the month with near to normal CET.


    The kindest month of the winter. but still not a lot to shout about...

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  23. abbaman

    snow in Europe

    snow in Europe sent to me by a friend in scotland.
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