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  1. Stopped raining here now. Incredibly hot and oppressive though.
  2. Is it me or is their a difference in the steering direction in different places? For example, the cells over mid Devon & west Somerset seem to be moving N/NNW, but the ones over east Cornwall/West Devon appear to be moving NNE?
  3. Moderate rain here - very large drops mixed in.
  4. Moderate rain here - very large drops mixed in.
  5. Have been getting periodic booms of thunder from that storm to the west of me around Tiverton.
  6. The view to my South East in Norton Fitzwarren near Taunton just now....
  7. Indeed Sherrie, no thunder here either in Norton Fitzwarren near Taunton, just 5 mins or so of very heavy rain with very gusty winds.
  8. Jeez, the lightning on the Bournemouth webcam is almost continuous. Storm must be nearly overhead there.
  9. CG over the sea on the Bournemouth webcam just now.
  10. Boy, its certainly kicking off to the south of Bournemouth/Poole as well as that lot over & to the south of Dorchester & Weymouth. Looks like someone's lit the blue touch paper.
  11. Getting some very big spots of rain here now, very dark with an exceedingly disturbed sky overhead
  12. Gone very dark here, distant boom of thunder just now.
  13. Sky between south and west has gone very dark & ominous here. Boom of thunder just now.
  14. This is sky just now in Norton Fitzwarren near Taunton. looking east: looking SSE: