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  1. Thunder here again, much closer this time.
  2. Distant thunder to my south now, just starting to rain as well.
  3. View to our south/southeast just now....
  4. No sooner had I written the previous post, that the dark to the south has passed, and it's brighter all round again.
  5. Gone very dark to the south here, but bright overhead and to the north, no thunder heard as yet.
  6. I had noticed that too. More cells developed behind the first batch.
  7. Still rumbling away here to my northwest....
  8. Still ice pellets/freezing drizzle here, blowing against the window intermittently in the strong & gusty winds.
  9. The freezing drizzle/ice pellets is still going here.
  10. Can still hear ice pellets on the window here...
  11. Definitely some Ice pellets mixed in with the snow now, can hear it blowing against the window every now & again.