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  1. whats the snow chances in whitburn overnight. i know were just outside the amber warning so hoping for more snow tonight
  2. Loving the fact after each shower of snow the next one is as heavy as the last one
  3. well the drive back home from work was utter mayhem! think i will be house bound if this keeps up!
  4. radar is looking good for the rest of the night. in whitburn theres no any snow on the ground but hopeful to wake up to some in the moring
  5. do i take it more into the night the conditions might favour a good spell of snow in West Lothian. its no snowed as much as i was thinking it would be
  6. heavy snow in whitburn
  7. an other snow shower starting over here in whitburn
  8. how long do you all think this cold spell is going to last according to the beeb this week we will be lucky to above freezing with hard frosts but i just want it to snow instead lol
  9. Got our first shower....of snow! only a few flakes but not holding my breath as a northery is not a good wind for my location
  10. im useless at looking at these chats lol but what would this cold spell mean down in central belt? could this be as bad as 2010 in cold wise or snow?
  11. Hurricane Ophelia

    even though its still an hurricane... just, you could imaging stuff like the weather channel doing counting coverage of this over there in the united states but the fact it only got barley a minute or two mention over hear in my eyes the strongest storm for a few good years and kudos for Ireland getting the warning out early
  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    Your close but i cant remember a hurricane hitting the canaries however vince did come close to maderia before making landfall as a tropical depression sorry should added that in my last mention
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    it was Hurricane Vince in 2005 made landfall in near the spainsh and portugal border
  14. Hurricane Ophelia

    it will be intresting to see if the met office does give out red warnings for northern ireland and i wouldnt be surprised if central scotland with the two biggest citys in the country at risk of storm force winds on tuseday morning if its changed forcast wise please tell me if am wrong.
  15. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Amber warning extended further north into stilring and into glasgow in the west. the warning is in the outskirks of edinburgh either would that mean a red warning for major citys with a snowstorm coming.... only kidden were not england hope everyone gets the snow there wanting lol
  16. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    do you think the met office might upgrade to an orange warning tomorrow cause the central belt is going to get pasted with this snow event, going to be a fun trip into work on thursday if this pans out
  17. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    would anyone tell me what whitburn would get out of this snow event its bad enough we get snow cause were high up but this lookes like its the real deal
  18. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Whats the snow chances tonight for west lothian?
  19. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    10 pm update here in Whitburn and its still snowing comes and goes in bust but the main thing is the showers are getting heavy and heavy and are sticking to the road like glue, wonder how much snow i will wake up to tomorrow then?
  20. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Been off and on snow showers here all day and now have started to become long and heavy, wind is stil strong and blowing the snow about edited: now lying on the roads
  21. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    an Other snow Shower here in Whitburn but this one is more heavy, Wind is still blowing a gale
  22. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Now Snowing properly for the first time in whitburn
  23. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    i was also surprised that the wind warning was only a yellow too. it wasnt like a gust of wind it was countine all night here
  24. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Same as me Snowlover.... had warnings for snow for tomorrow and Friday and now have got none for both days but still forecast for heavy snow tonight and tomorrow
  25. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Took the dog out for a walk in the park wind is rising but its dry and clear... would anyone know how much snow whitburn will get out of this event?