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  1. just finshed paranormal activity one and fair to say am onionsting it! Anyone want to join for number two pleaseeee :)

  2. anyone wide awake could do with a gid chat :(

  3. aw aye can you stop talking about the x factor its a lot of onionse.. We all ken frankie is a pimp with a dog mullet

  4. stupid clock change! Feels like its a lot later and and its only ten past five! Lettuce it am missing summer!

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    2. reef


      I had the joy of a night shift last night. Imagine the delight when at 2am the time went BACK to 1am. I was hardly able to stay awake by morning. A 13.5 hour night shift!

    3. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Summer is the best

    4. Bottesford


      Hope they pay you for that extra hour reef!

  5. Right a make it mare appearin to do my Room.......a Wil give someone Who does my Room a Whole £2... and am not being an Tight I have a problem theres a credit crunch! ;)

  6. this is to an annoying wee onionse whos killing gingerbread mens wae her mouth! nah better be nice or a be getting a kick into my balls!...Nah all Serious soundest lassie to bits stil Love her to bits even tho she can do stuff to get old prunes to watch us ;) anyway you own me one now so HA! Love You :) xxxxxxxxx

  7. Tits mcgee! that is all

  8. right checklist... Bottle of irn bur..sky remote pillow and soccer saturday....pefect saturday

  9. pfft gid one aberdeen!

  10. right just got to sleep and mum comes in shouting he's a prick haha!

  11. that was the most pointless frape ever haha!

  12. Lol at the guy who threw his scrachcard thinking he won Lettuce awl! Just made me won a tenner!.....carry out here a come!

  13. onionsting it about this scan is a understatement!

  14. Lettuce it to pass time a rate you personailty looks and closeness!

  15. lost my numbers and bbm so send then please :)

  16. Lettuce it am away to bed!

  17. school kids talking about going commando! Mate yer no even reached puberty!

  18. Hair is Regrowing again! :D

  19. Lettuce it....take these horrible tablets and then off to bed

  20. farted a peach so a though a would let facebook ken about it ;)

    1. Sprites


      nice! excellent work

  21. got to love winston from stil game

  22. Lettuce it off to bed cba with hospital but half way from beating this sucker!

  23. Don't you just love getting ingored when you have done Lettuce awl wrong!

  24. somebody pop up on chat and talk pleaseee :)

  25. Sucks not being able to sleep :( anyone talking?

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