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  1. An overcast start to the day, but looks like the bulk of the rain has cleared through overnight here which is a positive as I was expecting a wet morning. We may see the odd pocket of drizzle during the remainder of today, but I doubt anything of note so not a bad day ahead considering the forecast yesterday. Tomorrow onwards looks like a different prospect though.
  2. Yes, I can relate to this. Back in the 80s/90s, we had a period of going to the Lakes for October half term for walking holidays, but stopped doing this as it usually ended up wet most days. This week certainly looks to be true to form again.
  3. After dodging all the showers most of today, finally had the briefest of heavy showers about 30 mins ago but was a blink and you miss it type affair. It has turned out to be two very useable days for outdoor activities here this weekend. Looks like we have fared better than other parts of the region today.
  4. In contrast, a largely dry day here so far, mostly cloudy, but all the showers are being eaten up by the Welsh Mountains as they move up from the SW. Another breezy day.
  5. Yes, a better start to things today, mostly cloudy, but occasional glimpses of sun, and more importantly dry, so a decent day for outdoor activities.
  6. Very little sunshine in the end today and a continual conveyor belt of showers feeding in from the Irish Sea. Winds still gusty as well and a chilly day out, that's for sure. Two months down the line and we may have scraped a cm or 2 of snow on the ground in this setup.
  7. Yep, you'd be sat under cold rain lol. Good to see you back, must be winter coming. Looking forward to the first arrows of the season!
  8. I think my earlier expectation in terms of sunshine may have been wrong. A steady stream of prolonged showers for the past hour or two and more to come by the looks of it.
  9. Another decent day in prospect, maybe one or two showers, but plenty of sunshine and a nice cold feel to things again in the polar air. All downhill later tomorrow as the damp mild weather returns.
  10. Spot on - basic, softer measures earlier, which hardly impinge on people's 'freedoms', prevents more severe longer lasting restrictions later on, but more importantly reduces the spread of the virus. Lessons never learnt or simply ignored... it's hardly a hardship to have to wear a mask when going inside somewhere for a few minutes.
  11. Absolutely glorious today with plenty of sunshine and a lovely colder feel with fresh winds. Far better than the damp mild weather.
  12. Yes, would echo that. We're in that transition period between autumn and winter at the moment. I often find this time of year rather mundane weatherwise, waiting for winter to finally arrive.
  13. Sorry to hear that, get well soon. At least you've been vaccinated so hopefully won't be too bad as a result.
  14. An overcast day so far. We had an hour or two of very light drizzle around lunchtime, but barely enough to wet the ground.
  15. A lovely day today, largely sunny. A fresher feel compared to the previous few days, but for me personally, a more comfortable temperature for doing outdoor jobs.
  16. An overcast start to the day here. Rain out West at the moment moving erratically East, but I doubt we'll see much of anything here in daytime hours so another dry day in prospect.
  17. A warm day today, and a real contrast to the period of cooler weather we have experienced recently. Temperatures may be a notch up again tomorrow before things slowly cool down over the weekend with temperatures back to normal by early next week.
  18. I think the wind was supposed to ease up more? I was quite surprised to hear the wind gusting around early this morning given the forecast. I don't think we got any lower than around 10C further inland.
  19. Heavy bursts of showery rain at times today and windy at times. Wind really howling outside now at times, strongest gusts of the day. A chilly night to come with a frost in places as winds drop and skies clear.
  20. Today hasn't turned out too bad, one or two short lived heavy showers but plenty of sunny spells in between the showers this afternoon. A contrast to the overcast day yesterday.
  21. Didn't you know the shadow effect only activates in winter when snow is forecast!? The rain will have no problem getting over the hills.
  22. A blowy old day here with the wind whistling through the house at times, but largely sunny after early morning showers cleared through.
  23. I've not had the chance to get out on my bike recently, but I'm fairly sure everything will have turned to bog quickly on the local cycle trails this week. With the weather set like this for the foreseeable and rapidly receding energy from the sun from now on, it will take several several days of dry weather for things to dry out now. Dramatic difference to the summer months, when the trails can be bog one day and then bone dry 2 days later.
  24. Yes, chance of turbulent weather over the weekend. Not to be taken literally of course, but there are lightning symbols on the metoffice automated forecast for here in the early hours of Sunday morning.
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