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  1. Lovely fresher feel this morning. I thought it would feel fresher yesterday but was absolutely stifling out despite limited sun. Felt way more uncomfortable out yesterday than when it was several degrees warmer over past few weeks. Proof that humidity is key as it must have been through the roof.
  2. I am looking forward to a 'fresher' spell of weather, even if only very brief. I'm not really a huge fan of extreme heat, but tolerate it in the hope it leads to thunderstorms and am always fascinated to see if records can be broken. Apart from a couple of rumbles on Friday evening, had no real storm potential for weeks. Hopefully that will change. On the plus side, the heat has destroyed the lawn so haven't had to cut the grass for weeks on end!
  3. Rumbles of thunder here. Strikes to SW
  4. Metoffice seem fairy confident of storms today. Estofex not really on board though with only a 'lower' risk of lightning depicted in their forecast.
  5. Finally, some light to moderate rain setting in here which is welcome, this will help put out the smouldering moorlands. Been a remarkable spell of weather for the past month or two. We could do with a decent amount of rain now. Looks like the first decent chance of thunderstorms today in a very long time.
  6. I remember witnessing this one summer around the mid 90s during a visit to the lakes. Can't remember which year this was. Can anyone else recall the year?
  7. I thought tomorrow was supposed to be 'slightly' cooler. Metoffice going for 31c again though. Not good news about Winter Hill now also being on fire. A deluge of rain would be most welcome to help extinguish these fires, but looking dry and hot for several days to come. Incredible period of weather. Looks like the slim chance of thunderstorms has now diminished for the back end of the weekend now.
  8. Yes, wind set to strengthen significantly from tomorrow so the fear is that this will act to fan the flames, spreading the fire quicker. Emergency services are doing fantastic work in very challenging conditions. Total respect to the men and women involved. Correct call to request assistance from the army, though this should have been done long before today.
  9. Plenty of smoke in the sky here just a couple of miles from the blaze, but barely a smell of smoke. Presumably it is going over here and grounding further away.
  10. Already 26c reported at Manchester Airport 30 mins ago. Going to be a scorcher. The hot and dry weather isn't going to do us any favours with regard to the fires on the moors above here. Guess it could be a lot worse if winds were stronger.
  11. Clouds bubbling up here readily at the moment and shown well by sat24 which indicates rapid development from the Southern Pennines down to the Midlands, presumably along a convergence zone?
  12. Clouds already bubbling up here readily and shown well on sat24 as a developing line down the Southern Pennines, into the Midlands. Is this the convergence zone mentioned above?
  13. A decent weekend here. Largely dry both days and a cracker of a day today with mostly sunny skies. Very pleasant for being outside. Not amazingly high temps, but as others but have said above, the strong sunshine makes all the difference this time of year. A nice comfortable night for sleeping to follow as well with temps falling to around 6C. Another fabulous day to come tomorrow as well with bags of sunshine and temps nudging 20C.
  14. We certainly don't require daytime temps in the high 20s to achieve pleasant evenings. We only reached around 23c a couple of weeks ago and the evening was still perfectly comfortable and warm for sitting out in a t-shirt and enjoying a cold beer.
  15. Yes, agree. Last week was great weather wise. We had a BBQ last Saturday as well which really got me in the mood for summer. Perfect temperature as well, not too hot and it was lovely and comfortable sitting out in the evening. That said, from a weather interest perspective, it will still be interesting to see how Monday unfolds. Anything that does fall on high ground won't stick around anyway.