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  1. Cheers, on the mend now slowly. It felt no worse than a really bad cold at worst. The taste and smell thing is weird. I can sense bitter, sweet etc, but everything just tastes really bland, no flavour. Not really that bunged up anymore, but cooked a chilli this evening and couldn't smell it at all. Can't smell coffee either.
  2. Yes, a complete change for tomorrow compared to the earlier forecast. Looks like the rain is moving through earlier, clearing during the morning to leave a reasonable afternoon for most tomorrow. It was looking like a bit of a wet and miserable weekend just a couple of days ago. We really have lucked out in parts of this region in terms of dry useable weather recently.
  3. Yes, we have done really well in this region. We'll pay for it though, because once the Atlantic wakes up, it will all be a distant memory!
  4. A glorious start to the day here, and today looks like turning out better than was expected yesterday in this part of the region. Unfortunately I'm confined to barracks as I tested positive for Covid last weekend, so can't get out and about to enjoy it. It's Just been like a bad cold for me with occasional chesty feeling, coughing and feeling lousy. Lost most of my taste and smell though.
  5. A mostly overcast morning here, but a really warm and muggy feel. A couple of light to moderate showers first thing. Clouds look to be starting to break up now so a very warm afternoon in prospect with little wind.
  6. Low rolls of thunder heard to my NW. All the action is bypassing here to the West/North West at the moment.
  7. Yes, skies as black as night to the W and NW of here. I'm sure I just heard a distant roll of thunder. I think we may draw a blank unless something changes dramatically. Still time.
  8. Skies starting to look very threatening here with things kicking off nicely to the SW of here on the radar.
  9. We had some rain around lunchtime, turned sunny again after that and now fully cloudy. Very warm and close out. In the corridor between the lines of intense showers at the moment, but more echos are popping up on the radar with time.
  10. Showers just entering the South of the region are gaining intensity.
  11. Skies brightening here slowly and breaks beginning to occur between clouds. Sun breaking through.
  12. Yeah, some people must just be less susceptible, but the vaccine helps of course. It's been a hectic time here too. My youngest child has just started school but oldest child hasn't been able to go back to school yet due to having tested positive for Covid. My wife was also positive and was quite poorly, but getting better now slowly, although has low energy.
  13. I've not been on here for a while as I've been a bit distracted by a visit from Mr Covid to half our household over the past week or two. I've managed to avoid it myself thus far despite a week and half of exposure, but just waiting on the result of a PCR test to make sure. Anyway, today looking very promising for convective activity after a couple of hot days and a decent chance of organisation of storms if they can get going. Overcast at the moment. I think we could do with this breaking up otherwise storms might be inhibited.
  14. The sun finally broke through here a couple of hours ago after an overcast morning, so it has turned into a fine late summer afternoon here.
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