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  1. Not a bad little storm just moved through here. Decent amount of lightning and thunder. Best for a good while around here.
  2. Amazing hail storm here, thick covering on all surfaces. Lightning and thunder thrown in as well.
  3. Seriously windy in the night here with some vicious gusts though doesn't seem to have done any major damage, just rearranged the garden furniture a bit. Don't mind a bit of stormy/windy weather. Provides some weather interest.
  4. Just been out and about and was very raw with heavy sleet.
  5. About one page of posts in mod thread since last night probably tells you all you need to know regarding cold and snow prospects without checking the charts. Worth a check just in case though.....
  6. I'd expect it to be hot where you are given you are in Dalton-in-Furnace! Ok, I'll get me coat....
  7. Another beautiful morning here. Crisp, cold and sunny to start. Shame things are going to warm up this week. Plenty of winter still to go though and hopefully some more decent chances of snow.
  8. Not even being treated to a spell of snizzle!? You've been short-changed!
  9. This is about as good a it gets tomorrow for snow chances on Euro 4. Hill tops only in this region.
  10. Looks like potential snow chances tomorrow have become more and more watered down at low levels (no pun intended!) Looks like turning a little milder into next week so I presume thats it for snow chances for a few days at least. Looking like a severe frost likely tonight. -10c possible according to metoffice.
  11. It is only the very start of Feb and some people in the mod thread are writing winter off based on a couple of model runs! Why do some people take every model run as gospel!?
  12. Just looked out and must of caught a snow flurry or two as there is a very light fresh dusting of snow.
  13. Not strictly correct as winter tyres are better in plain cold and wet conditions, not just snow, and I believe are superior to summer tyres in temps of 7c or less. Therefore, they are generally better than summer tyres throughout winter, on balance, way more than just a couple of days. Of course, the problem is that fitting winter tyres can give people false confidence to think they can continue to drive as normal. You still need to drive to the conditions, even in winter tyres.
  14. Now snowing heavily with a lovely orange glow to the sky. Hardly a breath of wind out there.
  15. Just woke up. A complete covering here and moderate snow falling. Looks to be a decent streamer set up.
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