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  1. Just had a half decent storm roll through here about 30 minutes ago on North side of Blackpool. A few flashes of lightning and deep rumbles.
  2. In Blackpool at the moment. Rumbles of thunder from this to the East of me.
  3. The cell near Stoke appears to be fizzling out now. It was looking like properly roaring into life about half an hour ago. Skies still look encouraging, but radar shows most of the action to be North and East of here now. Will see what happens, but I suspect that's it for our chances here today.
  4. Thunderhead on the Southern horizon. I presume this is the Stoke cell.
  5. Still time for something to happen in these parts, but all the electrical activity in showers to the South West has died. Beginning to feel like the potential has been and gone here now. Edit: lightning strikes showing up to South-West of Stoke just after I wrote this!
  6. The electrical activity in the Wilmslow cell died and I can see the remains passing just to the West of here at present. Sky still looking very promising with cloud turrets visible to the South. According to UKWW, the main window for potential is only just beginning, lasting through until 22:00. Very warm and muggy here.
  7. Couple of recent lightning strikes to South of Manchester and a few towards Merseyside. Things starting to kick off...
  8. Mostly sunny start to the day here, but definite signs of instability in the atmosphere with plenty of altocumulus clouds around.
  9. Showers died quickly as they approached here. Thought we would get a couple of lively showers, but they fizzled out quickly. Tomorrow looking much more promising for storms atm.
  10. After a couple of mostly sunny, dry and warm days here, looks promising for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. UKWW convective forecast specifically mentions Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancs as being particularly favourable locations for storm development. Will be an interesting day.
  11. Three separate storm cells have developed in past 30 mins in a line from Rochdale across to the Irish Sea. Bands of showers to the South of the region are also intensifying as well.
  12. Yeah, probably the crucial difference. I also note that local winds are light Westerly as well, opposite to the direction that the rain is moving.
  13. Heavy rain here which has really intensified in the past couple of hours. If this was snow in winter, we'd see very little due to the rainshadow effect. The rain is having no such problems though!
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