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  1. Freezing cold with moderate rain and strong gusty winds. Extremely raw out.
  2. Yeah, Easterly and North Easterly fine. South Easterly flow terrible for our location, which is fine by me if freezing rain is all we can expect!
  3. Just inside, but really doubt there will be much precipitation here anyway.
  4. Saved from hours of freezing rain. I'd take that chart as a positive! That will be the reality for most rather than accumulating snow I imagine. I'd rather have plain old rain, although thankfully the hills will gobble most of that up where I am I expect.
  5. Shows the gaping rain shadow hole nicely!
  6. Not posted for a while for one reason or another. Anyway, looks like some interesting weather inbound. For areas East of Manchester, I think it will be more of a case of how much precipitation falls rather than type of precipitation. Strong South Easterly flow equals major rain shadow effect here. Could end up with very little precipitation.
  7. Agreed, good clean air on a polar maritime flow makes for excellent visibility, but great cloudscapes as well at times. I also much prefer polar maritime airstreams over Easterlies in winter as for our region at least, they often generate decent snow showers off the Irish Sea, often with lightning thrown in for good measure.
  8. Yes, strong breeze here at the moment and overcast, but forecast to get to 23C and be rather humid so hope we retain the breeze through the afternoon to keep it comfortable.
  9. Forecast to be 23C today. Heavily overcast here with no sign of cloud shifting soon. I expect it will remain cloudy most of the day so looks like it is going to be one of those really muggy type days. Strong breeze though which should hopefully provide some relief from the humidity if it keeps up.
  10. Yes, could be a lot worse. Rather cloudy, but dry with nice breeze here. Certainly not prohibitive for getting out and about and doing stuff, in my opinion.
  11. I thought this was our usual summer weather!? Not that bothered about this weather personally as it doesn't stop me doing anything. I'm not wishing a return to the heat, but equally, weather like we had last Saturday would be just fine for me, and probably decent enough for most I would have thought.
  12. Chance of thunderstorms this afternoon though, so some interesting weather potentially around still. Maybe not great for outdoor activities admittedly.
  13. Arome showing some tasty looking showers breaking out this afternoon too in a similar corridor up through North Wales and NW England. Encouraging that clearance is already taking place. Still overcast here, but shouldn't be long for the clearance here based on your report. Could be an interesting afternoon.
  14. Metoffice still going for a chance of slow moving, thundery downpours this afternoon. As you say, just hope we can get the clearance early enough to allow a decent amount of energy to build.
  15. Yesterday was a superb day. Warm and sunny most of the day, clouding in late afternoon. A nice breeze as well. Much more comfortable for doing outdoor activies compared to a few weeks back, whilst still being warm enough to sit around outside. Not looking as nice out today, but some convective interest this afternoon if we can catch some thundery downpours. All part of the wonderful variety of weather we get in this country.