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  1. I wonder whether the metoffice warnings will be revised later? Wouldn't surprise me if they shrink the area to take out parts of the North West.
  2. Tiny flakes of snow here but absolutely tonking it down!
  3. Snow seems 'dry' here. Everything covered with a dusting so far.
  4. Moderate fine snow falling here!
  5. What do we think about the prospects for Sunday? GFS says no for snow away from high ground. ICON and Arpege indicate potential for a period of heavy snow in parts of the region. Metoffice forecast not great for Sunday.
  6. Yes, Tuesday evening was good fun with all the thunder snow/hail, but this week really hasn't delivered snow wise for much of the region as we hoped/anticipated at the start of the week. The most noteworthy thing here this week was the wind on Wednesday night.
  7. Thanks. I guess we will just have to see what happens tomorrow. All a bit underwhelming so far considering we have been under a warning since 11:00.
  8. Dry as a bone here with largely clear skies. Radar uninspiring, as are the EURO4 precipitation/snow predictions. Are we expecting to see an increase in showers at any point overnight?
  9. Am i right in thinking that the colder uppers (-6) don't arrive until this evening?
  10. What wind orientation are we expecting today. Straight Westerly or WNW/North Westerly?
  11. Hi, Your understanding of the TAFs is probably better than mine! Am I correct that the above is up to 23:00 with rain showers or snow possible from 02:00 onwards?
  12. Yeah, 69m asl I think. It is only a possibility and does state rain as well. Not expecting snow, so will be a nice bonus if it occurs!
  13. Recently updated Manchester Airport TAF once again maintaining possibility of snow from 20:00 onwards through the night. Considering this alongside the metoffice forecast surely means they are seeing potential for snow at low levels throughout the region?