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  1. Gloriously sunny from the word go here today. I think it will remain dry in daylight hours here, albeit likely to cloud in as the day progresses.
  2. Had a few rounds of thundersnow in the NW flows around Jan/Feb time. Had a crack of thunder last Tuesday evening in a downpour as well.
  3. I'm pretty sure many people don't enjoy persistent heavy rain and temps of 8-10c which is what we seem set for today. These seem to be the types of conditions some of the mild rampers in the mod thread relish during spring for some bizarre reason. We've had a couple of decent days this week. Thursday was a cracker, sunny but not too warm.
  4. Flash of lightning and big crack of thunder about 30 mins ago. The convective season has arrived.
  5. Mostly rain here now. Snow level on the rise now.
  6. Absolutely huge flakes here now! This will be very close to rain now.
  7. Such a shame the advancement of mild air will be quite rapid today. Nice to see snow falling again though. Flakes are getting larger here so getting more and more marginal. I suspect it will be raining within the next hour.
  8. Moderate snow here with gusty winds. No settling at the moment.
  9. Yes, agree with the above, having seen the latest metoffice warning, I can't now see any real potential for decent settling snow below 300-400m and even that could be on the low side. There may be some sleet and snow at first lower down I imagine, but likely to be quite a raw, wet day for most.
  10. Yes, that is fairly bullish. No issues with precipitation intensity, which is looking heavy, so if it is snow, there could be a considerable depth building up in a short space of time, even if only transient. Certainly a fascinating day of weather watching coming up.
  11. Post on the short term model discussion thread mentioning dewpoints of 33-34F on Monday according to ECM. I guess this puts us the wrong side of marginal for snow?
  12. Looks very knife edge in terms of snow potential on Monday. If we end up on the right side of marginal, could be quite a dumping, albeit transient. However, fully expecting a miserable wet day. Looking further ahead and it looks like there may be some decent convective potential on Tuesday afternoon. Very much looking forward to the convective season now.
  13. Well, yeah, on Monday it will be April...I don't think that is is question...I was making a general observation. I am probably the opposite to you as I love going hill walking in winter and find summer temperatures often too uncomfortable for this. We are all different. Let's be honest, we live in a country that has a great variety of weather throughout the year. Snow in both March and even April is not uncommon which has always been the case in the UK throughout my lifetime, even when I lived further South when I was younger. There is still plenty of time for warm/hot sunny weather to enjoy, and hopefully some cracking storms to go with it. Warm weather can last right to the back end of September in some years. Didn't we reach 30C on 1 October a few years ago?
  14. Great metoffice forecast update mentioning the possibility of rain turning to snow on Monday. Could make for an interesting day. Surely I'm not the only one left who would enjoy another snowfall still!? Lol! I just enjoy extremes of weather all year round. I don't subscribe to the seemingly popular template that we must have/look for mild/warm and sunny weather now that it is March.
  15. It will be like Piccadilly Circus in here again by next Wed/Thurs if some of the models are to be believed.