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  1. Yes, been largely sunny here most of today so far and just a few small puffs of cloud around at the moment.
  2. As was the case yesterday, I would expect the Metoffice to remove most, if not all of the region from the warning for today to tie in with the text forecast. We will see.
  3. That model has been right on the money the past couple of days hasn't it?
  4. Well, the Metoffice text forecasts for the past couple of evenings have been way off the mark. Surely the warning for today will be removed for the region....?
  5. Estofex have this part of the region down for risk of more storms today. The Metoffice say a fine summers day. I wonder who's right?
  6. Yeah, seems to have burnt itself out a bit here now though. Just got moderate rain falling now with no thunder.
  7. Storm has eased away now. Surely that's it for tonight now?
  8. Agree, this is now probably now the best storm I have ever experienced in my 40 years. Two unbelievable cracks of thunder in the last 10 minutes! Astonishing.
  9. I have seriously never heard thunder so loud. An almighty bang!
  10. Definitely windier than last night. I know this because I'm getting wetter by the minute at my window vantage point with the rain being swept in!
  11. Yep, sky illuminating to the South and more booming thunder again.
  12. Cheers nws. Yeah, you'll get snow as compensation in winter whilst we get cold rain. I will defo miss the snow we used to get when I lived over that way but had to move for work reasons.
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