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  1. Iceni - It will be warm - 70-80 f. for the week. It is just south enough of Georgia for better temps. Sorry - straying off topic - back to the deluge at hand...
  2. My fingers crossed - 12 noon flight from Gatwick to SUNNY Florida Saturday…ahhhhh. Not happy with the expanded Orange blob. I hate the idea of driving through the weather in the am.
  3. It has expanded in size so - rain now - acc. to previous posts…timing of highest winds etc seems about the same...
  4. Hi - well - being an Northeast Coast American, I have grown up figuring out when it is reasonable to travel, and, not with relation to weather. I watch the weather like a hawk when it is stormy, and, yeah, I am obsessed. Here with the nature of the train services in the UK, that is almost always a good idea if one does not want to be stuck. Post-Christmas, I wanted to wait a day or so for travel but was outvoted by my ever-optimistic family and we spent 16.5 hours on a train, being dumped repeatedly en-route along the way to catch another (full) train. I certainly think a bit of weather watchi
  5. Ahhhh. Sunny Spain. I wish. I'm stuck in London working in the middle of a flooded football pitch for the weekend whilst kids head north. Thx Surrey…I am going to cross fingers that they are just ahead of the storm curve…but - yeah - (gloat) off to sunny Florida next week. It's been a weatherful month of extremes here for me with a recent nyc trip into -12 and snow, then back to this deluge, soon to sunshine...
  6. Stunning sunshine! My family (without me) will be en-route Euston to Glasgow 530pm tonight via Virgin trains - was confident that should be fine but looks like that weather is speeding up? Our last journey was an epic 16.5 hours during the post-Christmas storm and we decamped to a taxi in Milton Keynes…anyway, I have PROMISED my 9 year old it will be fine but fearing I might eat my words??? Looks like the met office is also shifting its warnings forward? To me, I feel they are just right in front of the weather but am I wrong? And, btw, thanks to all for all the expertise lately - it's be
  7. Yes - thanks everyone - ! I'm hopping on a train to Scotland in one hour instead of tomorrow noon (my previously booked ticket) and supremely grateful for all the expertise…! Merry Christmas and good luck!
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