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  1. yes seems to have picked up again, heard the amber warning has been extended to 0200
  2. looks worse than i though, with the thames estuary and london heathrow expecting winds of 72mph could will be keeping a a eye on the prerssure please note i expect that the dartford bridge will be shut so i would avoid the area if possible.
  3. evening everybody, what does everyobe reckon are we going to have a good storm tonight or will it peter out and we will just get rain
  4. snowrye dont just look at tue and wed keep a eye on the rest of the week, but i would not like to call it as snow is nowcast weather. slight change and no snow
  5. White christmas anyone looks like with the snow risk great in the southeasr
  6. i dont think there be any storms tonight but tommorrow could be intresting
  7. Has been a bit chilly here in NW kent current temp is 4.1c did get down to freezing last week
  8. heavy rain and thunder here in greenhithe also windy for time (expect was the rain causing this )
  9. outside thermometer is showing 52.9 c here in stone that is roasting weather i don't know how accurate that is it is sitting on my window ledge in sun indoor with all fans on is showing 28.4c
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