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    Northern Lake District. 150m asl
  1. 33.5 hours of sun in the last 4 days here takes September sunshine up to 121.8 hours
  2. Amblesides average is 2005.1mm http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/climate/gctvss7w7 I think Windermere is around 1800mm though no offical station. Keswick is 1521mm Ambleside should easily be one of the wettest towns in the UK
  3. reached 21c here both today and yesterday, rather pleasant as its been very calm and sunny too
  4. Just a normal May here - mean max of 15c so far May 2008 managed 11 days in a row above 20c and the mean max was over 19c
  5. Yes quite a large thunderstorm has just crossed the Lakes. constant thunder and lightening in all directions, torrential rain with a rate of 68mm / hr which put down 10mm in 10 minutes and a total of 15.5mm
  6. Wettest Summer - 2012 Wettest Autumn - 2012 Wettest Winter - 2013/2014 This is in records back to 1978, but will no doubt still stand going back at least 100 years Wettest Spring was 1992 / 1979
  7. 2013/14 true shocker, 2 Air Frosts all winter - a horrific stat - had 3 days of lying snow and about 15 of sleet / snow falling, which is probably more than some parts of the country. The frosts win it for 13/14
  8. For my location based on the formula winter 2012/13 scored 137 winter 2013/14 scores 13 so far
  9. June, July, May, August, April, October, September, March, February, January, November, December Mine is mainly based on day length / plant growth and how fresh everything looks
  10. Sion, Switzerland - Warm summers average max 27.0c in July, 2100 hours sun a year Cold frosty winters January average low -3.8c rainfall is steady throughout the year totaling 600mm and i imagine it is one of the calmest places possible
  11. England - the considerably warmer and sunnier summer outweighs the slightly colder winter that Scotland gets, and Scotland's annual sunshine figure is abysmal. In England if you want to bring those winter temperatures down then head to the North or higher elevation.
  12. who has fared best and worst for snow so far this winter?
  13. Any chance of a spring forecast now Ian? I must say you have been pretty spot on - looks like a very short lived cold snap coming up as forecast
  14. how are you measuring rainfall to 0.01mm ??? Heathrow airport rainfall last few months January 2014 so far 117.8mm December 2013 99.0mm November 2013 49.6mm October 2013 figure missing but 100mm+ January 2013 46.0mm Janaury 2012 35.2mm certainly not rain free??? Are you measuring rainfall inside?
  15. Northern end of Bassenthwaite Lake, snow was very heavy and lasted around 15 mins, hence a good covering, suprising as you have 100m on me, must be down purely to intensity
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