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  1. Morning all ,Very interesting looking at current charts ,we can fathom out the generall weather up untill next weekend but looking on ECM its what happens to the next low at days 7/8 will it move S east or sit across us ,or even come in further north ,all of course throwing up interesting possibilities and different weather for the UK . Perhaps current GFS run can throw some light on this , well lets see where we are in tonights runs , interesting and challenging times for us weather fanatics ,cheers
  2. Evening gang ,Well currently looking at available charts and Data we go from mild mid week to a colder position come next week end or even a bit sooner . I think plenty of wintry showers around with higher ground across our north prone to several cms ,I,M not getting fired up over the russian high just yet ,this could wax and wane for ages ,but good to see it around though ,not going to worry too much about later charts of the main models ,as we all know they can change twice per day . But we do have some different synoptics around compared to last several Autumns ,and of course the Data we dont get to see but are able to read between the lines on met office long range updates daily ,And looking out to 30 days is a big minefield even in this day of computers and sophisticated Satellites ,perhaps the weather will follow the world news this year brexit, trump ,all not expected , record breaking snow and cold , any how ,just my take on things , Eyes down for tomorrows runs ,Crikey its time for Gfs ,.
  3. thought i would give an update ,i,v been on a diet for several months ,lost over a stone ,about 7 kilos roughly .

    But today i,m having roast pork with all the trimmings , its my piggy day ,last week on piggy day i had two lots of sausage baps ,i look forward to my piggy day , at least it works ,cheers for now gang ,may northern blocking blossom this winter .:yahoo:

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      Well done mate hope pig day went well

    2. legritter


      Yes my pig days are good ,it keeps me focused on my other healthy days ,I knew i had to knuckle down with a  change of diet but doctor also pointed me in that direction , mostly a vegetable day today plus fruit .But tonight as a treat big cheese and onion bap with crisps , what a mucky day misty wet ,bring on some Arctic air ,cheers :cold:

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      gz legitter i bet that sausage bap was welcome! 

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  4. From a former fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society thank you Fergieweather for your contribution to our forum,This forum certainly beats having forecast charts [fax charts ]posted to me each day as i did back in the 80s . Only thing very similar is that time past 120hrs ,big improvements these days of course ,and its great that we have that uncertainty still ,makes it more interesting and not so clinical keeps the hunt more alive ,as for current charts it looks like some very interesting weather Could be heading towards our shores later next week ,but with many options on the table after that ,great forum gang cheers to all who post ,
  5. Certainly a very interesting time a looming ,so going by current long range charts we i think are looking at possibly something for coldies arriving after next fri/sat , so we should start to see some good charts appearing later this week end . Of course time will tell and many twists and turns let downs etc to come ,but as others have pointed out its only November so patience is required .But looking at northern hemisphere charts i,m hoping that with just a bit of luck [and of course mother natures help ] we can see some good cold air flood south across our neck of the woods , so keep the prozack locked away and treat your pram with respect we dont want Mother getting upset so early in our Season of ups and downs . Right now going to see what GFS as cooked up on current run ,cheers gang .
  6. Good morning gang ,nice to have a nice crisp cold morning ,And some interesting synoptics to start the week .Looking at this mornings charts it does look that milder air will gain the upper hand after a short fight though ,but i,m not putting too much faith past next weekend as i,m expecting that there will be many twists and turns ,simply because the GFS is showing a big difference from each run and ECM past 6 days currently could lead to another cold shot IF high pressure sets up in the correct position for the UK . Would like to State Again this year that any Member of Net weather who would like to understand the workings of the upper atmosphere would or could benefit from studying the Science of Contrails ,if you type in Science of Contrails it makes a good read ,how they form and what shape ,how long they last etc ,how much Moisture is up there how dry it is and wind circulation ,you can even track which Jet is causing the contrail and what altitude it is at . So some interesting months ahead gang ,catch you up later
  7. quite possibly ,but probably in any heavy outburst ,also early morning and evening time ,lets hope we CAN see more of these synoptics over the coming winter ,As far as todays model output still uncertain where we will be Synoptic wise in the further outlook perod IE 8days , on this mornings ecm we have a large elongated High pressure belt setting up at day 8/10 across our patch ,yet on GFS a deep low tracking e/seast , look on met office update and read between lines and Bingo we have the ANswer ,[ answer being Not known ] which for me personally makes things interesting going into mid month ,certainly not boring ,cheers gang Ice on the bird bath this morning plus local squirrel with a coat on
  8. Good morning gang ,I took a day mostly away from the charts yesterday came back this morning and quite a change on the further outlook . Plenty of firming up before we reach the Last couple of predicted charts from ECM but with the signals that were there several days ago i see no reason that mid November could become blocked again .Tonights runs really need to reflect that i feel .so will tonight deliver , Behind the sofa for me ,catch you all up later ,
  9. Morning ,I was about to post a similar view of met office update , so to me it looks very uncertain after mid next week onwards same as our visible models are showing . But still uncertain whether we will get high pressure over Scandy or centred a little further south ,As ALI 1977 Said tonights runs could give us a few more clues ,So at least we have some good synoptics on offer ,the other out come could be diving low pressure areas ,all interesting stuff ,cheers gang
  10. At this point looking at current charts and reading chatter on weather sites etc ,next week is looking cold to start then one big question mark as to where we go after next wednesday . Todays Met office update could throw a few clues in as to what they see that we dont ,and tonights main players will i,m sure be eagerly watched perhaps from behind the firniture ,with my dog wagging his tail ,one wag for atlantic dross six wags for cold continental ,Great posts today ,cheers gang .
  11. Will current gfs run show increasing high pressure over scandy ,steady as she goes ,but wont be staying up to find out ,going to check up tomorrow after mornings runs but looks interesting ,cheers .
  12. Well got my digging up garden done ,even had a sausage bap with pickle ,lovely day weatherwise ,still quite a few ladybirds around , suppose make the most of this settled weather as it looks a bit chilly and unsettled in short outlook .
  13. Just spent this morning digging garden ready for the winter ,realy great out there ,last night was good for some sky watching great clear sky ,we do have some interesting weather ahead ,lets hope this winter can deliver some interesting weather ,perhaps a nice mix to please all , just love it when a deep cover of snow is lit by a low sun , A quiet night with the stars twinkling and a stella up the wood shed
  14. Looking forward to some colder weather so I will just enjoy what mother nature is giving us .further outlook charts will change again come tomorrow and the day after too ,but I, m confident that it's going to be a very interesting period coming up ,upper Atmosphere vastly different than past years at this stage , Stella's all round ,whoops wrong one .
  15. Thanks for your contributions ,certainly some interesting times ahead , Great though that we dont know whats far ahead in this model output forum ,remember back in the 1980s getting charts posted to me from weather centre , big improvements of course these days but nice to know that every day see,s a new possibility . Great that we have probably the best forum around ,especially when you see some of the rubbish turned out on other outlets etc ,cheers .
  16. Same here on west mendip ,Lady birds about ,and bumble bees out and about certainly a great autumn day ,very misty and chilly out now though .
  17. Yes this Fim weather model looks good ,i simply typed in fim weather model . Its been a very interesting day today ,some action hopefully coming our way cheers .
  18. This fim model I looked up today ,looks interesting ,I put in fim on Google . Made interesting read .cheers .you need to type in Fim weather model .
  19. Looking at todays charts a cooling off generally still looks on the cards for next week ,but beyond day 7 i feel that we have many options .There is some chatter on forums about the Vortex getting its act together , which i,m sure will set hearts a racing But at this range and in this unusual pattern for october could be in many positions ,we could get a vortex set up in its usual home for us but high pressure also setting up in a favourable position that we get a good shot at some cold air . All very complex [as usual ] but i do feel that some interesting times are ahead for us Model watchers ,so with 13 weeks of winter still to come and 4 weeks of autumn left please dont get down beat ,will be interesting to see if ECM 9/10 day chart later maintains some sort of high pressure to our far west /n west ,we are not alone in this quiet almost Calm situation , across the pond things are similar but some models are now toying with some action setting up in about 10/15 days time ,Action will come but not untill Mother nature gets to work on our upper air patterns , looking forward to future discussions on the best forum for weather ,cheers Gang
  20. Thanks for posting Newberryone ,you are posting as you see it and as the professionals are seeing it .If further outlook charts come off its after this that we might All see colder weather i feel ,A Realy dross overcast drizzly day in my kneck of the woods bring on winter proper ,cheers.
  21. Yes frosty Gfs showing some interesting Charts into November , Looking forward to tonights ECM MET of updates as if its out there next week we should start to see some firming up ,but i do expect a bit of flipping from run to run .I,m eagerly awaiting todays 16 day update from Met office also ,although we dont get to see any of their charts for this range at least we can read between the lines .Interesting northern profile at the moment ,seems to be quiet across the Pond , lets hope any cold air bottling up can be ejected south somewhere ,but with us weather enthusiasts lets hope it arrives not too early , Interesting times ahead i feel ,I may watch tonights runs from behind Sofa With A Cool STella and sausage bap ,.
  22. Gfs certainly a good run for coldies , Ecm still hard to pin down after 144hrs but will wait for Met of update to think what their thinking is ,of course we dont get to see their later charts but we can read between the lines ,and there is some good signs available in other data , its a hard life for us but Meteorology is so enjoyable ,catch you all up later ,cheers .
  23. yes bbq this weekend ,Brilliant interesting charts currently something for us to get our teeth into , something i hope is lurking out there ,cheers gang
  24. Afternoon all ,just a quick reply to Faronstream question above ,If we have high pressure cells positioned favourably to our North far n /west or Scandy etc and they are persistant [staying in place for a good time that will bring us the cold temperatures ] .Areas of low pressure then tracking across say northern france will quite often bring us snowy conditions For some ,If an active low is positioned to our west weather fronts will push warmer air into the cold mix ,depending on Many synoptic situations it can be humid mild at certain heights in the atmosphere .Another way of looking at your question would be December 1962 Boxing day [mid evening in my kneck of the woods ] A large area of relatively mild air and steady moderate rain across southern britain was gradually being replaced by very cold air which undercut ,SNow turned very heavy with massive flakes [so some very mild conditions aloft ,eventually temperatures mixed more, so snow then became moderate in size ,the cold air came as a result of a ridge of high pressure moving west to our north ,i wont get to technical as you can read this all up easily on the Internet . Indeed most heavy falls of snow is a result of moist air battling colder dryer air ,also as a general rule winters with above average pressure to our north and lower than normal to our south [but many combinations ] Ps after this event it did turn briefly mild till 29/30 dec ,but thats another story and not Model output ralated ,catch you all up later ,hoping for some good charts tonight after this morning slight back track ,cheers .
  25. Morning Gang ,OK , charts currently are moving away from those of recent ,but i,m not looking too much past 144 hrs it could all swing back to what they were showing a couple of days ago . Certainly some interesting Data around and a different upper air profile in norther latitudes ,The roller coaster as started and i think we are going to get some wild swings ,many a colder spell as turned up after milder than normal weather ,thats Meteorology for you , off to get some Razor blades ,prozack and tidy up my pram ,catch you all up later .
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