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  1. Just now, jtay said:

    They're my favourite. Could watch them for hours.

    My bird feeders ,nuts seeds and fat balls ,had hardly been touched untill a few day ago ,then on Monday about a dozen or more Long tailed tits arrived ,flitting around the garden for about ten minutes then disappearing only to reappear twenty minutes later ,and so on .And today the berries are being closely guarded by the local black birds .As for the weather ,looking at all current charts etc ,we could get lucky especially if any fronts stall , And if Mother nature turns a blind eye to the M4 Corridoor  it could be our turn .Certainly looking like the best synoptics for us in a while .Although i do visit the Model output forum ,for any new beginners ,keep an eye on the Fax charts ,the met office updates , read between the lines ,Snow falls are very hard to predict ,but many a good fall in our area as come from Marginal situations ,right i,m off down ASda for a good stock up , could be some curtain twitching coming up ,Radar Watch ,take care all ,cheers :yahoo::cold:

  2. Afternoon all ,i,v just finished doing my xmas cards and trying now to have a look at ANY radar available .its currently snowing moderate and now settling ,i,m not very high above sea level probably 50metres or so .i cant seem to get any rain ,snow radar think my computer needs kicking .could any one who is currently available have a look and see what precipitation is falling to our north and far north west ,i managed to see the satellite return for 2pm earlier and it showed a mass of cloud as far as Ireland coming our way ,just hoping this snow can keep going for another 8 hours or so .temp should keep falling looking at charts ,thanks legritter ,great start for winter cheers .

  3. MORNING GANG ,i have not posted much lately ,recently lost my lovely wife of 38 yrs married .Up till about 10 minutes ago i was sat watching the pouring rain and watching the trees swirl in the wind ,hoping that it would turn to heavy snow HEY PRESTO its arrived , now this is much earlier than i expected . pretty heavy now ,for those who say it wont pitch i have seen many a snow fall pitch on wet ground over the years , no guarantee though .Radar looking impressive to our north and if the precipitation can carry on for several hours we could see a winter wonderland , great reading all your reports on this forum ,the snow currently is coming down in waves but likely that once the colder air takes a hold proper ,and gets rid of the warmer air just a little above our heads we could see i guess a good prolonged fall ,cheers all LEGRITTER .:cold::yahoo:

  4. 1 minute ago, weathermadbarnsleylad said:

    Hi I'm new to this but would it be better to see if the low/northerly still shows after the weekend say 12z sunday/00z Monday to have some confidence in the output. We have all been here before and not all models agree. I love the snow and cold but it scares me to get too excited so I lower my expectations so I would wait while after the weekend what's your take on this nick regards stefan .

    Totally agree ,i will be waiting a while yet ,5/6 days in meteorological time is time for it all to go pear shape .The low could whistle into France ,no real cold air to bring in to the mix ,it could even dive south east ,and other synoptic outcomes could happen ,. I am very excited myself but many many years of studying weather and looking for good snowy setups as taught me to be a little patient and get to the three day range and a back up from the met office ,But very interesting watching coming up ,cheers gang:cold::cold:

  5. 27 minutes ago, ShortWaveHell said:

    Having been a ‘watcher in the woods’ of this forum Iv decided to join today as this winter has really piqued my interest ...

    its no wonder these models are having random meltdown .. wether it be short wave drama or be it background signals , this winter ,the norm isn’t taking place , the jet stream is buckled every way which , the vortex has decided to relocate , and is refusing to sleep with the trop, there’s a La Niña , the QBO is coming back from a never recorded before event  , the sun is using clearasil , and the arctic is mimicking the Bahamas ! Goodness only knows what’s around the corner but somethings definitely a stir ! But everyone on here knows ! The route to cold on these isles is of very a shaky path , but when it delivers ... it’s usually delivers :) 

    Welcome poster ,interesting remarks and hope we see you post over the coming winter , shaky times this current model watching ,will it be mild mush in ten days time or a new high further north delivering an early snowy surprise for us snow starved Mortals , Theres always Zonal ,a bit for everyone in this part of the northern hemisphere ,cheers .:hi:

  6. Charts tonight still showing promise ,just hoping that next weeks northerly will get upgraded as we move through this week .This weekend could very well see snow falling although most likely further north and with some elevation ,next week if we do get what charts are currently showing and we can get locked in for a few days or more ,could see more of us snow starved posters get in on the act ,Very early days but interesting times i,m sure . Ecm full of promise ,cheers all .:cold::yahoo:

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