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  1. Just hoping that met office modeling of high pressure setting up to our West in new year is correct ,computers may be saying high to West but it could rear it's head further east and south as a SLUG ,oh how I hate SLUGS ,or they could be on the ball and hopefully we can see a link up to our north ,time will tell ,cheers
  2. well looks like first low on GFS is some 150 miles further north , but at 4 days plus still time for change ,Secnd low not updated yet but think this one will be the more active one .I was a bit disappointed with this mornings ecm but at this range it could be all change this evening ,perhaps Met off update soon can shed some light on medium range outlook ,medium as in 7/10 days ,will be interesting If they still mention high to our west , crikey what a roller coaster ,hope we can get a few cold shots soon ,cheers ,
  3. Evening all ,Barbara would be our next named storm ,when we had Angus back in November I certainly thought that we would be on our 4th storm by now , ok current possible storm forecast at 7 to 8 days away .if it goes as ecm is modeling it's very bad news for probably 60 percent of UK , 200 miles further south my next door neibours trampoline goes airborne again ,we are in the lap of the gods . On tonights ecm high pressure is kept much further east ,I, v no clue to what lies past the new year ,any person have a clue ,drinks all round ,.
  4. Well let's hope ECM can give us a good evening then later gfs has a good pub run ,high over euro and polar vortex both need to fight it out ,at the moment we don't have a definite clue as to what the synoptic s will be in 7 days ,crikey I need a sleep before 7pm so it's back to my pram ,cheers
  5. Morning gang ,yes plenty of synoptic possibilitys have shown themselves over the past day or so ,lets hope the cold ones win out . untill though this euro block shows its hand we cannot realy see which way we are heading ,a couple of days ago it looked like low after low was going to give us a bit of everything ,but now we have high pressure increasingly controlling from the east ,so as usual gang patience is the key ,right, up in the loft for decs ,And STellas on ice for later ,cheers
  6. Well the GFS run towards the end brought joy but i,m going to have to see more runs yet and some back up from other models .great to see high pressure setting up further north and n west , looks like plenty of action weather even if this turns up as actual ,going to be a wild time on our forum ,a real roller coaster ,will be some troughs and highs ,emotional ones that is ,so on that note good night Gang ,
  7. The good old zonal train as crept in by the looks of things ,tonights ECM might put some meat on the bones regarding any potential deep low systems ,but with a large block further east i think models will struggle somewhat . so a week from now it could be batten down the hatches or just cloudy and mild , looking interesting on how this turns out ,many twists and turns to come , never boring on here but frustrating at times ,that low on gfs at the end is a real dartboard low 930 mb ,the GFS is certainly computing something so expect some wild runs soon . cheers gang .
  8. We certainly need a big player to push us into a real wintry spell ,dont think this will come quite yet but looking at extended pressure forecasts past christmas period with a fair bit of luck we could see a cold continental feed set up .of course this could already be underway as is such the workings of the weather so coming days could give us a clue ,at the moment though it is frustrating with all this mild murky damp dross ,but many a good proper cold spell with lowland snow as materialised after similar synoptic situations that we are in now ,just a case gang that we have to be patient and watch full ,but all very interesting , and as weather is not an exact science [yet] we can only hang on tight and pray ,cheers fellow sufferers .
  9. Frosty ,nice to see you are on board ,get those crayons out ,and christmas 11/12 days away so plenty can happen , synoptic wise we just dont know whats on the horizon cheers
  10. Morning all ,The hunt is back on ,todays charts give us coldies some hope down the line .but another week of realy flatish weather then hopefully some action ,Are we all Converting to Zonal , the grass is greener etc etc ,but lets not get to carried away yes we could get v cold zonal or just plain zonal .And worth keeping an eye on Developements to our east and n/east as well as this could manifest into several options over coming weeks . Also dont expect big changes from met off update ,as they are looking at data charts etc that are not available to us weather fanatics , they i,m sure will ride with this zonal signal for a while untill it becomes much clearer ,STellas all round gang ,catch you all up later
  11. I met Ian McCaskill ,a very nice person and very knowledgeable in Meteorology it came across in his weather presentations ,one of the Best .
  12. Morning all ,it looks to me that we are now entering a period of uncertainty past the 168 hr mark . looking at this mornings ECM in its later stages it does look like some sort of Zonal could win out next week .I say uncertainty but i am quite aware theres always that past 168 hrs . And at this range high pressure could become Anchored to our east with any Zonal being derailed way to our north . If i may just mention the christ mas period and still way to early at 13 days away , but i do have a gut feeling that our rather mundane synoptic situation will be replaced in about 10 days time ,but with what i have NO clue ,the weather does seem to be a very quick /Quick change Artist , so perhaps something is brewing , Thanks to Fergieweather for putting some meat on the bones , wish i could add some myself ,cheers gang ,
  13. Afternoon all ,after studying all current charts and Data I am inclined to think that out around later next week we could very well have some very threatening lows coming our way ,I am not suggesting A Battleground situation [ the type we dream of ] but perhaps lows taking a more southerly track , of course at this range any high in our local will be critical to what weather we get . I think we will start to see on the models very soon more of a hint of where we are heading ,regards positioning of high pressure and how very deep cold air exiting n,east Canada could influence the UK . Worth pointing out for new members that it does not take many days under high pressure in mid or late December for cold air to develope , so on the 9th december i will say ,stay calm ,its mild now ,but the mid to longer outlook can change very quickly , a couple of stella runs ,get all models singing together ,Squirrels nicely tucked up in bed ,frosty happy with his crayons and a happy crowd on this forum cheers all ,
  14. Dry frosty high would be good ,then let it migrate north ,not asking much ,we need some slices of bread not crumbs ,cheers .
  15. Well if the complex workings of our planet are not going to support a proper northern block for our island this winter ,I would prefer v cold zonal run instead .at least we will have some snow shots ,but very very early days ,past about 168 hrs is very uncertain at the moment ,even the pros are unsure ,but the hunt is still truly on gang .
  16. good morning gang ,still we have most good synoptics way out in the longer range .Do we keep high pressure close by or is the Atlantic going to come crashing through ,my only hope at the moment is for the high to migrate a little further north and the atlantic to come whistling in on a southerly tracking Jet later next week .realy wish i could see something wintry but all seems clouded in ifs and buts , lets hope tonights charts can get an angle on what we all are looking for ,And remember its only december the 7th ,
  17. Yes 192 hrs looking good ,and at 8 days away of course it may not come off but there again it could ,wish I could be more positive ,it's going to be interesting watching this blocking take hold ,if we could get a clean high I think that would generate some interest , nothing past 10 days set in stone That's the way I like it ,are we all a little meryer tonight ,hope so cheers gang .
  18. Any body for an albatross ,northern profile looking interesting ,this is my first attempt at chart posting well here goes ,enjoying tonights chatter .cheers
  19. Well certainly a very active forum ,I, v popped into some others across the pond but ours seems full of level headed posters scratching around looking for that brutal cold snowy spell . Across the pond they are beeting each other up over how much snow is going to fall , they ought to feel ashamed . any how early days for us ,think euro slug will gradually get eroded away ,straw now for me is possible Scandi high or something to our north , pole profile looks about right soon ,but it needs to come to daddy (uk) cheers
  20. sounds like it but that is the perils of long range forecasting ,so a period of mild coming up ,then possibly the atlantic firing up but still whether we get deep lows next week [week monday 12th ]all depends on positioning of any euro hi . Recent met off update to me points to euro high rather than high pressure to our north ,but really looking past two weeks is a mine field ,lets hope some of these Enns postage stamps etc are going to play in our favour ,So lets get the atlantic fired up and move on a bit who knows whats around the corner [over the horizon ] it could all suddenly fall in our favour , lets chill out ,STellas all round sausage bap for me , cheers gang .
  21. Afternoon all ,some great posts on here today , and currently some hope past 10 days with postage stamps showing a couple of ways to cold mid month . Just got that feeling that all will flip in our favour all of a sudden ,at the moment things are quiet in our area of the northern hemisphere , but things kicking of over the pond soon ,that of course could be good for us or bad ,all very frustrating but Very early days .We seem to be fishing in an empty pond perhaps we are due a nice big juicy shoal ,my straw at present seems to be the likely possibility of high pressure setting up somewhere to our north as hinted at on some of the ENS ,perhaps its good that our high pressure will get pushed away ,hopefully for some other to take up residence in a more favourable position .So a spell of mild weather then a cooling off ,that takes us to about the 12th of december ,after that who knows ,Met off update [current ]still going for anticyclonic conditions after mid month , so although we cant see their charts we can read into that statement ,thats all we can do , catch you all up later Gang
  22. Yes agree with day 8 chart,and IF high pressure does set up to our far north this could stear something vulgar in our direction if jet is favourable ,as I said earlier Barbara could easily emerge as our second named storm hopefully Barbara can head off to France , well not the best of ecm runs but could be better tomorrow ,would have thought that gfs runs now could get interesting any one for dart board lows cheers gang ,
  23. Afternoon all posters ,there seems to be some Buzz on this forum today ,good end run from ECM today lets hope it continues tonight .looking good on the ens also ,wonder what update Met office will do today but i dont expect much change to their wording as caution is the word ,[far to many media outlets ready to pounce] . So as we stand more frosts for some over coming days then milder air and atlantic fronts becoming more active .Looking at northern profile later next week and we have some quite cold air to our far north and far n west , gfs bringing in ever increasing deeper lows towards us ,and IF ECM chart 9/10 is on the ball these lows [Could ]turn further south , perhaps we will see some very cold 850 s moving south with time .Perhaps just a thought but perhaps Barbara [named storm ] will make it on Stage in about 8 days time , all interesting and of course not what some of us would like to see but now its december any snow chances will be greater than those back in november . So today is an upgrade for coldies and snowys , tonight i,m sure many of us will pull the sofas out and watch the show from there .for me looking at the northern profile over the pole [as presently forecast ]it looks like there are areas where high pressure could form in norther latitudes ,lets hope we arein the firing line ,Our friends across the pond are getting excited as their weather takes on a wintry look at last ,catch you all up later i,m off to dig the garden now its thawed a bit ,and of course before the next freeze !
  24. ok current modeling and charts data does show it turning warmer and unsettled ,but past i would say 8/10 days we could be on the cusp of something realy wintry or perhap[s just normal fayre ,winter as just started [yesterday ] there is no computer around which can predict the weather several weeks away , take a plane trip and look out a 36,000 say travelling from uk to western america ,thats what we are trying to predict !!!!!!!! Plus of course every thing above that altitude ,great forum gang catch you up later .
  25. Ecm is down the pub ,what's going on in the wood shed is there a surprise for us all ,cheers
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