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  1. good day to all my fellow posters on this very interesting forum , probably the best top weather forum on this planet .I have very good friends in Canada [ just north of Toronto ) They emigrated back in the mid 1970 s and my late wifes very best friend as worked in the weather business but now retired .I have had the pleasure on many occasions to visit weather centres in Canada and in this country ,especially when i was a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society ,but now demoted as i stopped paying my dues 5 yrs ago .The point is ,looking 5 days ahead with modern technology is prone to mistakes ,looking 7 days ahead is a head ache ,10 DAYS AHEAD , A BIT OF A HEAD BANGER .And us Snow lovers are trying to predict what will be happening beyond that .As i type i expect the latest Met office outlook is ready to go on line ,for me personally i follow this ,but only out to about 15 days , i always look at the ECM up to 7 days ,so as of now i do think better cold weather charts are just around the corner . with the SSW going on its going to be hard for any forecast model to get to grips with forecasts charts in our Neck of the woods .On about woods i have been up the wood shed this morning early ,had a good conversation with myself , checked on the local wild life and came to the conclusion that a big upgrade is a coming ,even the local squirrels are collecting peoples recycling ,two more squirrels seen wearing scarves up the woods today .Right gang ,must start preparing for tomorrows food ,i have my two boys coming plus grand daughter and a friend of mine ,also the dog ,i will be regularly popping in to this forum ,happy Christmas to all STellas all round ,enjoy .:yahoo::yahoo:🍺.




  2. 2 hours ago, c00ps said:

    It's not a strange obsession - there's nothing better than those cold foggy November days.

    I think they'll be a blip again after 5/6 days then a cooler, still warm, settled period, then a blip and so the cycle continues until the snowdrifts come in December 😉

    Snow drifts followed by the north sea and English channel frozen solid  allowing Wolves to cross from Europe and of course net weather crashing every night .back to the models ,an indication from today's charts that we have 5 days of v WARM to hot conditions then possibly a thundery breakdown ,after that if indeed the COOLER air arrives I think we are going to be kept WAITING .But I do have a gut feeling  that some very interesting synoptics will be around  next week , great forum keep the posts COMING Gang ,cheers Stellas all round .



  3. It seems to be a similar set up to what happened in june i think 2012 . i was visiting friends in Canada and watched it develope on the internet ,pretty sure we flew back following day .i,m pretty sure there will be some good action tonight but Hit and miss ,best of luck to all ,Mind the metal spoons and forks ,and keep away from the chimney etc etc ,all great fun for those who love it ,yes i can see some good towers going up to my far south east ,cheers Legritter west mendip ,😁

  4. Good morning Gang ,i havent posted much lately but been Lurking , great to see some summery weather forecasted by the charts .I do have a hunch that the next month or so will see big swings ,but lets hope the summer overall is one of BBQS ,Thunderstorms , and STELLA on ice , followed by a nice Autumn then the Winter from Hell ,i usually pop in here for a read most days , Thanks for all the great posts , cheers Legritter :gathering::yahoo:.


  5. Morning Gang ,ok the rain as cleared away but this nagging wind is a real pain .I am starting to venture out in the Garden a bit now ,with a pair of shears tidying up Lavenders etc .But this wind seems to creep up YER trouser legs and down the back of your kneck ,years ago i wouldn,t have moaned but now with rheumatism etc etc (getting old ) So hopefully looking at forecasts we could suck some warmer temperatures across our region and IF the sun comes out we should all be able to get out and do some Gardening .About 12 years ago i put in some Rhubarb think it was Timperley , two plants it gave loads of rhubarb for three years then disappeared down under !!!!! year before last it grew again ,and last year kept me and neighbours supplied ,even with a crop last Autumn ,and its just now showing at least a dozen tops ,seems to do well just left in an open site .We had a flock of about a dozen long tailed tits over the winter but now down to just one pair .I have occasionally seen a KITE flying about this area ,our local Perigrins Are chasing off our Buzzards from their nesting site.our Local Jack daws are Two to nearly every chimney pot around our area ,of course nesting site and FREE warmth from the Chimneys ,but still currently all flocking together come 7pm ish .Roll on the sunny warm days ,I love the Magical snow but looking forward to some outdoor life .cheers gang ,great that we can all have a chat on this Forum .:yahoo:

  6. This rain seems to be moving very very slowly ,as not moved much north east  from my location  north somerset ,for several hours now ,so expect some locations will see high totals ,probably the high pressure dropping  down from the Arctic which is influencing todays Front .Interesting weekend coming up ,and IF the Dice falls right for our area we could pick up some Snowfall , cheers all .

  7. good afternoon gang ,There certainly is potential for Snow this weekend ,over many years of weather watching ,in this sort of set up forecasters wont stick their necks out too far because fronts etc can evolve very quickly in deep cold air .Already today Warnings have gone out for variouse parts of the country ,and although at the moment we are just outside the warning areas There could be a big shift tomorrow , Fax charts ,curtain twitching Radar and Lamp post watching on the menu again folks .Now food ,hot crispy sausages in bread with brown sauce ,crackly belly pork ,breast lamb stuffed, with chips BUT i do have a healthy day three times a week with veg fruit and some protean ,as i promised my Late wife back in November that i would look after myself .No one to tell me off now if i make the curtains dirty when Twitching ,well gang evening charts are on the way , best of luck to all that like the magical snow ,:cold::yahoo:.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Whether Idle said:

    15 April 1966 - easterly depositing 6 inches of snow in daylight hours on the North Downs in Kent - an ice day too.  So 20 March is not too late at all.

    HI GANG ,And late April about the 25th april ,1908 large areas of central and southern england had record breaking snow ,possibly 40cms plus in Southhampton ,Bristol and Oxford 850S ONLY ABOUT MINUS 5C ,SOrry about typing but getting tired ,So it looks like the Chase is on again ,lets see what the morning runs bring ,fingers crossed cheers all :cold::yahoo:

  9. Although no return to deep cold showing at present ,the models do show Low after low Dumping down i feel high amounts of rain ,with always the potential for northern snow depending on the tracks of these lows .Yes very quiet on here ,but i,v got a feeling that more noticeable higher pressure could start to show soon ,probably around the north Atlantic area ,which a few models are hinting at ,just noticed another Poster got in before me ,here we go I Think johnholmes is rallying the troops ,cheers gang :cold::yahoo:.

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