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  1. Models still showing some good weather ,a break down during this week then high pressure again ,we could even get some hvy showers which will make it a bit more interesting . we had some very interesting clouds this afternoon , and even the contrails were of an interesting kind ,dont forget any one learning about upper air charts would benefit from reading [the science of contrails ] a very good read , short ones ,long ones , broken ones , etc etc , in my neck of the woods the Squirrels are running around shouting Frosty is the King ,what a fantastic forum we have and great when its quieter that we can do a bit of banter , cheers gang
  2. Thought i,d just pop in and say hi gang . Every drop of warmth will come in handy ,no good having cold winds that find every gap in your clothes ,as far as the models go its a case of typical early spring , cheers gang ,
  3. Evening gang ,Some interest at the end of tonights ECM but got a gut feeling that its the carrot dangler ,I have not given up on a good northerly blast ,i,v been lurking and reading the posts most days ,Certainly quiet on this forum ,reflects the weather ,lets hope we get a late blast of wintry heaven ,cheers gang
  4. The above post from Bring back 62/63 is much appreciated ,what a great forum we have on Net weather , looking at the models and no sign of a cold spell or period but some short lived colder snaps . I,m giving Frosty,s Squirrel a Mate ,meet Jake the Highland Hare ,he and his mates are very vulnerable with the lack of Snow ,lets hope that March will be kind to him ,cheers gang .
  5. As you say ,no clear evolution yet ,but I,m hoping a visit from the North at end of month ,today's gfs not the best for cold lovers ,think it's a case of just waiting (yet again ) for the Hunt ,great forum gang ,I, v been lurking of late as nursing my 94 yr old mother in law who passed away last week ,cheers gang .
  6. Just had a look outside ,slight covering of snow here ,on the bin and outside table , just need that area of snow to move a bit more south ,so I, v missed snow falling but looking at radar I may get to see some flakes again soon .
  7. Yes its great that we do have this cold period well in the reliable ,and next weekend or should i say this weekend could see some surprises ,these will of course show up better on fax charts as we go through this week . for those of a nervouse position including myself ,i have watched many cold spells [over the years ]start dry and a bit boring but surprises do turn up ,and its going to be a forecasters nightmare i think ,lets hope that we are waiting for a bus and three turn up that we can hop onto ,well gang hope all of us see something cheers .
  8. Well at144 hrs I, m very happy with this chart ,it's interesting on which way that high to our n east will go ,ok I don't expect any snow fest just yet but my juices are rising ,my wife as just said your in a good mood tonight , think flooding issues and storms looking at today's general model output ,perhaps all the action for us snow lovers could be around the next corner ,cheers all ,
  9. So Matthew Hugo predicts half of Feb could be wet windy ,no sign of any cold ,right I, m off out of here ,the guy is very knowledgeable but we will have some very cold air to our far north driving this cyclonic wintry spell and if we get lucky we have a good chance of the white stuff ,right I, m back ,don't give up this cyclonic spell could bring us what we desire ,cheers gang .
  10. So Matthew Hugo predicts half of Feb could be wet windy ,no sign of any cold ,right I, m off out of here ,the guy is very knowledgeable but we will have some very cold air to our far north driving this cyclonic wintry spell and if we get lucky we have a good chance of the white stuff ,right I, m back ,don't give up this cyclonic spell could bring us what we desire ,cheers gang .
  11. Can we bribe the border guards ,very interesting model watching coming up ,will it be a deluge of rain come Feb or hopefully the white stuff ,ecm up soon ,cheers
  12. yes looking like winter 2017/2018 will be dominated by northern blocking ,i have tons of soup stocked from this winter , well back to models and atlantic awakening but its going to have to fight hard ,would be realy nice to get some help from a SSW event ,I must be desperate for a flake of snow i,m watching tiny bits of something over devon ,curtains will be twitching tonight ,plus Halogen light ,cheers gang ,
  13. Just hoping that we can see some flakes falling ,probably when I, m well tucked up in bed though but would be nice though ,see we have some frost still on the ground and temp at minus 1 c currently ,a few blobs of something currently on the radar over Devon, fingers crossed ,cheers .
  14. evening all ,just hoping that something pops up in future runs perhaps high pressure over nw russia backing west so we can at least get a low tracking to our south .even better a SSW event would be good especially if the dice falls right ,tonights ECM in its later runs with a bit of a push could produce the goods so hopefully next runs could be interesting ,i,m currently suffering man flu plus chest infection so only popping in this forum now and again ,cant beleive i,m waiting for a possible wintry shower event tomorrow night and early sunday ,if i see a flake i,ll try to take a photo of it ,cheers gang .
  15. morning ,temp of minus 3.8 c at 8.20 am ,yesterday at 8.30 am minus 4.6c ,great white frost ,time for a bacon bap ,and prepare for sundays snow grains or flurries which could be all we get this year ,cheers .
  16. SAfternoon ,looking forward to this evenings runs of the models with hopefully a continuation of a promise of an easterly ,let's hopefully get some cold in from the east first and if the dice falls right some snow to follow ,we are gang at a good position on Jan 12th ,and of course we do have a current wintry blast so we all should be happy , this is what we all wanted ,so STELLAS all round ,catch you up later
  17. Afternoon ,can confirm here at winscombe about 50 mtrs ASL we have a temperature of 4.2 c steady rain ,but more importantly the wind now northwesterly , if we can keep that area of precipitation going for several hours and a bit of luck we could see that magical white stuff ,any showers over night would be of snow i think so any one in the right spot could do well ,right back to caring for my 94 yr old mum inlaw ,but a bit of curtain twitching required tonight cheers gang .
  18. also just been out ,but not forced out ,mod drizzle here and windy ,cant wait for this arctic plunge ,hoping for some good features running across our area ,providing the welsh do not steal it all ,cheers .
  19. Evening gang ,nice to come on here and read some interesting posts ,and see some wintry looking charts ,probably the best position we have been at this winter .let's hope for some upgrades over the coming days ,cheers gang
  20. Yes it can be done ,if i can do it so can you ,took me a while ,so if you click on a chart probably with finger and down load like you would a photo and save it in your files ,then follow instructions IE where it says Drag files here to attach , sorry just basic but plenty more posters will put the answer better ,back to charts and lets see if our cold n westerly is still on course ,cheers .
  21. Well i,v certainly not giving up on a good cold snowy spell , its very frustrating watching our models showing high pressure in the wrong place for us coldies but at this early stage of winter i feel we have plenty of time left .this mornings Ecm at day 8 i,m hoping will go on to show a low moving to the east of our local ,no guarantee but looking at all current charts etc etc it does look like as we approach about the 12th of january several colder options could arrive to give us something to be cheerfull about ,GFS as recently been tempting us with a northerly blast on recent runs ,talk of a possible easterly by met off although low chance , and some of the prophets of cold and snow [bastardi and co etc ] is there something lurking out there , all very interesting ,well GFS starting up soon ,ecm tonight one to watch , death to slugs especially euro ones , i havent posted much lately but just in case any one missed my h n year message , all the best gang ,we are a tough bunch of Hunters ,so lets hope later today we can start the Hunt for cold and snow again ,cheers
  22. Evening gang ,as long as we can hopefully keep some good cold to our east and far n east I am hopefully of something more wintry turning up ,I know it's day 9 and ten on ecm but that top right corner on the chart could become our friend ,if that high over n West Russia area can set up right it could lead us into what we desire ,seen it before myself and seen many historical charts ,just a thought ,is this what Exeter are seeing ,anyhow 94 yr old mother in law needs tucking in ,then I will pour out a STELLA I wish all my Fellow posters and NW team all the Best for 2017 ,best weather forum in the northern hemisphere by far ,cheers
  23. i,m trying not to look ,still i,m certain that next weekend being 7 days away is nowhere beiing modeled at the moment .totally different on ECM , GFS later today may totally flip back ,expect one hell of a roller coaster ,met office update critical today also tonights runs , it seems to be the placing of high pressure so gang chill out ,the last straw [its still 2016] mid level block stop taking the pi.. ,cheers gang
  24. Although the gfs run as just changed its mind again ,look at the cold its only a stones throw away and at 7 days away it could easily flip back tonight with a stonker . Ecm of course critical but with todays met update in our favour its still looking good ,we all know good things take time ,are we approaching A knife edge situation ,that could be good seen it many times before in winters past ,stay calm gang catch you all up later ,from behind settee
  25. Oh my ...it frightened me I won't be sleeping tonight ,day after tomorrow interesting times ahead
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