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  1. Hi gang ,just got back from isle of Man lovely island, flood damage in some locations .Uk rivers falling at present but charts are showing some very wet synoptics over the coming 7 to 10 days and very interesting that the Uk is the place to be if you like  low pressure .last night was amazing crystal clear skys ,jack frost ,scraping of cars and central heating systems sending plumes of steam to make ghostly shapes .great forum and i will be about more, now i have more leisure time. STEllas all round ,and nuts for the squirrels, get stocked up on prozack  cheers gang .





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  2. Just started raini g here on west mendip .looking at all the charts ,tv weather and internet sites it certainly looks like a very wet 24 hrs and more to follow . Its great reading all the posts ,but i do tend to Lurk in the background. Hoping to be able to post more again ,i have had a very busy two years , but the house is all sorted and i now have a bit more free time again .i am looking forward to whatever Mother nature  throws our  way , cheers to all and STellas all round .

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  3. 1 hour ago, knocker said:

    It will be quite interesting to see how the EPS goes in the longer term this morning as last evening it tracked the positively tilted Atlantic trough east to be more neutrally aligned over the UK as the ridge was shunted east,

    In the meantime I'm down to see young Sidney


    Hope we will be seeing more of young sidney .three months from now hey it could be the beast from the east ,with no food in the cupboards ,and queuing for all sorts of things , but back on topic our warm weather as predicted by todays charts will be most welcome ,cheers get the STellas out .

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  4. I have seen in previous similar set ups everything kicks off with a sudden increase in tiny cells  ,but im pretty sure its all running about Two hours late .so here on west mendip i am not expecting any light show till at least 11 pm .sure there will be some Corkers about , the question is where . Best of luck to all  ,me kebabs have 2 flying ants stuck to the maple syrup , extra protein. Cheers .

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  5.  Hi Gang ,temp 29.7 here on west mendip .i am trying to avoid my conservatory at present as i have no fly nets ,the door is closed and the temperature hit 48.4 c at 13 05 , flying Ants are  being attacked by  bird's and spiders outside .Looks like showers are developing over  north west  france  , could be some corkers later today, lets hope they kick off just after dark .hope many of you catch a good storm later  cheers .


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  6. 52 minutes ago, Karl83 said:

    Think I'm just going to sit tight in Bristol and see how the night pans out. Will definitely chase if required.

    I had a flat on Dundry hill many years ago   ,about 700 ft amsl ,great views for storms .think we need to wait till tomorrow for details  ,but some corkers very likely for many. I cant see any warnings out yet,  but expecting some later today ,cheers all   .

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  7. The sun is shining here in west mendip ,although hazy .looking out towards the south there are some impressive clouds forming  , i think there will be some good storm activity later ,we are now approaching the longest day so thats on our side ,lets hope for some chimney shakers  ,where if you have soot ,it comes falling down chimney . Best of luck to all posters ,cheers legritter .


  8. This in coming storm ,i would say as the potential for damage .Track  ,speed  ,pressure and very important Timing ,just remember the great storm of 1987 ,passed across england in the early hours ,which was a blessing for some another 4hrs later and a few million people would have been out of their beds and on the roads .keep an eye on latest developements ,it could move further north or south , but please gang i personally got caught up in the burns day storm with fallen trees in front of me and behind ,so POtential ,we have been warned , certainly crazy weather ,Stellas on me ,cheers .

  9. Fantastic Forum , iv said this many a time ,the Best weather Forum in the northern hemisphere .I am not posting much lately but do read the posts so i am a bit of a LURKER  .Some interesting charts tonight   ,good bye high pressure  a d welcome ,wind  rain ,sleet ,Even Snow , take care all , ps ,slight frost at first light today ,then 19c at 4.39 pm , cheers gang .

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  10. Its been painfull watching this very mild period unfold but i have accepted it and now looking forward to some gardening .Looking at todays charts March looks like starting more Zonal , so who knows we could get some polar or arctic flows ,with some snow about .Great forum on net weather , certainly a great place to learn , take care all and dont forget the Sun cream ,sausages are on ,brown sauce on table cheers .

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