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  1. Evening all ,lets hope some of us see some thundery action later tomorrow ,the synoptic situation is looking good ,but timing of front moving in from west will be critical .so i think its a case of tuning in to tomorrows updated charts and radar and satelite view later in the day .i might push the boat out and have half a thatchers now im off antibiotics ,and perhaps a cheese and onion sandwich ,but no crisps ,box is empty .cheers gang
  2. Evening all ,a little bit of a nip out there this evening but looking forward to this weeks increasing sun and heat .a good possibility of somewhere possibly hitting high twentys and an increasing chance of some thundery weather later ,but at this range still a hard call for followig week but high pressure does look like being in the frame especially for southern parts .lets grab it while we can as i noticed tonight how much further west from my view that sun is setting ,at the 240hr range on tonights ECM it wouldnt need much to put us in a very good end to a much better summer ,of course tomorrow, runs could totally change especially if mid atlantic becomes more active as things further west kick off ,but thats way in the much longer range .
  3. Morning gang ,things are already hotting up on Net weather even before any warm spell arrives ,we must ALL take a good look at our post before hitting that button .plenty of action weatherwise and a very good chance looking at current data of a good v warm spell next week .lets grab it with open arms ,some excellent data still being posted on our brilliant forum ,we also have the possibility of some action weather out in the very very long range frames of modells so plenty to keep us on our toes .
  4. Welcome to NET Weather ,yes a lively forum and sometimes a real rollercoaster ,filled with many interesting things Meteorological wise .great fun come late autumn and winter ,back on topic and still signs on modells of a real possible warm up next week but still at this range how long this lasts is a hard call at this range ,positioning of high pressure at the v long range will be critical especially how it orientates and either pulls in continental air ,atlantic sourced and many other combinations .but lets hope the dice falls in our favour again as today was for me more like an october day and we still have bbq meat in freezer so bring it on .
  5. Its brilliant to come on this forum and find so much information charts data little bits of interesting modell related articles .im still pretty dosed up with drugs after my op 2 wks ago but lost over 20ib so my wife as said i can have new computer ,so hopefully once iv mastered windows 8 i too can put in some technical stuff [in time perhaps for our winter punch up and IMBY bantering ].on todays modells it does look like after this weekends low we could get another warm spell but still at this range any high pressure and its location will be the big factor ,but it would be nice to see another warm spell to take us to the end of august .
  6. I would not like to make a call past this weekend going by current data and charts ,i think outlook up till sunday as been called ok at the moment but past this is all down to positioning of high pressure ,signs yes of a warm week next week [commensing 19th august ]but only signs, i think a few more runs needed before we get out the sun cream and stock up on BBQ food and sun hats .weather seems to be in a quiet mood at the moment ,what is lurking out there gang ,nows the time to put a bet on a white christmas ,cheers all .
  7. Evening all ,a bit of a mixed week going by current charts and gradually warming up .some good signs of pressure rising after low pressure later this week ,but of course at this range if the low comes further south it could be an early autumn feel for a few days but with pressure rising and setting up in the right place we could get some Good summer warmth .im pretty sure this summer as not yet finished dishing up warm days and data at present seems to be hinting at this ,thanks for posters who collect and publish this info on our NET Weather forum , .
  8. Evening all ,looking at tonights modells data etc i would say nothing of anything newsworthy in outlook except where high pressure sets up after 8/10 days time will dictate any warm spell or cooler west or even northerly type weather ,but of course many variations on this theme is possible but we certainly have had a good summer so far apart from some small blips .but i do have a gut feeling that eventually we will see what i call an interesting spell of weather ,possibly in about 2 wks time just gut feeling but i think present climate on a big scale is in a quick change artist mode ,certainly not boring this weather hobby ,just had a look at sunset ,and more manmade clouds [Contrails ] than natures clouds , .
  9. yeah in about another 220 ish runs of ECM and 450 ish runs of GFS etc we will have an idea of coming winter ,but back on topic ,and calmish weather with a possible temp spike possibly occuring in further outlook is in my opinion on the cards looking at modells .probably central and southern parts catching any high pressure ,but as is usual past 10 days is always a hard one to call ,i missed the fireworks as some will know as my best storm was spent in hospital last week and before ,i didnt get a window bed but everything else was spot on ,thanks for regards sent from certain posters ,much appreciated .
  10. Evening gang well having just had my Appendix removed and other surgery im glad to report that i can now spend some time catching up with the gang at NET Weather ,just looking at charts today and not much happening but going by some posters and listening to chat there is the possibility of some warm or hot conditions further out in outlook .i must admit last week when in hospital we had snow all night ,but this turned to rain as the MORPHINE and other drugs wore off ,did miss the gang ,please keep the charts coming and all that regular posting from the more technical ,regards and .
  11. not much to report here on west mendip ,overnight action concentrated further west than forecast ,but things could get lively after 2pm .infact sun out now and dry last couple of hrs or so ,told neighbours mon morning would be a wash out so my ratings have gone down ,oh well i can always play the injured soildier and say my op last week is affecting my judgement ,had appendix out surprised iv had it this long ,wouldnt wish it on anybody .keep the info coming in on weather updates .we have a new desktop in its box but my wife said two weeks ago lose a stone and we will install it ,well iv lost more but i will have to wait a little longer brain not functioning properly yet ,a bit of uniformity in clouds out west now so perhaps something is coming our way .
  12. Evening gang ,been totally out of it last week or so, had appendix burst, in hospital for 7 days ,yes it does look like activity is moving slowly more east so our area near bristol etc could get some action this evening ,i need a bit of excitement bring it on and its still developing as it comes cheers gang best of luck all
  13. Polite non intimidating ,knowledgeable ,and open discussion thats what NET WEATHER IS ALL ABOUT .so any wind up merchants take note or the heavys will be let loose .but some good posts this evening with plenty of info from modells and data to back things up .a slight pause for a breather perhaps saturday but a very interesting week next week with the possibility of some good action above our heads and plenty of weather related news a possibility .as always in this hobby things will change tomorrow ,but thats mother nature for you . and this for next week ,me hopes .
  14. I just hope that every pound saved during these cut backs is spent wisely and invested in our future .I still feel that there is too far red tape around , and i would like to see a return of work perks for those that work on low wages .Also far too many businesses getting away with not paying their taxes . far too much waste around regarding food waste ,vast amounts of food thrown out because of best before dates run out ,having spent 45yrs plus in the food trade i feel that with modern refrigeration and the fact that you can get home fairly quickly from shop to home its about time the government health authoritys allowed longer dates on many of its products .i ask you i bought yesterday a bag of spuds ,fresh looking but only 5 days use by date .a pack of chicken fillets 3 days date ,if they look fresh and smell ok use them ,but there are alot of people who would throw them at the strike of midnight ,a supermarket i worked in severall yrs ago would throw out a whole cage full of meat in one go ,not even allowing staff a discount because the meat could harm them .this all affects the economy .it realy is going to be tough on young couples in yrs to come not yet alone now ,we have school teachers who cant afford their own home this was unheard of back in 60s 70s and probably 80s .oh well iv had my moan lets hope our country can knuckle down with the government of the day doing its best and listening to the people ,i have met some very caring people lately whilst doing unpaid voluntary work for the elderly ,im retired myself ,so we have some good people about im sure we need to get real and if we are fit to work and there is a job waiting for one take it and work ,if you have honestly tried but you are unlucky and genuine you should get help ,if ill or suffer genuine bad health, again you should get help .lets hope things start to look up .
  15. Just thought i would post this in here as not sure where else to post .apart from weather im also into astronomy ,over the past severall months i have seen a good few very bright meteors not your ordinary shooting stars but good sized lumps .i do not have the date but back in january after midnight i observed a very bright meteor which lasted several seconds and seemed to crash into another part of meteor ahead of the main action ,it was almost like a burning rag shooting across the sky .also had the pleasure a couple of weeks back of seeing ISS ,the beauty of human engineering and of course a bright meteor natures beauty but all engineered by something very magical .just wish this cloud would melt away while we still have enough hours of darkness .
  16. brilliant photoes bring it on .
  17. A spot on forecast , looking at tonights charts and data i dont think it will be far out ,but as for christmas day TONY H you are very brave but it is heading in that direction time will tell ,i enjoy your input .
  18. iv been looking on north america and canadian weather cams today . plenty of snow about and on some of the canadian ones if you put in WINNIPEG WEB CAMS they show you others . but it can be frustrating when the snow blows straight into the camera lens .also some low temp about . they could be onto a winner .bring it all on .
  19. it was a surprise on sunday morning ,i half expected some sleet but not 5cms of wet snow ,even made a snowman for my grandaughter . but had to get up early all gone within a few hrs .some places higher up had less ,but we were in the right spot for the hvy presipitation .cheers
  20. I feel this is a very good summary for this week . and looking at todays charts these fronts will struggle as mentioned during this weekend .an interesting time possibly after this week ,
  21. recently spoke to my friends in canada who we stayed with back in may and june and went to Newyork with .its just amazing seeing all those places we visited badly affected .thankfully the storm hit land when it did ,2 hrs later and we would be talking much bigger storm surge .some of those people affected could be out of power for a weeek .thanks to the posters who give info on CAM Websites etc . some amazing snow footage on canadian television programes and cams ,Im off to work catch up with you later .
  22. noticed many web cams [have technical issues ] its the same when there are strikes and mass demonstrations ,its a shame realy but i suppose the authorities are trying their best to keep things under controll .on the canadian weather channell they have just said that the cold air moving in from the west and north is slowing down considerably which could help to break up SANDY ,but things will still be dire .Also rainfall totalls have now been scaled down ,with highest totalls expected only over higher locations ,and any snow much further north over lake Huron north . But other sources quoting THE EXACT OPPOSITE ,its going to be a very interesting storm to watch ,just hope for the best for people .
  23. brilliant photo ,i was there this year late june with a temp of 26 c pretty thundery ,would have loved to have been there in 1905 ,but a bit before my time
  24. when this story broke i thought it was just an isolated complaint .but now i do have seriouse thoughts .i have met J S on a couple of occasions back in the early 70s whilst in the royal marines , he used to come out training and on one occasion gave a sort of disco event in our camp ,i have even sat on the same table and exchanged some banter .if an enquiry finds the alegations quite possibly true im sure there will be thousands of disapointed people in many walks of life .i can say with my little knowledge of JS that he was a very odd person but i never would have thought as bad as what is being said right now .if there are enquiries they need to be done very seriousely and no stones left unturned . it does make me feel sad ,a bit of fun in life doesnt hurt ,but to abuse people is sick and twisted ,lets hope that the Truth comes out .
  25. just had a look at charts since thurs and as you pointed out there was a strong signal on friday and sat for these fronts to be killed off ,iv only spent brief moments since thurs of last wk [4th] taking just a quick look as looking after elderly rel .just goes to show you cant take things for granted as iv learned to my peril over the yrs .reminds me a bit like an occasion back in a winter yrs ago ,the first front brings a bit of snow the next a bit more ,the next dives over france more .but more waiting in the wings .i will have a good Gander at charts before posting next time .regards Legritter.
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