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  1. Looking at ECM up to 192 hrs goes with what is generally forecast across many weather channels and charts in general, but the last two charts of ecm 216 and 240 look rather odd .im not saying they wont evolve  like that   because like many on here  its a good step towards a pattern change which  most on here are craving for .Could be that when the high gets pushed west at 216 ecm we could see a rush of very cold air s east across us  just like GFS is hinting at . But i think at this range ,there are  many garden paths including one that could Sink , so lets sit back relax chill out ,I'm sure there is a beast lurking ,will report more  tomorrow ,inspection at 7am up the wood shed ,cheers gang STellas all round .

  2. The only place we can go , take up round about watching , drive out and take photos of our  roundabouts, No thanks ,think we can write off first half of January, but come on gang keep the hope alive its only January 1st, no STellas tonight sausage sandwiches and brown sauce, ECM in the morning to bring us cheer . Amazing mild across a large range of the northern hemisphere,  but mother nature occasionally flips that to Arctic bliss ,cheers .

  3. Good morning gang. Certainly a very turbulent week or so looking at this mornings charts , no BOOM charts to get me excited but as ever with a bit of tweaking on the ECM IN Its later stages we could get there with some colder 850s dragged further south .So over to the GFS For some eye candy ,its all frustrating but we do have some  ery interesting synoptics around and this can throw up surprises for the UK , take care gang STellas all round .

  4. 2 minutes ago, fromey said:

    This not what you want to see!!

    It’s only a forecast but if this came anywhere near, I don’t like our chances of any cold weather 


    Crikey ,just had a look at this ,right then I'm off ,  cant find the prozack ,im taking up mild mush spotting instead.    Right I'm back ,great posts today on  wards to the big guns at 7pm , very interesting synoptics looking ahead gang ,cheers .

  5. 18 minutes ago, Norrance said:

    Here it is thoughI lost the format. Sorry.




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    Feb 1st 2019 ,7.30 am ish .then another 10cms at 9am till mid day .got about 2 hours sleep that night .as for tonights models, good to see some interesting synoptics ,and things could be very newsworthy next week weather wise, but only at this stage looking ahead 144 hrs ,beyond that we have things kicking off with the polar vortex becoming angry looking ,and some seriously cold temp plunging south across the pond .interesting times ahead gang ,lets shift this grimey grey weather ,Stellas on me  cheers .



    Thanks for finding it cheers .

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