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  1. Very good potential on todays charts so far .And if the pattern what is currently modelled for next weekend comes off i,m hoping for some features to turn up to give snow for many .But at this range we can only follow all models for the general flow .so plenty of caution from us snow lovers needed but i realy do hope many of us can see some snow and smell that Arctic air .Fax charts very usefull in this set up so i,m looking forward to some very interesting model chat from us Hunters of cold weather synoptics ,bring it on ,cheers all
  2. Pretty sure the Met Office will come on board when they are more certain .plenty more runs needed ,but certainly some good charts popping up .current GFS run showing big difference at about a week away compared to last run ,tonights ECM needs to reflect the same ,cheers
  3. will certainly bank this ,but tonights ecm i hope will be showing an upgrade with our azores high shoved west some .of course Met office models we dont get to see in further outlook are showing colder and wintry flavour IF going by todays further outlook .we need plenty of upgrades and i feel the dice falling in the UK s favour ,so hopefully gang let the hunt commence
  4. but hopefully some good signs emerging today ,lets hope 12z gfs shows a less strong azores high and tonights runs also show plenty of scope .Last frames of ECM this morning also promising but you can just see that big fat lardy azores awaiting to pounce but i could be wrong ,a diving south of the jet is my straw clutch today plus a possible rising of pressure on our side of the pole .do feel though that we need a big player on scene soon but we are only just half way through winter so all to play for ,catch you all up later ,Sausage sandwich brown sauce here i come .
  5. good afternoon all ,must admit i,v just taken the last day off model watching .gone to bed and just looked outside at the weather [and no surprises ]feel refreshed today after sleeping .but its nice to see the possibility of a rather cold zonal later next week .hoping that we can get much more from either a good n/westerly or even northerly If we get lucky .but each day will continue to be a rollercoaster but with plenty of winter left perhaps we can at last get some deeper cold into n/west Europe and some lower 850 temp of say minus 10 .Model watching should come with a health warning but it is self inflicted when will i ever learn .read the instructions before looking at charts ,be aware of the side effects ,illusions of snow ,MOOD swings ,feeling tense ,Sleep disturbances ,all this aside we do have a very good crew on Net Weather so lets enjoy the next Hunt for Cold synoptics ,Roll on tonights charts and Stellas all round ,Currently future charts looking good ,
  6. Steady light rain here temp 3.4 ,wind picking up ,we need some good precipitation ,could still be some surprises later me hopes .perhaps later in the night ,plenty happening on the radar ,those lucky posters further north could do very well ,off to put half a small chicken in the oven no chips but plate of veg ,then a thatchers cheers .
  7. probably going from frozen state [solid ]back to gas state ,happens quite often in winter set ups ,havent got time to explain fully but very frustrating ,certainly looks a snowy sky s /west from here we just need that dice to fall right later this afternoon .the low as started to move a little faster now and an easterly wind is picking up ,we just need that front to pep up and move in ,
  8. yes watching radar very carefully ,looks like heading in our direction but quite often these little features can fizzle out ,if it does make it to somerset it could be snow ,so heres hoping .temp here now 2 c
  9. thanks for that forecast ,although i,m over the channel in somerset it gives an idea on what to expect ,but must be said the coming week very hard from a forecasters point with many things in play ,it could be just 1c that makes a big difference on snow settling or slush ,cheers 
  10. well ,its only early in the GFS run but good signs regards the high to our n /east ,we are still talking about 3 days untill the trough moves in from the west to affect us , come this time tomorrow things could look different in snowfall potential .A very fascinating and nail biting time for Model watching on the cards .ok it could be that the Atlantic does win out for a while but hopefully with cold into europe and perhaps our lovely azores booking a holiday further west we could get some dream synoptics we all crave for ,just look whats happened over the last week concerning the charts ,things could flip back in our favour tomorrow .And goodnight from me ,Fax charts update eagerly awaited gang .
  11. News on M4 Demolition ,the M4 is being moved during the following 2 yrs ,work starting soon according to reliable sources ,the met office have a grant funded by W N S ,[WE NEED SNOW ] ,THE WINTER OF 2016/2017 will be a snowy one ,lows ganging up to move up english channel with a high situated over finland with a ridge to iceland lasting from late november till late march ,you will be able to walk across the ice from Southampton to isle of Wight .Skating in Bristol channel ,currently temp of 3.8c light rain ,crack open a STella and enjoy ,
  12. The sattelite low sounded fine ,thought it was a new weather terminology ,but good that we can Edit our posts .the fun on here certainly makes up for some of the let downs i,m sure .looking at all output next weeks weather looks very interesting and still i feel will pop up a few surprises ,perhaps a russian high backing west ,not completely out of the question ,patience is the key as always ,great forum cheers gang
  13. Yes we have recently replaced our blind in the kitchen as dirty marks on the corner because of a snow watcher ,i promised my wife i would stop ,but feeling the urge again if we get lucky tonight .,and following days .i,v instaled a new 500Watt lamp out our back so i can sit and smoke watching out for a flake or two .Certainly gone colder now also air feels drier so hopefully this weather front could deliver under any persistent precipitation .looking at mon /tues low, it all depends on location and orientation of the occlusion and how far east it finally gets ,and of course how active it is .but at 3/4 days away possibly many twists and turns to come if you are looking at charts ,but i give it a fair chance at this range ,was nice going across the mendips on wednesday ,although afternoon still a nice white landscape .
  14. yes very good looking potential for next week ,Fantastic charts and many posters in with a good chance of snow ,i must admit ,[south of the m4 ]is fast becoming a very annoying saying to me ,from my IMBY perspective ,tonights charts eagerly awaited ,perhaps met office could include the m4 corridor on their charts ,catch up later all .
  15. yes very difficult to put any finer detail concerning precipitation for next week .with just possibly 1c temp making a Very big difference in any one location ,regards sleet snow .if i could hope for one change it would be for any possible pressure rise over scandy currently modelled to kick in a little earlier ,but certainly very good charts and possibilitys ,i,m pretty sure that each Fax chart will show some surprises .If low pressure does get set up to our south there could be a chance of fronts pushing back north ,tonights runs eagerly awaited and plenty of debate to increase our knowledge on the best weather forum around ,Stellas all round gang
  16. morning all ,first off we have very good looking charts in front of us for wintry potential .dont look at just one run or a particular day especia;lly when looking past 5 days .Met office produce Fax charts out to T120 simply because thats the limit for any fair agreement of any frontal systems ,positioning of lows etc .in my many years of weather knowledge looking at what is shown today i would say there is no guarantee of snow in any one place come friday onwards ,but many places will get it if current indications pan out .but certainly A Lot of weather of mixed variety to look forward to over the coming week .
  17. rain as just turned to sleet and wet snow Temp currently 1.7 c ,fairly large wet flakes ,just need another 1c drop and could be in with a chance .tonight will be if you catch these hvy showers ,radar looking good we just need some persistant precipitation ,if it comes along i feel confidant it could give a good covering .
  18. good afternoon ,my practice on chart downloading is nearly complete ,just need to get the chart to appear on my post .we are i feel sat watching the possible change we were all hoping for and todays models are delivering .As other posters have pointed out we dont need a big block situated in a clasic synoptic situation just some reasonable low temperatures if a trough front approaches aligned correctly .A Historical example would be Feb 18th 1978 ,low tracking s/east then east /s east to our s west ,it was a surface high on near continent that gave us the temp for a pasting for some .i do so much like todays ECM ,hoping tonight will be a big upgrade of sorts in its later frames .Gfs a very usefull tool for finer detail sometimes and of course Met Office Faxes very handy for getting a feel on how things are changing during the 24hr period .Another point regarding current possible synoptics is that we can get situations say 4 days ahead which look good for snow then it is taken away ,but another good possibility arrives because of that developing situation ,all very frustrating but we are weather watchers ,so i will finish and await this evenings model runs ,
  19. first area of showery rain this morning now scooted off east ,but its colder now at mid day than 9am this morning .i think quite a few will see some white stuff but heavier precipitation could bring it down to quite low levels after sun set .as i type [one finger ] rain as arrived ,would not be surprised to see lightning hail soon going by the look of radar out west ,fingers crossed for all .we just need a good throw of the dice and later this week and next could turn quite wintry charts past five days changing from run to run so hopefully in our favour ,
  20. hopefully some lamp post watching tuesday night ,woof woof ,sausage sandwich with brown sauce cheers gang

    1. lassie23


      I'm going to do some security light watching, much brighter.

  21. certainly a very potent storm coming up ,i,m not comparing it with any other historical storm at the moment as there is still some Uncertainty of its track and depth but pointing out that with the burns day storm this arrived during daylight hours and caused many casualties ,hopefully this one will arrive at its worst overnight but i fully expect gusts of around the upper 70s or even 80mph even in land .went into bristol last friday with my wife and we had a hard job to walk in local 40mph gusts with many shop advertising boards flying in all directions .the cold front associated with this low could provide some spectacular weather ,then to follow something interesting, possibilitys of something wintry for some ,but at this range 4/5 days we need to get the dice to fall right .so we reach the mid point of winter with the possible position of a low of 950 ish milibars ,will mother nature balance the books soon with a high of outstanding credit ,lets hope so ,
  22. would be nice ,potential hopefully ,alot of weather to get through and this could be what some lucky posters are dreaming of .
  23. Thanks for a very interesting forecast ,always good to read your contribution ,lets hope we can get a good throw of the dice with any snowfall chances .
  24. going to get the M4 corridor moved south by 50 miles ,and rebuilding the house another 300 metres higher ,damn this rain sleet give me SNOW PLEASE

    1. lassie23


      okay thanks barry.I've heard that Frosty does that snowy.

    2. Snowy Easterlies
    3. gottolovethisweather


      I hate it when people have to resort to using CAPITALS! I agree though, move the M4 to North of Watford, or do I mean South of Bishop's Stortford? or Ordfordness? Whatever, if Carlsberg made snowstorms we'd get a dumping.

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  25. yes you are very correct there ,timings, depth of low ,track ,whether its developing etc all very critical ,and of course we could have got the full force of it here .As i mentioned ,as the low passed over my area all seemed so weak and calm ,lovely twinkling stars ,but the beast had been born ,with europe as its target .interesting days ahead ,Fax charts will be interesting as we approach .
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