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  1. yes all very frustrating ,at least we are looking at Potential over coming week or so ,and given that things at the week range seem to present themselves all of a sudden i,m hoping we can get lucky . i personally have Not given up on this week end just yet as its 48 hrs away or so ,at least next week cold air will hopefully be in place to our east and south east . So best of luck to all those that get the magical white stuff ,and i,m sure there will be some ,Fax charts should be interesting ,catch you all later cheers
  2. HI ALL ,just had steady sleet with proper flakes of snow although wet snow ,sun back out but something setting up across west wales ,certainly more wintry and more i hope to come .
  3. Just gone very black towards the west ,no wind here ,possibly some hail or sleet inciming i hope . this weekend shows promises but got a feeling we will need plenty of luck ,forecasters edging their bets so i feel that is sometimes good news .cheers .
  4. Very windy here on mendip but winds not as strong as gusts last night . I suppose stronger winds are expected over lunch time ,i remember back during burns day storm the winds seemed to pick up very suddenly and lasted a couple of hours ,Snow chances more i think come this weekend but we need everything to fall right for us ,but you never know lows a bit further south colder 850s and we could get some fingers crossed .
  5. like to report that one hell of a shower just passed here ,rain torrential with gusty winds but only lasted minutes . we have been lucky so far this winter here on west mendip but tomorrow looks a fowl day ,although trees are not in leaf i can remember a large tree being felled in the burns day storm and the noise of that still sticks in my mind now ,take care all .
  6. Some very interesting watching coming up ,and still time for our holy grail ,but very frustrating i know . Would like to thank frosty and all others for their interesting in put over the winter so far .cheers .
  7. Deflating yes ,but maybe that higher pressure over the far north may just may send lows later in its modelling further south . IT does seem though that rain fall totals will continue ,and possible named storms ,damn it i need my fix ,chins up gang still time left ,interesting model discussion
  8. Come on gang ,fall in line and act like a team ,we possibly have some interesting model discussion coming up . give it a few days and the charts could be very wintry ECM rolling out soon , relax and enjoy our very frustrating hobby """ cheers .
  9. Been watching charts and studying weather for many a year ,current output looks very interesting but as others have pointed out the carrot is usually right out in longer range . but looking at todays output what is going on in the northern hemisphere is very unusual including the last several years ,this is where i have my Straw clutch ,we still have frigid arctic temperatures so i,m pretty sure somewhere down the line our time will come ,looks like the fair possibility now of seeing named storms into february as well ,i,m pretty confident that by the end of next weekend we will have a huge trough to our east but what follows it across from the west is still uncertain ,unless of course it manifests itself from the north ,if widespread snow does come in the uk including south of M4 i shall be cracking open those STEllas ,hang on gang its still just about January february can be brutal ,Gfs out soon we still have frigid arctic temperatures as in the polar regions .of course not at present in the uk .
  10. I realy liked this mornings ECM run ,ok the best charts were the last couple and so tonight we realy want to see these charts come a bit closer . taking in what is available on the net further outlooks SSW s etc and of course our professionals down at exeter i,m keeping my hopes up for maybe after next weekend ,but i,m ready for a fall as this hobby is full of let downs if you are chasing your dream synoptics . Gfs now rolling out and soon the main models will be setting out their thoughts ,we have had a sniff of the Arctic lets get plastered ,cheers gang catch you all up later .
  11. yes i,m very impressed with current charts ans data ,just getting the dice to fall right i think depending on your location ,liking that at long last some arctic air is modelled to come further south and some hopefully weather systems around for some fun and games tonights runs eagerly awaited to see i hope some firming up ,Bap and coffee cheers gang .
  12. Hello Gang ,i,v been around and reading our forum regular . must admit i do feel at the moment that we could be looking at something interesting for us snow starved posters . first off todays charts show a real wild week ahead very newsworthy weather on the way ,and we are very fast going through our Named storm list with G and H NOW being touted about . Ecm still showing some wintry potential but as usual with the longer range charts its nearly always different the following run . but looking like the jet will be digging further south so fingers crossed we see some lows move west to east further south and i,m sure this will put a smile on our winter faces i,v sent a memo to the main models for our big party in February and i,m sorry if your name is Barty azores limpet slug ,warm sector spoiler ,or you have contacts or associations with the M4 corridoor you cant come . cold highs channel lows sliders polar lows cold waves and baltic blasters including torpeedos All welcome .Well i,m looking forward to tonights Gfs run but wont be watching every frame , great forum and thanks to all the regular posters who take the effort to show charts and data ,right february Bring it on ,cheers
  13. good morning ,the rain seems to be holding back from my location so a sign perhaps that its going to be a slower progression eastwards today . next 36 hrs look dire for many and a possible repeat on friday . Spending today decorating ,so a bacon butty to start [rain just arrived on windows ] take care all .
  14. like the post ,personally i think we could all do with a break Stellas and baps ,on me . plenty of time left for dream synoptics but very frustrating looking east at present i,m expecting a better run tonight from ECM ,great forum gang .
  15. i,m realy hoping for something a bit interesting on tonights ecm run . Gfs all over the shop ,yes it could be on to something with all this big variation so hoping it comes back to previouse couple of runs . just a case of being patient which of course we all are arent we """ plenty of very cold air to our east and north east we just need a kick from somewhere ,lets see where we are once we get the next 24 hrs under our belts ,good posts today in hard times ,cheers .
  16. Great forum ,we have time to discuss the models ,television presenters get very little time to explain ,twenty years ago i wrote to bbc with regards this . i,m pretty sure we need to be patient ,as signs are afoot , cheers gang .
  17. Some very interesting posts today ,and some signs in the further outlook that we could get a better shot at cold . i have personaly found the current colder spell very frustrating but of course very interesting . If there is another shot out on the horizon which todays later ECM is showing and now GFS and of course hints from other models does in fact turn up i,m thinking it will start to realy show up over coming days so realy looking forward to every run of the main models . As just been pointed out on other posts good signs showing but we need consistency across the board ,glad my first ever chart i posted actually arrived on my post ,cant do it on my main computer but ok on my Tablet i had for Christmas ,catch ypou all up later cheers
  18. Hello all, my first attempt posting a chart ever . 10 days away yet does look promising will it come into the reliable though ,great forum tonight and still interesting in the charts
  19. Evening all ,i promised myself i wouldnt look at radar tonight but couldn,t resist it . showers over wales seem to be breaking up a bit now ,the earlier forecast was for more organised sleet and snow much later in the night so heres hoping ,known snow from these set ups many times over the years but it is frustrating when wales seems to Zap them ,i may have a Half before bed then up early tomorrow for Dentist ,take care all .
  20. I can only echo Frostys post at present . Looking at all current data and charts i think this cold spell could hang on for some time ,Alot of ifs and buts after this week end and still the scope for surprises galore if our dice falls right . A big question mark also come sat /sun with the possible inclusion of fronts approaching from the Atlantic and with this being 6/8 days away and models all over the place we could find ourselves in a real battleground situation ,no guarantee but i do feel the chance is there . Great posts again on our top forum , and a snooze before the next set of runs ,Stellas all round gang ,i,ll have a half .
  21. Yes brilliant weather site Mapantz ,will be taking a look more often ,hvy rain here cheers .
  22. Current charts scream potential, we have a good spell of wintry weather to come synoptics will suddenly appear and every run of the models will be different ,let's get these cold temp in and then any attack from the Atlantic could produce ,but I think we could be seeing some fun come late Tuesday of next week with features popping up ,let's enjoy it STELLAS all round
  23. Must be very hard in some aspects to get the wording right on forecasts past one week away especially on the occasion of a major change in the charts . newspapers reading these outlooks will always pick out any juicy bits and exaggerate so the met office will always stay firm on whats in front of them . going on past cold spells over the last 40 years or so i always look out for those words ,uncertainty and hard to shift etc ,i,m pretty sure when we arrive at this saturday some of the forecasts could be real wintry ,cheers all ,heres hoping .
  24. Evening posters ,nice to see some warm hearty posts ,all brought about by some nice looking charts . all of course at the longer range but they are showing ,lets hope for some good updates over the coming days . Snow can come from many synoptic set ups as we all know ,we are currently and for the past several weeks been having very amazing weather in the northern hemisphere ,its possible i suppose for this type of pattern to persist for another 8 weeks or so but very unlikely thats my big straw at present ,so with plenty of winter left heres a toast STellas all round tonight gang ,roll on tomorrows runs ,
  25. I am certainly more confident now as apposed to over a week ago that we could be seeing some shots at wintry weather in the coming month . as far as tonights charts out to about one week from now in this type of set up goes ,we could if we get lucky see pressure rise a bit more to our north north east and with plenty of energy from the Atlantic that in itself could give us a very good chance . a lot going on in the northern hemisphere just now and i am personally not looking to far ahead as big changes could come very quickly ,so very interesting discussion wise which of course is all good for our Super Net weather forum ,not very technical from me Gang ,SO from ME tonight to all of you cheers to some more interesting times in 2016 HAppy new year to you all ,and of course the modells ,cheers
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