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  1. Thanks for posting Newberryone ,you are posting as you see it and as the professionals are seeing it .If further outlook charts come off its after this that we might All see colder weather i feel ,A Realy dross overcast drizzly day in my kneck of the woods bring on winter proper ,cheers.
  2. Yes frosty Gfs showing some interesting Charts into November , Looking forward to tonights ECM MET of updates as if its out there next week we should start to see some firming up ,but i do expect a bit of flipping from run to run .I,m eagerly awaiting todays 16 day update from Met office also ,although we dont get to see any of their charts for this range at least we can read between the lines .Interesting northern profile at the moment ,seems to be quiet across the Pond , lets hope any cold air bottling up can be ejected south somewhere ,but with us weather enthusiasts lets hope it arrives not too early , Interesting times ahead i feel ,I may watch tonights runs from behind Sofa With A Cool STella and sausage bap ,.
  3. Gfs certainly a good run for coldies , Ecm still hard to pin down after 144hrs but will wait for Met of update to think what their thinking is ,of course we dont get to see their later charts but we can read between the lines ,and there is some good signs available in other data , its a hard life for us but Meteorology is so enjoyable ,catch you all up later ,cheers .
  4. yes bbq this weekend ,Brilliant interesting charts currently something for us to get our teeth into , something i hope is lurking out there ,cheers gang
  5. Afternoon all ,just a quick reply to Faronstream question above ,If we have high pressure cells positioned favourably to our North far n /west or Scandy etc and they are persistant [staying in place for a good time that will bring us the cold temperatures ] .Areas of low pressure then tracking across say northern france will quite often bring us snowy conditions For some ,If an active low is positioned to our west weather fronts will push warmer air into the cold mix ,depending on Many synoptic situations it can be humid mild at certain heights in the atmosphere .Another way of looking at your question would be December 1962 Boxing day [mid evening in my kneck of the woods ] A large area of relatively mild air and steady moderate rain across southern britain was gradually being replaced by very cold air which undercut ,SNow turned very heavy with massive flakes [so some very mild conditions aloft ,eventually temperatures mixed more, so snow then became moderate in size ,the cold air came as a result of a ridge of high pressure moving west to our north ,i wont get to technical as you can read this all up easily on the Internet . Indeed most heavy falls of snow is a result of moist air battling colder dryer air ,also as a general rule winters with above average pressure to our north and lower than normal to our south [but many combinations ] Ps after this event it did turn briefly mild till 29/30 dec ,but thats another story and not Model output ralated ,catch you all up later ,hoping for some good charts tonight after this morning slight back track ,cheers .
  6. Morning Gang ,OK , charts currently are moving away from those of recent ,but i,m not looking too much past 144 hrs it could all swing back to what they were showing a couple of days ago . Certainly some interesting Data around and a different upper air profile in norther latitudes ,The roller coaster as started and i think we are going to get some wild swings ,many a colder spell as turned up after milder than normal weather ,thats Meteorology for you , off to get some Razor blades ,prozack and tidy up my pram ,catch you all up later .
  7. Great forum ,very interesting charts tonight ,current fax charts would cause a stir if later into the winter . We are looking at nothing disturbed over the coming week going by current data ,then we have the big carrot in the further outlook charts ,if it comes off and we can tap into some low temp ,and IF synoptics allow ,and it would need a block in place for a while But it's happened before so let's see what the charts look like in a weeks time ,interesting times ahead ,but watch out gang the charts aren't set in stone , cheers .
  8. Morning fellow posters ,charts still showing mostly settled weather conditions with some good weather for getting out and about ,next few days could become dank and a little wet for some but there after just quiet Mid autumn days with some sun in favoured locations and some fog and frost about . Looking at ECM there isa hint of high pressure setting up to our far north west but it will need more runs to convince me of this ,Gfs does show a large low moving to our far west in its later out put ,certainly upper air patterns a bit different this year across northern latitudes so i may this evening grab a STella ,and sit and relax and prepare my mind for the coming roller coaster season we are all heading towards ,cheers
  9. Well looking at current Data, its looking quiet and rather pleasant till Months end ,after that a possibility that we could see some typical november weather ,But although its great looking at GFS throwing some 528 dam at us or close to us i personally wont be getting excited quite yet ,[ bring on the stellas !!!! Frosty get the crayons out ] i,m looking forward to this upcoming winter ,on the best weather forum on the planet ,catch you all up later
  10. Any one for a sausage Bap ,STella ,and that first snow flake cheers gang 

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  11. Sorry about above post ,clicked on it yesterday to give reply then changed my mind and cant get rid of it . So thought i would send it blank to try to correct it ,PS chart watching now becoming more interesting ,cheers all .
  12. Rain arrived here ,very heavy at present, looking at radar Weymouth way looks like a good place for thunder ,could be other areas later looking at satellite coverage ,cheers .
  13. Good morning ,it does seem that high pressure in the outlook wants to be in a more northerly position ,to our west or to our north east ,The Atlantic breaking through this week end giving us some rain and showers then later next week it dies a death ,any further than 7 days i feel would be hard to call and of course at this time of year any positioning of high pressure could be very crucial to the weather at the surface , at least we have a different set up to previouse years and who knows !! could go in coldies favour ,but we are talking about weather ,certainly many months of interesting twists and turns ,cheers .
  14. we have a pair of wood pigeons which had two chicks back in the summer ,they survived and flew off ,they laid again and although two hatched only one survived . This was pushed from the nest about a week ago ,the surviving one is very big and fat and will probably leave soon ,another visitor to our garden over the last two weeks or so as been A humming bird hawk moth ,but now seems to have disappeared , local jack daws arrived on our roof this morning in a big group sounded like an army had arrived about 7.15 am ,cheers .
  15. Current charts still supporting some good fine dry weather this week ,but detail for this weekend still hard to pin down , And yes Frosty prepare yourself for a long period of writing and chart posting .
  16. Its great having this forum gang ,good learning area some very sensible posts etc ,and i would just remind many of us including myself ,10DAYS ahead is a long time in chart forecasting so looking ahead 3/4 months is a minefield ,but still very interesting ,looking at current Data a good week ahead but low pressure moving in i feel ,cheers all
  17. Winter 46/47 several years before my time but having read past weather logs and some weather diarys and my parents memories i would say a very interesting winter ,with snow from many different synoptic set ups ,oh how i wish . And of course in early March 1947 the big blizzard with fronts gradually becoming stuck across central areas ,something for everyone bring it on .62/63 I Remember in Bristol the early evening started Wet ,it had been a wet day ,then came the sleet followed by snowflakes Massive flakes ,this fell all night followed by more during early morning [sorry night of boxing day into 27th ] then a slight thaw set in untill 29th dec ,Low pressure over biscay sucked in cold air again with a raging blizzard ,very deep snow with many places isolated .several more moderate falls occured in our area but heavier falls elsewhere ,but generally high pressure clear nights and bitter .December 2010 on paper yes v cold but only two light to moderate falls in our area ,but some parts did well some virtually zilch .I found winter 78/,79 delivered a good bit of snow .of course for me February 18th 1978 here in somerset the great blizzard , And 1981/82 several good snowy spells with one very heavy fall in January .Also the winter of 1939/40 cold and snowy , take care all .
  18. Well looking at current charts and it seems like high pressure still in control but a lowering of pressure to our south and west . I saw a swear word mentioned this morning ,european Slug ,please dont temp fate , next we will have Winters over . I do feel that with current charts and current pattern yes we could see a warm period in the medium outlook but as we are all aware this could suddenly flip ,but as others have mentioned an interesting Model discussion ,on planet earths best weather forum by far ,cheers gang catch you all up this evening ,.
  19. Evening all, great holiday touring cotswolds ,and some good weather and nice to see the possibility of a fair if not good start to October . Nearly got stuck in floodwaters in Gloucester today ,looking at current charts it would be great to see high pressure bringing lots of dry settled weather which hopefully hangs around for a while and keeping that Atlantic at bay ,let's also hope that some of the charts can be repeated in a similar vain this coming winter ,it was great reading g posts on net weather whilst on holiday but I could not reply ,some problem with bb wi fi ,great to have this forum around ,cheers all .
  20. Well i should be happy with this weeks weather going by current charts [staying in Cotswolds for 6 days ] ,would have been following week but we had to change dates . Looks like past next weekend could be very blowy and wet ,GFS as a very deep low some where to our west and ECM also as the Atlantic firing up ,so perhaps September going out like a Lamb and October arriving like A Lion , time will tell ,so more interesting weather perhaps on the horizon to keep our appetites wetted ,cheers all .
  21. Tonights ECM seems to be firming up on some very autumn proper synoptics ,pretty tame untill we reach the further outlook . Still looks like more northern and western parts could see the lions share of gales and rain ,but we all could turn chilly and wet if low pressure digs south to our east , So perhaps our weather becoming less boring and of course something for many of us to have a moan at ,cheers gang .
  22. You were right first time ,back on topic some autumn weather proper arriving soon but the high pressure belt still clinging on , catch you all up later .
  23. Its great to have interesting postings on a forum which is the best and interesting around ,And yes the silly season will soon be upon us ,wish we had this Forum 30/40 years ago i could have saved money on Met office Fax charts being posted ,mind you still that uncertainty at five days out ,currently things i think becoming more mobile as October approaches ,its great to be able to look in more as family commitments have now improved with elderly relatives ,looking forward to the silly season ,cheers all .
  24. Tonights charts certainly carry on with quiet conditions and temp above normal ,perhaps becoming more unsettled later this month if gfs is on the ball ,so still plenty of grass cutting to come take care all .
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