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  1. Morning all ,looking like some good potential this week ,but at this range detail hard to pin down . Could be some very large rainfall totals as fronts become slow moving . Would be great to see some storms later in the day ,with more darker hours hoping for some good lightning displays ,and let us enjoy any warm weather, as soon i suppose Winter will be knocking on our doors ,cheers gang .
  2. Morning all ,And January 1881 produced the great southern blizzard , back on topic and looking good for the lions share of good weather for the south in nearer time frame of models ,cheers gang .
  3. I can report some very angry looking clouds ,wind dropped , Radar now showing what the MET office said recently on their upgrade ,fingers crossed that some of us could see some lightning as its not far off dark now ,best of luck all .
  4. Good evening fellow posters ,just would like to say hello to you all . I,V had a very busy 12 months caring for my Mother in law ,93 yrs old but a happy old soul . I,v been catching up today with posters comments and have just had a look at latest charts ,looks like its going to be hard for any near accurate forecast for past this weekend ,i,v got a nagging feeling that for some of us who have had a long dry period now for quite a while [not saying drought like ] that we could see a period of wetter conditions creeping up on us soon . Some of the charts brings in low pressure ,some keeps high pressure ridging towards us ,I will be checking back from time to time ,a great thanks for usual posters for keeping us all informed ,cheers gangonly joking about the christmas Deer .
  5. Can report we have very hvy rain here ,my wife asked me 20 mins ago Is it safe to put washing out i said yes nothing on radar, on the next frame you could see the sudden developement of several cells ,i,m pretty sure some could see some good storms today ,best of luck all .
  6. I,V put my bacon bap on hold untill i get a Storm ,crikey i will starve .just hoping a few surprises pop up later this afternoon ,best of luck all .
  7. morning all ,very interesting sky currently ,radar also starting to show some activity but i wouldnt want to try and forecast in any detail . best of luck for all those needing a storm ,we currently have some large spots of rain but very few ,going back to bed then may tuck into a bacon bap later cheers
  8. Afternoon all ,i,m keeping an eye on developements now down to our s west ,last bbc update was a bit of an upgrade for my area ,hope plenty of us see a good display overnight . bring it on weather gods ,crikey i,m painting today think i will give up and leave it till cooler [no rush as its the sheds ]cheers gang .
  9. Good afternoon all fellow posters .I,m realy hoping for some action here in north Somerset late Wednesday early Thursday but currently i think anything of note will be further east than my area .perhaps this evenings charts will show a bit more hope ,and now with a bit more darker hours perhaps hopefully some of us lucky ones can get some night time storms which are more interesting ,so fingers crossed Stella on ice and lets hope the weather gods play Ball ,cheers .
  10. Afternoon all ,i,v been lurking ,family ties with older relatives keeping me busy but great that i can still come on Net weather and enjoy some weather talk from time to time . I ,m realy looking forward to this week ahead ,we do have some potential synoptic conditions for some thundery action and looking at current charts it looks like a slow moving front later tuesday could deliver . for my neck of the woods [somerset ] i,m hoping for an over nighter ,but best of luck for all . too early yet for specifics but i think by later tomorrow we should start to see much more detail .i,v memories of being a young boy [absolutely scared of night time storms but still managed to look out the window ]watching the street light getting hit then catching fire ,soot coming down the chimney etc . Right then Gang ,sausage Baps all round bring it on cheers .
  11. evening all ,thought earlier that i would completely miss out but just had some very large spots of rain no lightning ,hoping that some cells could fire up even in somerset later ,best of luck for those hoping .pretty sure though that some parts of uk tonight will have a good display especially further north and west ,heres hoping ,cheers ,
  12. Very interesting day to come for us storm watchers , probably mid afternoon onwards fir any storms down here in Somerset ,but yesterday afternoon saw a good bit of action [very localised ]which just suddenly flared up from a very small area on the Radar ,best of luck gang .
  13. Afternoon all ,yesterday was a great day here in parts of my area [Somerset ] torrential rain and several overhead thunder claps . my garden looked great with loads of bedding plants in bloom ,well now they look tatty and broken as the force of the rain hit them hard ,well lets hope for some action later and perhaps some late evening storms to light up the sky ,heres hoping Gang .
  14. will be very interesting if that mass of action does make it to our shores ,fairly confident it could but seems to be very slow moving and i,m at great pain to how far north and west it will get ,heres hoping but my kneck of the woods ,somerset would need a good throw of the dice ,lets hope that some of us get some good action tonight ,cheers .
  15. we had a very short lived cloudburst this afternoon on west mendip ,neighbour who was out clearing his gutter said he heard distant thunder ,gone pretty chilly here now ,despite the showers not a bad day ,cheers .
  16. Afternoon ,can confirm distant Thunder ,but not sure what direction cell is ,looking at sky probably south of Bristol i,m 6 miles east of Weston , looks like more general rain into our area about 8pm ish , take care all .
  17. Same here ,brilliant start to the day, those not working like me Enjoy as next couple of days look rather blowy wet ,welcome back the Atlantic ,gave my lawn a cut tuesday ,birds took nearly all of the grass cuttings to build nests ,also Queen wasp arrived up our shed [gave me the shivers ]AS other poster pointed out somewhere ,radar looked impressive here yesterday but not much fell ,cheers .
  18. Would be great if some of us could see some white stuff overnight ,probably with a good bit of hight would be the best quess . But real concerns for the strength of the wind and direction ,any trees already weak could be uprooted and i dont think it will take massive gusts ,and potential is certainly there . a night for radar watching if ones up to it , shame its not all 6 weeks back ,take care all ,got a feeling in my water [thatchers cider ]that next winter will be the holy grail of winters , best of luck for tonight ,at least we do have some heavy precipitation which should help ,sausage bap coming up cheers .
  19. Afternoon all ,I have been popping in most days for a good read .some interesting charts in the further outlook if its wintry weather you are looking for ,but before then some mild in the forecast ,lets hope that synoptics for a good lowland snow fall come together in the outlook it is getting late but theres every possibility but i,m sure it will take a good deal of luck . well i got my fix early today ,nothing settling but definate magical flakes falling to greet the morning ,take care all cheers
  20. Afternoon ,just been out with old friends, meal plus a thatchers gold ,crikey blowing a gale here earlier . just noticed on radar a nice area of something developing across east wales moving in this direction ,weather warnings being put out for many areas today ,shame we arent back four weeks or so but does look like higher ground could see the white stuff fingers crossed ,cheers all .
  21. Fantastic post ,sums up winter for me too ,must get my ears syringed ready for next winters Model discussions ,here we are End of Meteorological winter and some good charts on offer today ,cheers .
  22. Good evening Gang ,i,v not posted in quite awhile and my Towel is still In . Things looking very good for cold and Snow fall chances in further outlook Ok its very nearly spring but the weather can deliver given good synoptics and charts currently showing the possibility although at odds with each other but all show cold cyclonic conditions .we will i feel need good precipitation rates a good source of cold air some good 850 temperatures and a fair share of luck depending on your particular location .Lets hope gang after this very long virtually snowless mushy windswept and certainly wet for many winter, we can all get something falling from the sky this early Spring , Stellas all round cheers
  23. Yes i will be flicking my Halogen light on IF any sleet snow arrives ,more so out my back garden as it does not effect neighbours so much ,setting up garden furniture [for photo me hopes ] come thurs morning . going by past events with similar synoptics ,i,d say still very hard to forecast ,we need some good precipitation around ,slow moving system ,and some good or fair luck ,but certainly i,d say a good chance ,just love the landscape with snow around .cheers .
  24. Good morning ,The cold is in [hooray] so something to be happy with . looking at all current charts and Data we will i feel be having an interesting and nail biting Model output Discussion and i,m sure plenty of twists and turns . Next weeks action currently shown tues/wed will probably go down near to the wire ,Fax charts eagerly awaited for finer detail . Very briefely [if only weather presenters had more air time ,i,m pretty sure that would save a lot of confusion for many ]question ,at what time frame was tonights tomorrows snow showers pushing in from the east forecast ,i,m pretty sure it wasnt that long ago ,my point the weather later next week may be totally different to what we currently expect . great forum ,chins up gang its not over yet cheers
  25. A big thank you for that information ,this must be the top weather forum around ,exciting times and plenty of interesting synoptics ,i,m pretty sure if tv weather presenters had far more air time which at one time I wrote to bbc about we would not need the web so much ,perhaps its best that we dont get any more info as this would takeaway the hunt a bit .cheers .
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