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  1. Morning gang  ,must admit i was expecting a better Ecm run this morning, and currently the gfs run is ticking along on a mild mush path .I am clutching on the fact that the models at the moment are working with a big monster high , possibly 1050 mb ,so hoping after a few days all models will get a better handle on things .I still think we will get a visit from the arctic or poles , Ecm at 240 hrs is still hinting at this .so come on gang  ,feet up ,fry off some sausages, brown sauce, Coffee , welcome the frost with open arms  , and may tonights ECM , reign supreme ,cheers gang .

  2. Ok ,we have very high pressure close for at least 6 /7 days , then signs that the Atlantic will creep back in ,but will it be mild or will some lovely 850 temp be pulled s east or south, lovely  i mean minus 6c or below  ,we have startd the  day on a bit of a downer, my hopes  are this afternoons gfs will go back cold and tonights ecm at day 8 at least shows a north west flow with the high pulled back further west ,not asking much ,  wood shed is next on my list , a good old talking too  ,and then fingers crossed  cheers .

  3. 23 minutes ago, Reefseeker said:

    Sorry to ask, but what are the outcomes of the high shifting north? Where would this be centered for the best outcomes in terms of a nice clean cold high atop the UK? As with others this morning, a break from the endless rain would be very welcome; those of us with dogs to walk are tired of sticky muddy boots and dog bellies and paws week in week out! BTW Legritter, I always enjoy your posts:)

    North of Uk in general terms would give us an easterly, n east across Scandinavia could pull in some cold air from nw Russia, nw over greenland a nice northerly. Have a read up of winter 46 /47 ,look at charts for jan 15th and watch high pressure move north till 20th ,very mild to bitter in a week ,then 7/8 weeks of snow covered boots ,enjoy .cheers .

  4. This is where i think we are , next weekend high pressure then the following week which is 8 days away i am totally clueless .looks to me that energy a cold plunge will occur sending arctic air south ,we should know where and direction about Wednesday of this week .i must admit looking at tonights ecm 9 day and 10 day made my blood boil ,so perhaps after a fall we are due for BOOM BOOM  .  Great forum gang , cheers .

  5. Looking at ECM up to 192 hrs goes with what is generally forecast across many weather channels and charts in general, but the last two charts of ecm 216 and 240 look rather odd .im not saying they wont evolve  like that   because like many on here  its a good step towards a pattern change which  most on here are craving for .Could be that when the high gets pushed west at 216 ecm we could see a rush of very cold air s east across us  just like GFS is hinting at . But i think at this range ,there are  many garden paths including one that could Sink , so lets sit back relax chill out ,I'm sure there is a beast lurking ,will report more  tomorrow ,inspection at 7am up the wood shed ,cheers gang STellas all round .

  6. The only place we can go , take up round about watching , drive out and take photos of our  roundabouts, No thanks ,think we can write off first half of January, but come on gang keep the hope alive its only January 1st, no STellas tonight sausage sandwiches and brown sauce, ECM in the morning to bring us cheer . Amazing mild across a large range of the northern hemisphere,  but mother nature occasionally flips that to Arctic bliss ,cheers .

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