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  1. Thanks , it may arrive but my small cell was v good ,perhaps tomorrow now we have lower pressure cheers .
  2. Just a baby cell tracking to my north east ,but wow what a show ,its now heading to Cardiff, we had no rain but lightning intense, nice cooler breeze arrived , the stuff in the channel seems to have stalled any thoughts ,cheers.
  3. Looking east from winscombe west mendip ,it seems stationary .Not sure where that load of action in the English channel is heading , any guesses gang ,my way perhaps ,cheers .
  4. Hi gang, think we are all at Boiling point, like the Atmosphere today .please beleive me from experience, any predictions from any model whether European British or Jo blogs will be struggling today to get any precise track of storms correct, rainfall and all the fireworks etc that go with it ,but certainly looking like an interesting eventful night and days to come .I think many of you will get to experience your wishes but please stay safe ,there are many thousands of our population scared of violent storms my partner included, she had her chimney badly damaged years ago and TV was melted to a Ball .It will certainly be a Radar evening and night, cells i think popping up , well gang don't forget to take out your Tv Aerial, and do not climb up on your roof for a better view !! .Sausage baps and brown sauce on me ,take care all ,Mother Nature The Stage is set ,cheers.
  5. Hi gang ,im really looking forward to the upcoming week, indeed im getting excited, will there be some severe storms !Yes ,night time ones ! Yes ,news worthy! Yes, at My location Hopefully yes .Pinning the detail is tricky at this moment and many Posters are probably thinking ..some other lucky location will catch the Big one ,bit like the Lottery, and i think personally after reading todays weather warnings and looking at the charts there will be severall Big winners this upcoming week, you have to be in it to win it,and we are in it this week if you are in the Uk take an umbrella with you (non metal tip ) keep away from metal windows and metal objects. No leaving cutlery about ,take out all TV Aerials .So gang i hope we all get our fair share of excitement, but for some it is terrifying, as my new lady friend experienced 30 years ago ,chimney dislodged ,Tv melted into a small ball and roof caught fire .So if the big one comes this week ,im going to have to play it down a bit, but make a few preparations ,like stay by her side .well looking forward to the chase ,and all of the info from my fellow posters, stay safe ,stay home ,wash your hands oooops wrong Quote Stay safe ,enjoy mother nature, cheers i feel a sausage bap coming on with brown sauce, STellas all round , Ps Sun just come out ,we just need that Low pressure to arrive cheers all .
  6. Hi gang ,having been in this sort of synoptic situation or similar many times , i feel that once we get to 10pm this evening it will become more clear as to areas that could see or not see any storms ,at the moment i am expecting very good lightning displays , and hopefully some localised mega storms .but its going to be a waiting game ,remember how things can suddenly develope , hope you all get to enjoy ,cheers STellas all round.
  7. Hi gang ,here on west mendip ,winscombe ,we have torrential rain ,its been non stop for 30mins .cant hear any thunder but there may be some around rain very noisy .would think that todays weather will become very newsworthy .without getting too technical the Atmosphere is primed , so dont take any forecast for any location as gospel, look at radar ,and satellite, the sun is now at its prime ,hope you all get in on some action .sausage baps all round STella cheers .s on ice ,
  8. Hi gang ,just had a very hvy shower ,no thunder but torrential rain for about 30 seconds, looking good tomorrow for many ,and interesting come late r tomorrow and Thursday, looking forward to tonights updates and met office tomorrow morning, stay safe ,cheers and STellas all round .
  9. Hi gang ,i am eagerly awaiting just 10 mins of window rattling thunder , just had a hvy downpour ,looking good on radar but with gaps between the line of activity heading my way .hope you are all ok ,i am still isolating as vulnerable , but may venture out for a walk soon .Roll on late evening storms ,forked lightning, thunder bolts, soot down the chimney ,and being able to read a book with the amount of continuous lightning, and of course all this will be watched whilst eating sausage baps with brown sauce, think i need a lay down , best of luck gang with your storms STellas all round .cheers .
  10. Good evening gang .I have been lurking around .its now 10 weeks of isolation for me being vulnerable ,but great that my lady friend as been here with me .well todays weather as blown my runner beans over ,they are in pots .well looking at current charts no heatwave, and in the further outlook medium some heat generated rain .Do i want a long hot summer !! ,No Thanks ,that in itself will give all of us Grief on top of grief . Thanks for all of those posters who have kept this forum going ,Clap Clap , take care all ,cheers .
  11. Hi Gang ,certainly some welcome rain for some this week ,cooler just to remind us that its only mid Spring ,but a signal for a warm up again later in the extended charts .Right gang i havent posted much recently but have been a Lurking reading daily .I am classed as Vulnerable, and I'm isolating at home with my new lady friend. The weather since lockdown as been a great help ,with great days in the garden ,unbelievable at 6am in the mornings ,no contrails ,just the odd one late morning usually from Philadelphia or new york area. earlier this week several military planes flew overhead, stay safe gang ,Stay at Home , and If you have any crack open a STElla ,cheers .
  12. legritter

    3 Word Story

    They all scratched.
  13. Hi gang ,yes its great that we May get some nice spring weather during the days .I am isolating so hopefully i can sit up the garden and soak up a but of sun .we all said that the charts would look a bit wintry come spring ,regards high pressure , but far important things are on the table at the moment. Great to read all your posts ,take care all ,cheers .
  14. Hi gang ,just to say i am around and reading the forums .Is there a mini beast crawling towards the uk , something LURKING in some of the long range charts, hope all are keeping well , catch you up later cheers .??.
  15. Hi gang ,here on west mendip the rain as eased off. But the wind as certainly increased, probably touching 50mph just up the hill a bit behind me the trees are realy fancing around .looks like interesting synoptics overnight and up till early afternoon sunday here in the west country .If it was severe snowy weather i would be up all night ,but with my window facing west of south west i will hear it , sausages tonight with onions gravy ,mash and loads of veg ,i only have sausage Baps once a week now ,bring on the snow in March and i may have them twice a week, cheers all ,take care .
  16. Hi gang ,just had a very intense shower ,thunder one clap ,hail and possibly a gust of wind on a par with yesterdays gusts .looking at radar some of these cells look Angry ,my location is west mendip, cheers .
  17. Certainly looks like a stormy spell setting in next weekend, i expect models to start firming up on this soon. Lets just hope that lows dive to our south ,we all need something wintry ,the hunt for cold continues ,cheers all .
  18. Hi gang ,realy hoping tonights ECM Run continues the prospects of a cold shot next week .we have Met office now on board as well ,but at 7 days range details will change , the trouble being where will the High pressure take up residence, and will there be an escape of bottled up cold from the Arctic to benefit the uk for us coldies .certainly our best shot this winter , STELLAS ALL ROUND, cheers gang .
  19. Good evening fellow team Mates .Its been a long frustrating winter So Far ,but i think there is a hunt coming up ,ok i am refering to ECM , And whats possibly going to happen in the upper Atmosphere re SSW , I like the last 2 frames of the Ecm ,that could start the ball rolling . Probably won't finish quite like the ECM says ,but who knows this time next week we could all be staring down the barrel of some nice cold wintry weather .so chins up , toys back in prams we have some wintry weather incoming for some, and remember ,its bone chilling cold to our far north .given the right synoptics it will flood south , we will welcome it with open arms, GFS soon, pub run so expect some fun .I'm on a diet so no sausage baps tonight , Rack of ribs with chicken wings and home made scallops, brown sauce for scallops , plus plum tomatoes .Back to the chase then gang ,cheers.
  20. Would be great to have ,cold high pressure, every one seeing a decent snowfall, sliders ,channel lows ,polar lows forming and moving south across the backbone of the UK, and of course some lake effect snow .lets hope IFF a good SSW does occur we can get it to fall in our favour. Great posts , thanks for all the information and charts , no ones posted on model discussion for 4 hours ,desperate times ,cheers gang .
  21. Hi gang ,hang on to your STraws ,GEM shows a very angry day next mon /tues ,if this comes off IFF !we could see getting on for nearly a 100 mb difference in pressure on uk soil ,all within a week .will be interesting to see what ECM comes up with soon. Cheers , sausage baps all round .
  22. Hi gang ,thats the big question every time with day 10 charts , yes south could be Balmy or take it all further south and it could be game on for some wintry ness. So again today we have no real Boom ,but could all change tonight at 7pm ish ,but the hunt is still on ,possibility of a cold trough setting up to our east in time for February, low 850 s and and warm sea temp some beefy snow showers PERhaps ,cheers .
  23. Thanks a million Knocker ,thats what i was looking for i will have a good read later , thanks for all your info on the forums ,cheers .
  24. Hi gang ,just out of interest i have recently read an article about the 62 /63 winter ,i was a young lad of 11 when this historic winter started ,as you all know prior to Dec 26th 1962 ,the weather had been very mixed but there had been snow falls and cold temperatures .A trough moved south on the 26th and the rest is history . But i have only recently read that there was a SSW Towards the end of January which kept the winter going with high pressure throughout feb and in to march .my question is ,with your knowledge does any posters know of any written documents or any info as to what kickstarted the onset of this Winter around the Christmas period. Since this winter of 62 /63 science ofuper air ,stratosphere etc as become very advanced , and we know that a SSW is no guarantee of cold heaven here in the uk .wonder if the winter of 46 /47 was the result of an SSW IN LATE or mid January, but there again the foundations were there at short periods before January 20th .I did have all these answers in my 400 and odd magazines etc of the Royal meteorological society, but since my late wife passed on 2 yrs ago i had a good clear out , finished with my fellowship of the R msc and now addicted to net weather ,free of course and some great posters .i can now twitch the curtains at night looking for snow when its about ,without being told off ,how i miss being told off .cheers gang if you were all here i would cook up some sausages, get the BAPS OUT, plus brown sauce, keep up the good work ,very informative, and may winter bring us what we Crave for. Cheers .
  25. Hi gang ,ECM brings us some hope , its like a dog with a bone ,that bone being north Atlantic lows hopefully dragging down Eventual some sort of pay back for the snow less winter to date. Not my usuall words but hey ho here we go ,a garden path leading to Snow we hope .just need something in the reliable and of course depending on your location and LUCK , So is it STellas bacon butty or bread and dripping ,over to the GFS ,cheers .
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