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  1. Crikey ,just had a look at this ,right then I'm off , cant find the prozack ,im taking up mild mush spotting instead. Right I'm back ,great posts today on wards to the big guns at 7pm , very interesting synoptics looking ahead gang ,cheers .
  2. Hi gang ,think my post along with others was removed because of being off topic ,But where did it go ,a mystery like 10 days time in chart watching ,any one seen it ,cheers .
  3. Morning gang ,ok charts for coldies a bit less mouthwatering this morning. I did glance at my supply of Prozack at 7am today , but had a walk up to my wood shed, crikey 9 squirrels all chattering away think they were saying , big upgrades later ,that forum on net weather is in meltdown. I am posting a couple of charts which i like ,think they are what coldies crave for .The HUNT IS still on , And i for sure am happy, sausage baps all round ,and here we go on Gfs ,met update ,Ecm tonight, Stellas all round cheers .
  4. Hi gang ,i am pinning my hopes on a good Arctic sourced air mass arriving in about 8 to 10 days .ok the ecm shows a root to this is possible ,the gfs is hinting ,awaiting exeters outlook with interest as this could give us some clues. Apologies if i post the wrong chart ,i can only see a stamp sized down load, should be ecm 10day .setting up my new computer today ,big fingers with mobile phone doesnt work for me .Back to model discussion ,wouldn't be surprised if this afternoons gfs goes cold quicker ,tonights Ecm i am awaiting probably behind settee with the dog .Great forum gang ,we are on to something, and winter wonderland is gradually showing itself, moderate frost today ,and of course that day back a few weeks ago when i had snow falling, a good start for us weather addicts, cheers gang .
  5. Hi gang ,great to see posters are in a happy mood tonight .Tomorrow is Winter, HOORay ,charts will realise this and some will be real CORKERS, AT DAYS 9 and 10 .well before i get removed tonights models are showing a much more mobile spell incoming after next Friday ,with many twists and turns and hopefully some Arctic incursions. Over the next 13 weeks or so we have 182 runs of the Ecm, same for uk met and 364 for GFS , Are you ready for the chase Gang ,STEllas all round ,and a toast for us hardened weather fans .
  6. My beautifull late wife used to say to me ,on that computer again ,stop dirtying the curtains, look in the morning when you wake up ,if you want to measure the snow take the dog out ,but overall knew i was bonkers if snow was about ,i shall be behind the sofa tonight with the dog waiting for ECM ,cheers .
  7. Hi gang ,well things are looking good if you like it colder and perhaps the chance of the white stuff in some locations. Indeed i am getting excited but at the same time trying to keep my feet on the ground .certainly is loads of charts these days compared to pre internet , back in the 70s and 80s i used to buy fax charts from local weather centre, and even pop in for a look about and a chat .my uncle working for RAF meteorologist, was a part of a team of forecasters who did a press release for the local paper about the 15th or 16th of January. There had been loads of people at Bristol zoo in temp of 16c .They said in their statement that it looked like any wintry weather was behind us , and this would help with rationing etc for the rest of winter. High pressure across us and to our south Had other Ideas BOOM Booom ,it all moved north ,the following 7 weeks were Snow snow more snow .it would be great to watch this type of event unfold today with the internet , well gang great posts again ,what a great bunch of CALM People we are , a great team spirit cheers all .
  8. Good evening gang ,all very interesting posts today and of course a good day if you are a cold weather fan .I shall be glued waiting for tonights ecm to arrive .the photo of the squirrel attached was taken today in Exeter just outside of the met office ,it kept on chattering about it had seen their charts which were top secret ,and was heard to say as it straitened his woolly hat ,going to bribe posters on net weather ,a few bags of walnuts for a peep .great forum gang ,catch you all later .
  9. Hi gang ,i have said this before but i realy feel that this Net weather forum and that includes all sub forums are the best on this planet .I love the chase , the comrades , the rampers , winter is looming ,will it snow ,sliders ,channel lows ,polar lows , lake effect snow ,510 Dam ,radar watching ,curtain twitchers ,squirrels popping up with the charts ,oh good bit of fun and interesting. Well we have some very interesting weather brewing up now , latest output suggests plenty more rain , with possibly colder air tucking behind low pressure systems next week .cheers gang ,STEllas all round .
  10. Hi gang ,this is a very interesting time of the year and many of us are looking forward to the winter months .Also a very frustrating time especially with so much Data and views from people organisations etc telling us their views on the coming Winter . In a nutshell, not even mother nature knows yet and if she does shes keeping it quiet. Back to the Models my straw is the fair possibility of high pressure setting up next week to our North as shown by the Ecm in its later stages ,fingers crossed, Stellas at the ready prozack in the cupboard and a bit of luck ,cheers gang .
  11. Hi all ,large flakes of Snow here on west mendip mixed in with rain ,I'm about 60 metres asl , cheers .
  12. At 192 hrs time for changing on next run ,sit back relax STellas and sausage baps all round .But very interesting times at present even before winter begins .
  13. Hi gang ,im just trying to post a chart ,first time for many years .i like the look of tonights Ecm run . Very interesting times at present , i know its not winter yet BUT the weather certainly thinks so ,great forum gang , STEllas all round , heres to mother nature cheers .
  14. Hi gang ,great posts ,fantastic Forum .very interesting 7 to 10 day period looming , looks like a fair chance of wintry mixture but at this stage with elevation and plenty of wet weather before .cheers .
  15. Hi gang ,just got back from isle of Man lovely island, flood damage in some locations .Uk rivers falling at present but charts are showing some very wet synoptics over the coming 7 to 10 days and very interesting that the Uk is the place to be if you like low pressure .last night was amazing crystal clear skys ,jack frost ,scraping of cars and central heating systems sending plumes of steam to make ghostly shapes .great forum and i will be about more, now i have more leisure time. STEllas all round ,and nuts for the squirrels, get stocked up on prozack cheers gang .
  16. Great posts on this forum ,great charts ,very interesting weather .This weekend could be very newsworthy. Its great to have such a good gang of fellow posters ,makes our hobby very interesting, compared to before the Internet ,take care gang ,STellas all round .
  17. Very hvy rain in bristol ,looks like there could be some flooding issues later .
  18. Looking very interesting ,a tasty synoptic situation looming .lets hope the following 6 months brings plenty of STella charts Prozac moments ,Northern blocking ,below 490 dam thicknesses ,an ice bridge across the channel .right im of to Asda to stock up .Great forum ,cheers gang STEllas on me .
  19. Hi gang , great to read all the posts although i have been a lurker of late .finaly sorted my life out after the passing of my late wife 2 yrs ago .Looks like some real action weather over the coming 10 days .have a feeling in my water things could get very interesting ,take care all .
  20. Just started raini g here on west mendip .looking at all the charts ,tv weather and internet sites it certainly looks like a very wet 24 hrs and more to follow . Its great reading all the posts ,but i do tend to Lurk in the background. Hoping to be able to post more again ,i have had a very busy two years , but the house is all sorted and i now have a bit more free time again .i am looking forward to whatever Mother nature throws our way , cheers to all and STellas all round .
  21. Hope we will be seeing more of young sidney .three months from now hey it could be the beast from the east ,with no food in the cupboards ,and queuing for all sorts of things , but back on topic our warm weather as predicted by todays charts will be most welcome ,cheers get the STellas out .
  22. I have seen in previous similar set ups everything kicks off with a sudden increase in tiny cells ,but im pretty sure its all running about Two hours late .so here on west mendip i am not expecting any light show till at least 11 pm .sure there will be some Corkers about , the question is where . Best of luck to all ,me kebabs have 2 flying ants stuck to the maple syrup , extra protein. Cheers .
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