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  1. Hi gang ,ECM brings us some hope , its like a dog with a bone ,that bone being north Atlantic lows hopefully dragging down Eventual some sort of pay back for the snow less winter to date. Not my usuall words but hey ho here we go ,a garden path leading to Snow we hope .just need something in the reliable and of course depending on your location and LUCK , So is it STellas bacon butty or bread and dripping ,over to the GFS ,cheers .
  2. And now to bed for me ,just hoping for a good ECM run in the morning, nice 192 chart ,opening up the cold 850 s from the north and pulling them south with some troughs embedded and some more to follow, we shall soon see ,sweet dreams all .
  3. Yes please ,I'm begging ,sausage sandwich coming up. Ok its day 10 chart ,but full of promise ,and the 9 day chart and 8 day good .wondering if the next thing we will hear is POLAR Vortex all over the news . Mind you we do have a good lobe of it forecast to be north of us in extended outlook. This is what i have been hoping for over past few days, and the date 28/29th jan as cropped up in many a weather site gossip. Let's see if tonights Gfs does a boom boom BOOM. Desperate times ,i need another coffee ,cheers gang , the advance guard of this winter is approaching from the n west ,i realy hope so .
  4. Ecm ,promise at the very end for some slushy showers ,going now for a good old chat up the garden wood shed ,we need a visit from the north so will ask the ECM to be full of late xmas cheer tonight ,lovely white crisp winter morning today , cheers . .
  5. The Gfs run was painfull to watch, but did deliver at the end .so quite possible that tonights gfs run will improve earlier ,just a big hunch .so we now await ECM ,Possibly a boom BOOM at 240 hrs ,or if we are all good guys and girls a boom even at 192 hrs , catch you up later .
  6. Is the gfs going to give us some much needed cold at 850 mb temp . Some nice cold air LURKING to our north we should know within 10 minutes or so , big differences already at 180hrs .cheers .wheres the kitchen im hid behind sofa .
  7. Morning gang ,must admit i was expecting a better Ecm run this morning, and currently the gfs run is ticking along on a mild mush path .I am clutching on the fact that the models at the moment are working with a big monster high , possibly 1050 mb ,so hoping after a few days all models will get a better handle on things .I still think we will get a visit from the arctic or poles , Ecm at 240 hrs is still hinting at this .so come on gang ,feet up ,fry off some sausages, brown sauce, Coffee , welcome the frost with open arms , and may tonights ECM , reign supreme ,cheers gang .
  8. Just started raining very hvy here on west mendip. Watching radar over devon and a very intense area of rain developing , could hit Bristol or just past further east. Looking forward to the high pressure coming soon.
  9. Ok ,we have very high pressure close for at least 6 /7 days , then signs that the Atlantic will creep back in ,but will it be mild or will some lovely 850 temp be pulled s east or south, lovely i mean minus 6c or below ,we have startd the day on a bit of a downer, my hopes are this afternoons gfs will go back cold and tonights ecm at day 8 at least shows a north west flow with the high pulled back further west ,not asking much , wood shed is next on my list , a good old talking too ,and then fingers crossed cheers .
  10. And may tonights gfs continue to improve ,will be great if ecm gives us some LTC ,THE hunt as commenced ,Double STellas all round ,crispy sausage Bap after tonights gfs run ,cheers .
  11. North of Uk in general terms would give us an easterly, n east across Scandinavia could pull in some cold air from nw Russia, nw over greenland a nice northerly. Have a read up of winter 46 /47 ,look at charts for jan 15th and watch high pressure move north till 20th ,very mild to bitter in a week ,then 7/8 weeks of snow covered boots ,enjoy .cheers .
  12. Hi gang ,just a quick post from me .my thoughts today ,we have a solid high come this weekend, its where this high could finish ip which interests me ,a nice shift north and its game on , so we have some hope at last ,cheers gang .
  13. This is where i think we are , next weekend high pressure then the following week which is 8 days away i am totally clueless .looks to me that energy a cold plunge will occur sending arctic air south ,we should know where and direction about Wednesday of this week .i must admit looking at tonights ecm 9 day and 10 day made my blood boil ,so perhaps after a fall we are due for BOOM BOOM . Great forum gang , cheers .
  14. Good afternoon gang, very quiet today think many posters are relaxing, having a nap ,dreaming of polar air invading the uk zzzz .On to the models ,Gfs soon ,will it continue to roll out more wintry synoptics, or keep the atlantic slamming low after low at us. I realy do think that a pattern change is on the way ,my estimate 21st /23rd jan .so we need a good Ecm run tonight or by 7pm tomorrow ,The gfs i think as been Sniffing out much lower 850 mb temp that could head south or s east in about 8 to 10 days across the uk ,so we need to see this firming up in future runs .And ecm the same as this mornings ,bringing a blast of cold south , hopefully all starting to sing from the same hymn sheet. WE can read in between the lines of todays Met office update when Exeter finally update .right gang i need a snooze and a visit to the wood shed .ps ,spent ages earlier looking at weather channels in the northern hemisphere, something is afoot, But the big ASK Will it visit us , is the very bitter Polar vortex about to Unleash some individual Monsters in to mid latitudes ,cheers gang .
  15. Seems like another part of the puzzle unfolding on the gfs now an easterly, where will this all end. Hang on gang we could be digging ourselves out soon .very interesting synoptics for us coldies, over to tomorrow for the Ecm .
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