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  1. Good day gang ,hope most of you get to see some action .Still a good 24hrs till we can be sure how far west the threat of decent storms will be .If i was a betting man ,id say here on west mendip we should have a good lightning display,and if the dice falls right some good C/ground lightning, but i do feel that the threat of the Beefy stuff is going to be further east ,time will tell , cheers gang, sausage baps and STEROIDS, sorry i mean STELLAS all round .
  2. Hi gang ,hvy rain and one distant rumble , I'm in west mendip ,hoping a cell currently way to my south stays in tact and gives others a good storm . Cheers gang ,asda delivery just arrived, bbq ribs n sausages on the menu for tonight ,take care all.
  3. Hi gang ,im sat outside viewing an incredible Solar Halo , im hoping this is a sign that the weather gods are saying ,Summer is on its way .charts are looking good with summery weather conditions on the horizon, think I'll pop the bbq on this evening for yes you guessed it ,Sausage baps and belly of pork plus Stellas ,cheers gang .
  4. Hi gang ,i am around lurking and feeling good .Its always good to catch up with all your posts , i must admit i hate the cool weather this time of year .Looking at the charts well 10 days ahead as we do , i would guess high pressure dominated ,and could be heading warm at last .I've been on a bit of a diet lately ,but still have a treat of a Sausage Bap with brown sauce , if the sun shines enough to bring out the BBQ i have Belly of Pork nice n crispy with Branston . Brilliant Forum guys ,best in the World for us weather enthusiasts, all take care ,and please be carefull ,cheers 🍻 of course
  5. Hi gang ,thought I'd pop in for a chat ,charts still looking cool ,especially early mornings .It was great to sit in the garden today in lovely sunshine ,not one contrail in sight, looking at todays charts theres not much rain to be had ,but still a possibility nxt week for isolated hvy showers .Iv cut down on my Sausage Baps ,trying to lose weight ,but hey gang todays baps are extra special ,wild boar sausage, with branston on one daddies on the other ,cheers STELLA'S all round .
  6. Hi gang ,charts all favourable for mostly dry weather and increasing warmth. I have been lurking about ,had a bad chest infection but now feeling better. I've not had Sausage Bap for over 3 weeks, but today i will indulge in 2 baps plus brown sauce 😋, cheers gang ,STELLAS all round 🍺..
  7. Evening Gang, i am about reading all of your posts , been a bit under the weather lately but now feeling much better ,I'm even well enough to get the Sausages out ,but no Baps so plain old bread butter with brown sauce .On with the models and no real sign of cold or Snow ,but i can feel it in my bones that we may get a cold last third of March, I've given up crispy belly of pork as too many calories ,thats great with Branson pickle ,cheers gang STellas all round .
  8. Hi gang ,nice to see your all enjoying yourselves on the Planets best top of the range weather Forum .some interest on tonights Ecm ,but modeling wants to drop high pressure south later in the run ,but at this range and especially at 168hrs we could if things fall right draw in some cold 850s from the east and north east ,beyond that its Dream time ,but dreams can come true Gang so stay tuned .I'M out of baps tonight ,iv cooked me sausages and buttered me bread ,Daddies sauce ,Branston pickle 😋 and the Dog by my side ,I'll leave you with a Sizzling chart from my friend google ,cheers gang STE
  9. Good morning gang ,can i smell a new HUNT is on ,certainly good looking charts around but we dont need any toplers , sausages are in the pan but do we get brown sauce on top !! ,STELLAS ALL ROUND GANG .
  10. Hi gang ,I'm IN for another hunt .ECM Last few frames is showing the stepping stones to a possible cold shot ,if this can be repeated over the coming days i will treat all interested to a juicy ooozing Sausage Bap and ice cold STELLAS with free brown sauce , cheers gang 👍..
  11. All this talk of Food ,Ecm day 10 as some interest ,just waiting for GFS to bring in the Beast ,untill then enjoy this BAP .
  12. Just updated ,i would put the script in here but not sure how. Basically no change ,but i feel that something is going to appear in march to make us coldies happy , cheers gang, sausage baps all round and STELLAS on me .
  13. Hi gang ,still time for cold and snow to turn up ,feast your eyes on tonights ecm 240hrs ,move that north and BOOOM ,and tonight gang i have sausage baps galore plus some STELLAS, GFS is starting up ,you never know ,ps brown sauce tonight is Daddies. 🍻
  14. Beast from the far east , crikey i need to stock up on sausages and baps. Yes good charts today ,but we need to keep in Control SNOOOOooow .
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