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  1. Still snowing, having started at 3am. It's got quite light a few times but it's never really stopped. I'm guessing my 14.5cm will have increased to about 15 by now, so that "unofficial" accumulation map is right in that regard.
  2. It's slowed down a lot late afternoon onward in North Bucks but never quite stopped. Bin-top total was a healthy 14.5cm, not bad at all!
  3. 7 hours of moderate snow so far, light levels have fallen so I suspect the cloud is getting thicker
  4. Not sure if this will work....https://video.nest.com/clip/ec48f5cf686b4c15bdd96e6e0d3e1be7.mp4
  5. Just over an inch in North Bucks. The sleetyness has gone now, just steady moderately heavy snow.
  6. Started around 3:30 am with about 5mm and settling in North Bucks between Buckingham and Milton Keynes. Local lamppost calibrates it as moderate intensity with a slight hint of sleetyness.
  7. The possibility of another storm this coming weekend was mentioned on the bbc breakfast news weather forecast this morning; first old media mention?
  8. I'd be glad of any downgrade, so long as the storm knows it's been downgraded as well. I live in a place known locally as windy ridge and the house is surrounded by trees. We've tied down everything in the garden but not sure if I can tie the trees down!
  9. It's happening over the weekend. A lot of businesses would not have been able to prepare if the warnings had gone out on Saturday morning.
  10. Part of Liam Duttons Blog on Ch4 website discussing upcoming weather. First mention I've seen of SSW outside of specialist sites/twitter etc. Any signs of colder weather? In recent days, I’ve had quite a few people asking me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ whether or not there are signs of it turning colder with snow. The weather computer models are hinting towards a general downward trend in temperature from the middle of January onwards, but at this stage, there is a lot of uncertainty about how cold it is going to get. Another interesting event that is about to take place in the upper part of the atmosphere (the stratosphere), is a sudden stratospheric warming – SSW for short. What happens when sudden stratospheric warming occurs? During the winter months, a polar vortex sits across the north pole in the upper part of the atmosphere. Effectively, this is a huge area of lower pressure around which air flows from west to east in the northern hemisphere – known as a zonal flow. The presence of this zonal flow keeps the weather generally unsettled, with low pressure systems at the surface affecting mid-latitudes locations, such as the UK and north America. However, sometimes, a sudden significant warming can occur in the stratosphere, which has the effect of disrupting the polar vortex and the winds that rotate around it. Initially, the normal west to east flow of air is disrupted 30-50km up in the atmosphere, where it slows down or reverses direction completely. At this point, because it is so high up, it has little effect on the weather we experience at the surface. But what can happen in certain cases is that this disruption of the west to east flow of air can gradually percolate down to the surface. When this happens, blocking areas of high pressure are more likely to form, potentially bringing a big change in weather patterns. At this stage, it is too early to tell exactly what the outcome of the imminent SSW will be because the places getting the coldest air will depend on the location and orientation of any blocking high pressures that form. Nevertheless, the second half of the month could prove interesting – something that I’ll keep you updated on here in my blog and on Twitter – @liamdutton http://blogs.channel4.com/liam-dutton-on-weather/year-brings-weather/2730
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