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  1. Snowy sleety rain here in resolven, neath. Nothing settling. Very wet.
  2. Rain rain and more rain in neath tonight. Not a single snow flake!
  3. Looking like a late winter this year. When I mean late I mean a significant and consist drop in temperatures and overnight low minus figures. It’s like a late autumn
  4. This has been my worst winter for business for a very long time. The fat lady hasn't sung yet and hopefully March will give us a week or two of cold frosty days. Mother Nature always seems to have a way of balancing things out, but this winter that philosophy is right out the window.!
  5. Hi All................. Are we likely to get any cold by the end of this so called poor of an excuse of a winter?????? No ones come out of bermudas and tank tops in Neath this winter. Sun bed shops are taking a hammering.
  6. Is there any truth in March being cold??? Couple of people has said it to me
  7. I'm scared to ask guys and girls but is there any cold on the horizon?
  8. Just got in from gritting #chaching£££. Temperature dropped like a lead balloon in last hour out..raining and now absolutely freezing. Queue the "ice"......unless I have been there of course!!!
  9. Going out in my Gritter tonight !!! I am happy . Home at 2am......... Tomorrow's looking cold too. Happy days
  10. With all this awesome freezing cold America is having, will any be pushed in this direction???
  11. Happy new year all !!!! Where is this cold.....? This winter is shocking
  12. NOOOOOO ANDY !!!! Goonies never say die !!!! Plus I got 60 tonne of rock salt.Happy new year all from the one and only Welsh Gritter
  13. It would seem we are 'stuck' in Autumn type weather, Very Very Mild, bears the question "when winter does come, will it be prolonged?, is the season shifting meaning a cold April/May?".................... One things for sure "IM HOPING SO!!!"......wishful thinking
  14. I'm in Neath and relatively sheltered and this is the worst winds we have experienced for a very very very long time. It's constant. There is no break. Absolutely howling. Just glad we still got power. Real mental. Staying in all day for me!!! Mrs going shopping......
  15. Need some cold dudes. When are we looking at some significant sustained cold periods. This weather is extremely autumn like. My gritters are feeling lonely, unused, worthless, they want to be in action. So do I !!! Anyone got any good news for us cold lovers.... P.s... I don't want snow - just lovely minus figures. Single figures in the day and minus at night! Anyone got any good news on this? Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the welsh Gritter!!
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