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  1. I was wondering the same. Supprised to see my dark sky app has snow for Sunday. This has snuck up on me.
  2. Can't stand watching the radar showers disintegrate right on my doorstep any longer.
  3. Took this up the road from you in East Morton. Hope we get more. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zV1S5Tzvef95sTFX9
  4. Doing quite well here in East Morton. Been up since 5am and it's pretty much been snowing constantly. Perhaps 1 cm. Very small flakes but I'm excited!
  5. Just started Snowing here in East Morton. Small flakes at the moment.
  6. I agree. Really appreciate those who are able to decipher what's going on and feedback to this group.
  7. Light Dusting in East Morton and thick ice on car and pavements. Fingers crossed for later.
  8. I'm right in the middle of that. I wasn't aware it existed. Thanks.
  9. Yes it's difficult to follow. Seems the consensus is it's going to be cold for quite a while but the Nirvana easterly is off the cards.
  10. Yes you seem right. The mood has dropped. Although that seems to be the nature of the model thread. Rollacoaster.
  11. Most of the time the model threads seem like an alien language to me but can't help but get caught up in their excitement tonight. Really hope we do have something special coming.
  12. I don't recall that on the forcast but it does look to be heading our way if not a little too far West?
  13. If you replay the radar you can see the heavier showers descending towards Bradford from 16:00.
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