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  1. I can't believe it. It's so excruciating. I'm talking missing out consistently by a mm on the radar. Please snow God's shut the gap.
  2. Finally! About to get a direct hit. This should be interesting.
  3. This killing me. Trapped in this terrible trench surrounded by showers north and south. Someone please give me hope.
  4. Thank goodness! This trench we are in had been killing me.
  5. Reversing the radar seems to show anything entering land from Bridlington hits my area of West Yorkshire. With that in mind we have some intense showers heading our way in the next hour or so. Finally!.
  6. Probably the most exciting national forcast on the BBC just now. Destined to be a flop now ;-)
  7. Getting quite nervous with excitement. This is what I love about snow. Takes me right back to my childhood.
  8. Welcome back. Hate to say I told you so but...
  9. Nice to see the upgrades continue this morning.
  10. Yes it does look to be looking that way. Possibly from Saturday?
  11. Does look to be pivoting right over the top of us now.
  12. Incredible snow showers here in East Morton. Large flakes accumulating fast.
  13. Heavy snow in East Morton for the moment. Lots coming on the Radar. If it's all snow this could be fun.
  14. See you soon. Can't see this been the last snow.
  15. Can confirm light/moderat snow/ drizzle here in town centre of Keighley. -1