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  1. Yes and to think local TV said Sunday would be dry for me (Mansfield) on Sunday on Friday night! The rain band has spread and now looks like the rain will last for us
  2. Serious question. When will the rain stop around Mansfield - all previous forecasts now out of the window as the rain is intensifying (if that was possible) for us yet the overall area of rain is shrinking.
  3. Absolutely hammering it down still in Mansfield, no let up and looking at the radar still a lot more to come. Also turning very occasionally to sleety stuff but then reverting back to rain. When will it stop?
  4. Yes definitely ebbing and flowing with the torrential rain first just north of me, then over me, then just south and then back over and north etc
  5. Yes the main area of rain seems focused just south of Sheffield and right over us in a line from say Derby to just north of Grimsby... which stubbornly is refusing to move further north at the moment.
  6. Thank you, fingers crossed... and that the rain moves through quickly... though the stronger winds this time is not helping!
  7. Mansfield, where I am, has been very wet for most of the day and now torrential ran for abut an hour - with a lot more to come n the radar. Whats it with Thursdays and Saturdays and heavy rain this year!
  8. And the North Midlands suffering too once again - i.e Mansfield where I am has had heavy-ish/moderate rain for most of the day and is now torrential and has been very heavy for around an hour - and looking at the radar there is an awful lot more to come.
  9. Hope you are right because that would mean the rain eases in my area (Mansfield) but looking at the radar I fear persistent often heavy rain for me for the rest of the day and possibly through most of the evening/night. Or am I wrong?
  10. Will it ever stop for any length of time? After a couple of dry hours in Mansfield - the first since 11am Monday - we have had another wet afternoon and evening looking likely
  11. So it is still raining in Mansfield - 31 hours non-stop now - and yet many forecasts kept saying throughout today that it would eventually dry up this afternoon - raintoday has constantly said the rain would ease off in the 3rd/4th hour of its forecast only to change as the timeframe drew nearer. Does anyone actually know when it will stop? (And that is not meant to be sarcastic) Looking at the radar it looks very unlikely that it will be this evening as many forecasts suggested earlier today. And if not, then what chance is there for accurate forecasting days in advance when we can't forecast a few hours ahead as seems to be the case at the moment. (Again not being sarcastic)
  12. Re rainfall totals - ignore ECM and GFS, at least for where I live, as they are no longer realistic already. Here in Mansfield it has been raining non-stop - and mostly heavy - for 22 hours now and looking at the radar it will continue for many hours yet as we are right in the middle of the 'streamer' from the North Sea.
  13. Yes this has been ugraded for my area, North Notts, in terms of wind by Met Office and NW. Strangely XC Weather, which usually has highest wind speed predictions, has lowest of 3.
  14. Thanks everyone... yes my mistake, I did mean a 'usual' autumn/spring storm. No downgrades yet and yes Pit, I am just a few miles down the M1 from you so keeping an eye out tomorrow night too.
  15. Surprised no mention anywhere of forecast strongish winds late Friday and Saturday yet. NetWeather forecast has my backyard down for 34 sped and gusts well into 60s. Is it anything to be concerned about or just a 'usual' winter storm?.
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