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  1. Felt pretty warm here today out of the wind.
  2. We had about 8cm measured on a table at school that is protected from the wind, more than I thought we'd had really.
  3. I can't fathom the weakening as they had a decent fall in Telford according to this thread.
  4. Sounds similar to here, not as much as the 1st beast but then that was over a few days. Great for mid-March though.
  5. How much do you think you got in the end @MattStoke?
  6. We've been out most of the afternoon, noticed that Rugeley, Hednesford and Cannock are worse than here. Coming back from Cannock along the A34 there is a noticeable difference in cover somewhere between Huntington and Bednall. Looking at the radar loop from Meteociel it looked like we should have had a good few hours of heavy stuff here in Stafford which didn't seem to materialise despite areas to our West looking like they did pretty well. Don't get me wrong, we've had another reasonable event but not close to folk that were in a yellow warning despite us being in an amber. There mus
  7. I hit the sack about 12:30, doesn't look any different to them.
  8. Think we missed the overnight stuff. Not a bad event but it seems that the heavy stuff to our east on the radar was just losing intensity as it hit us.
  9. I concur with Atlantic, it was very much like March 1st here. Very fine snow interspersed with bigger flakes coming in almost horizontal with the strong wind. But then March 1st was a Thursday so perhaps you are right that it was nothing like...
  10. Eleven o'clock at night and there's a neighbour out clearing his drive, his neighbour's drive and the road outside his house. I don't have the heart to tell the idiot that it'll all be covered over when he gets up... This street takes the biscuit, it must be the only one on the estate where an army of blokes armed with snow shovels and spades are on snow clearing watch. The December event was the best, there must have been 10 of the buggers out, all pointing and sorting out their own bit of road to clear.
  11. Settling nicely now, some pretty peppy showers.
  12. Haha, the old filter has got you I'll wager...
  13. Heavy now, it's beginning to lay on the paths, road and patio. I shouldn't worry too much Polar, it'll settle...
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