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  1. 27C here, going a little cloudy here now and a few showers to the west, bit dissapointing really as it was forcast to stay reasonably sunny till about evening but thats the UK for you, South and SE looks to cloud over later from the area in the channel which was probably unforseen as well so maybe no records broken their today, enjoy everyone.
  2. The front is slowly moving down the country, might squeeze a nice day out here in the North Midlands before we lose the sunshine later on, South of Birmingham should be ok, feel sorry for those in the North.
  3. Summers could become 'too hot for humans' WWW.BBC.CO.UK Rising global temperatures could see summers that are too hot to work in. I know a country where that wouldn't apply...any guesses?🤣🤣🤣
  4. Tommorow (Friday) looks the best day for outdoor activity and warmth if you can call it that, but i'm wondering wether that will be a cloudfest the way the ridge of high pressure is positioned, saturday really looks a write of for the midlands, a front stuck right through the middle of England then gets pepped up from the west to round the day off on a soggy end..enough to make you turn to drink!!...tomorrow hopefully🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺. Not good for the Midlands saturday.
  5. Take a closer look..it looks lovely🤣🤣🤣..seriously i have never taken a holiday in this country for 30 odd years and never will again because off summers like this, a week in the med in september and a week in the canaries next january will satisfy me away from this vile dross!!!
  6. Well i'm not holding out for a nice september if august turns out similar to july..if hurricane season in the atlantic churns out the numbers what the forcasters are predicting that will be another spanner in the works of this summer!!
  7. Anything trying to develop in the Eastern Atlantic and pretty much the whole MDR is going to struggle with all this dry air and dust about coupled with the usual high wind shear at this time of year, all of the storms that have occured early have been in and around the western atlantic away from all this dry air..usually by about early august the conditions start getting more conducive for development but the saharan dust as been a bit more prominent this year and i'm thinking the forecasters might have to revise there storm numbers a little lower if this saharan dust is still about come peak
  8. Autumn thread in july..your one month late when it started..haha🤣🤣🤣..well whenever it does start lets hope it dont drag right through winter like last year..as others have said seeing leaves on the trees changing colour already is strange..august yes but july is a bit early in my book..i was a bit surprised as well to see the conkers on the trees at the start of july but thats probably just me not going out so much as i used to do..as far as autumn is concerned can we miss it and jump straight to winter..whatever thats supposed to be nowdays!!😀
  9. And 200 odd miles to the south blue skies and hot sunshine..so annoyingly close!!
  10. June is becoming the month of the cut off Low in the UK, this one is dragging it heels trying to find a way out, it eventually phases with another trough ready to move in then rinse and reapeat really for the rest of june. Somebody earlier this week mentioned May might have been summer and that was my thoughts when the fine spell ended, i know we've just really started the 3 main months of summer and we shouldn't get despondant of the first weeks june being like it has but sometimes you get the feeling that a pattern has emerged and it will waste a few weeks getting out of it and before you kn
  11. Its looking better now, got rid of most of the thicker cloud ??☀️☀️
  12. Well where has this cloud in the south come from, thought it was supposed to be reasonably sunny for most of the uk for the next 3 ish days?, well hope this stuff clears overnight becos if it dont wednesday maybe dissapointing
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