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  1. Precipitation just hitting the south coast now from storm Emma, the rest of the country is still seeing the remnant showers from the Beast, make the most of them because this cold and snow is slowly on the way out.
  2. Notice the cold being eroded over the sea off the south east, its rain there and obviously down to the south west.
  3. Its nice in Derby, had the streamer from the east all night, must be at least 3 inches.
  4. Radar is looking ok, i'm sure we'll all catch a shower or two this afternoon
  5. The shower activity seems to be lessening a little as the sun starts to go down.
  6. Heavy shower just come through Derby area, looked like polystyrene balls or soft hail to give it another name, Temp keeps fluctuating, last hour -2C then up to 0C, bright sunshine once again so snow has no chance of hanging around but at least we are seeing it falling so happy with that
  7. Heavy shower came through Derby just after 11am, nice coverings in the shade but sun out melting where it can get at it, 0C at the moment, notice NW free radar having a few problems updating
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