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  1. at least an hour for me of drizzle rather than rain. still a sleety mix here with snow in heavier bursts that are not sticking as too wet
  2. Im guessing tonight's event will be half a mile up the road as usual! Sitting at 140m asl I can often see the snow line! Next house I buy is gonna be over one hill further east!
  3. still snowing but heavier now. still not sticking though cars are almost covered. looks like green olde ashton misses out again just hoping the temp drops a bit more to help
  4. its starting to stick on cars, so cant be far away from cold enough on surface i hope
  5. still trying here but didnt know anywhere near enough to stick. we needed it heavier. i guess thats my chance for tonight gone as far as accumulations.
  6. Just plain rain here 2.7oC dp 1.5oC in ashton-u-lyne
  7. Move towards colder options on the ensembles, hardly any below 0 yesterday (wish id saved it now) and a fair few more now. though many more in the milder side too just a move towards the right area for a cold spell
  8. 2C here, DP around freezing. still looking ok even though temp has jumped .8C in the last hour
  9. got to get real luck us here in ashton eh! tomorrow looks like fun anyway
  10. ive moved since i put that in, thats my rents house in ashton.
  11. not even making 15mph atm here in ashton but guess when the front hits it will ramp up!
  12. 2.6oC DP 0oC didnt get below freezing so still not managed that this winter with a low of 1.8oC
  13. after today the max here is 4oC. but i doubt it will be that cold! IF only it was a couple of degrees lower with all the rain coming we would get buried haha!
  14. i wouldnt use metcheck whatsoever will! it says 4oC for me right now and its actually 6oC. i check it daily and its always 2oC too warm. netweather 10 days forecasts are always the most accurate forecasts of the data driven ones!
  15. nothing here in ashton either! half tempted to drive up hartshead pike and have a gander before bed though!
  16. reports of snow in oldham none here yet in ashton but the precipitation is about to hit
  17. 4.5oC dp 2.2oC so that needs to drop a fair bit more yet to be in with a chance tonight!
  18. snow here in ashton. thunder as well! temps have dived 3oC in matter of mins long streamer coming in according to the rader too! will your looking good in glossop
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