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  1. Temp 2.2oC DP -2.3oC pretty happy atm, well below forcast!
  2. Im guessing tonight's event will be half a mile up the road as usual! Sitting at 140m asl I can often see the snow line! Next house I buy is gonna be over one hill further east!
  3. Heavy snow in Ashton under Lyne. Looks to have started sticking in the last hour. Bout 2 cm on car roof ATM at 150m asl
  4. Feels much colder this morning. Murmors on the model thread of snow event tomorrow night as what was meant to only reach Scotland is being modelled further south. Ties in with meto app which has Ashton down for snow sat night (which will change for sure before tomorrow).
  5. Just rain here at 140m asl in Ashton-u-Lyne atm - DP too high atm at 1.5oC but slowly dropping with the rain now
  6. North West England - Weather Chat

    prob about the same here after the shower around half six. not noteworthy though as ive got into work early haha. got to say i was hoping for more.
  7. North West England - Weather Chat

    looks like work for me, no cover here in ashton
  8. North West England - Weather Chat

    thundersnow here in ashton-u-lyne
  9. North West England - Weather Chat

    Hoping here in east Manchester on the first hill I'm lucky for the first time in a couple of years but no doubt the pennine snow shield will be in full effect again
  10. Northwest England - Weather Chat

    still snowing but heavier now. still not sticking though cars are almost covered. looks like green olde ashton misses out again just hoping the temp drops a bit more to help
  11. Northwest England - Weather Chat

    its starting to stick on cars, so cant be far away from cold enough on surface i hope
  12. Northwest England - Weather Chat

    still trying here but didnt know anywhere near enough to stick. we needed it heavier. i guess thats my chance for tonight gone as far as accumulations.
  13. Northwest England - Weather Chat

    snow not sticking here in ashton
  14. Northwest England - Weather Chat

    Just plain rain here 2.7oC dp 1.5oC in ashton-u-lyne
  15. Model Output Discussion - 31/10/2014 and Beyond

    Move towards colder options on the ensembles, hardly any below 0 yesterday (wish id saved it now) and a fair few more now. though many more in the milder side too just a move towards the right area for a cold spell