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  1. I did after several great afternoons powder sledging in knoll park sevenoaks week 2 February.. Time to move on Don 😊
  2. Thanks. I'm content personally with a fabulous season of model watching it really was a nice distraction in those dark days of December and January and delivered with a decent cold spell week 2 of February.. So just like to express my thanks to all.. winter is over for me and time for spring and summer I think
  3. Interesting you say so. In North West Kent after a bright and sunny start cloud had rolled back in from the East and it's absolutely bitter in the breeze and I'm sure I noticed a couple of small flakes. Also shout out to @Paul Sherman who called it right last night in regard to winds changing direction and a little more snow around these parts. Was perfect this morning. Snow on previous snowfalk is so rare.
  4. Umm. raised an eyebrow flicked through Met Radar several times and not seeing anything heading towards london? up the thames.
  5. Interesting chart and why that slight less cold area from the Thames into Wiltshire.. cloudy and another streamer chance!?
  6. by Monday the 0 850 was over lands end on the 06z this run its over London. Yep one chase after a few days in the regionals and its appears I might have fallen at the 1st..... 🙂
  7. I would like you to be right. But it was cloud on metoffice forecast and as another poster states as the winds change it is because of high pressure also leading to dryer air. South east Kent are in for a treat though 🙂
  8. Hello. It was light cloud filling the south east tonight not snow. Notice that the double digit sub temperature has gone I guess because there is now a signal for cloud.
  9. Hello @Paul Sherman is there any further forecast or views on the convergence zone in Kent slighting adjusting to being more of London region into play. Think you mentioned early that thing might align a smidge more east north east?
  10. As expected really.. the convection point is a little more towards mid Kent. So moisture there will raise and drop snow.. for our part of the world we are relying on them not breaking up before they hit us this will become increasingly more difficult for two reasons. Pressure is starting to raise in our region and the convection point is difting southward. For SE London and NW west. It's a wrap for snow on this spell..
  11. That's the million dollar question? Will they hold together? They usually fizzle out as they head south west into london region unless there is some convection high up..
  12. I know.. just not kicking in. Appears to be losing its omph as what little convection fades away with the sun..
  13. This made me laugh, so refreshing when you see there are others nearby refreshin the radar every 5 mins - to your point nothin in Orpington - some say the winds might back a smidge more north east soon 🙂 🙂
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