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  1. Re UKMO 120 and fax charts.. I’m confused now ad I thought the UKMO this afternoon was a stunner, if the met have made a change on the Fax then surely it cannot be for the better?
  2. that! in my humble view is the best chart so far this winter that GFS has churned out for below 200 hrs
  3. Hello Steve / F1991 I’m not sure I understand this table! What do the numbers mean and the columns? Is it another way of articulating the 850s in table format instead of the lone graphs?
  4. Two polar opposite remarks in regard to UK144 - one poor with a local view and one positive with the wider view - confused.com
  5. Oh! that's it then... the next four weeks are settled and we can dismiss the next two weeks of GFS / Euros and start over Mid December! - Darn right we will F5 clicking from 4:00Pm daily at least, looking for those 50 mile swings in the right direction or not! and is that not half the fun :):)
  6. I'm confused if the above Mean is good or not? on one hand it looks great to our North East, however will it all to no avail with those heights to our south and us sitting in no-mans land?
  7. Hello all, I see the Met-office have today indicated that above average nd dryer than average is most likely for the next 3 months! - suggestive to me of similar set-up to what we have had in general since start of June, including a Jet-Stream Way! way to the North. I'm aware of a southerly JS also being good for blocking in Winter, but what are the views if it stays so far north as we enter the Autumn and beyond, it defo seems to be stuck... although the Vortex ramping up might push it towards a more normal latitude? or is it chicken and Egg and the JS being so far north will impact on the Vortex Thanks Gang!
  8. Guys! Thank you! its been a blast.. off to enjoy the final hurrah! and then back in October for the initial views for 18/19 Late winter has an advantage in that as we say farewell this evening, I take a little comfort that we are that little bit nearer to next year, another is that for ever I will now be able to consider winter to be a 3 full months of Dec, Jan, Feb - until this spell the cut off for me has always been Mid Feb' based on 78 / 91 - I know now and have witnessed that with the right set-up we can still get a week of decent snow up until the 2nd of March. I had -10 Wednesday morning, 72 hours of Sub-zero ( currently - 1.1 ( expect it will creep about mid-evening ) several snowfalls, including streamers, powder and light drifts, 1 week in duration ( I count the 2 days before and the excitement as part of the deal) - Par with 91 for me personally, 2010 had more snow, but this spell just seemed to have a little bit of everything....... a final walk this evening, then I hope for a quick thaw ( nothing worse than a lingering departure ) followed by spring warmth, Summer heat and autumn mists.. I wish you a great 2018....seeing this note in 8 months time ( last post ) will make me smile and ponder if I only knew,then what I know now... Take care fellow Snow Freaks.
  9. What is the deal with riding temps - I'm led to believe that now is the pinch point, and then they level off and no rise until Saturday and that currently we are just seeing the impact of slightly warming air, but it will lose its impact soon.
  10. Yep! we are entering our more traditional snow fall types and issues......but boy it was good to experience 4 days of the continental type
  11. THink we are started to see the real cold mix out! currently steady increase to -2.4 ( good I know, but..........well you know what us lot are like... any views on temps tonight, Friday/ Sat Thank ou
  12. Yes! Steve, and if I recall Helen Willetts ( My fav be the way ) remarked they were looking closely at how events might develop this afternoon to our south-east over France.. lets see. Still snow-graining in NW Kent - which is better than nothing when the Radar is clear.
  13. Light snow still blowing down in Bromely / Kent - but Radar is clear, I wonder if this might be the case for a while now? just another moisture being introduced to keep it going, all be it light. Wishful thinking or not ?
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