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  1. Yes! big differences there, nice leaking away of heights to our south-east - another couple of similar changes ( not unreasonable at that time-frame ) and we might, just might be looking at some festive Christmas week weather - defo trend in the right direction.... can it be maintained? ?
  2. Not so sure! - would the trough to our West / South west not bump into, be slowed down by the High-pressure over Greece ( if anything the trough might pump it up a little ) for balance it would certainly ramp up the interest if it did with what is a promising profile to our north.
  3. Thanks 1st chart has a little interest I might suggest with a " wedge " between the two PV lobes to our north and Canada! - not sure if trending in the right direction? also I don’t recognise nor understand 2nd & 3rd charts. Any thoughts please team?
  4. Thank you! one would sense then EC120 / EC144 ( with its strong reputation for accuracy ) in about 1 hour is crucial on this! – time to pour a little stiffener to settle the nerves... looks like a S**T or bust moment is upon us in about 60 mins gang… ?
  5. Great charts - but for many we have the knocks, the doubts of seeing it all before over the years - is there anything within 120 - 144 that gives us the confidence that there is tipping point as such which if it were to materialize enables the rest of the run?
  6. Hello Steve, over the years I've picked up the Jet being south of the UK as something good for us coldies just interested to understand why " this south of UK jet " event if forecasted correctly appears to have introduced these synoptics and what might be described as a heightened interest – I guess what I’m saying is what is so potentially special about this south of the UK Jet event… Cheers
  7. looks a like a topple! but jeeze I think many of us would accept that outcome if the previous slides were also correct! - I've been thinking on election, which party might benefit in the event of some wintry weather - Labour I might suggest! with the city vote being less impacted less than Rural...
  8. Yep! there is that ? Forum at is best when we are debating, dissecting a run as it rolls out ( granted there is an agenda in doing so for the majority on here )
  9. Looks flatter upstream though!? - jeeze its a tough ole game getting it aligned ?
  10. Is that even possible? - a flabby low, heights to our north-west ( as per Steve's comments ) to what appears to be an incredibly angry chunk of Vortex... ? serious question.. it does appear to be a rather dramatic change in 3 days.
  11. Hey Mucka! always good to see you join about this time each year! hope you're well, ready for the ride! & will you you be on the nightshift this year with a run down of the 00z's ? - QQ thoughts on that blob of purple over Hudson bay - pump up the heights or squash um' ?
  12. Vortex Looks all little flabby in our neck of the woods! - not sure really what to make of it - on the flipside there is robust modeling for the Vortex to over northern euroasia ?
  13. Um.. maybe just maybe.. at 150 onwards it appears that the trough to our south east has shifted towards Genoa improving angle of cold feed... Jet looks more amplified as well, another couple of these incremental shifts, not unreasonable at this range.................. ?
  14. Both cracking from an overhead! view though? what is going on? looks so docile, almost summer like up top... Good to be back for another winter as well
  15. Re UKMO 120 and fax charts.. I’m confused now ad I thought the UKMO this afternoon was a stunner, if the met have made a change on the Fax then surely it cannot be for the better?
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