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  1. Are these storms going to be breaking out late afternoon early evening in our neck of the woods? @Supacell
  2. I watched the first batch circa 1.30am from Swadlincote,the storm area roughly over Rugeley to the west, the lightning was pretty much constant from that all the while keeping an eye on the area from the south approaching me for a direct hit. The gust front when it arrived was very strong, trees blowing all over the place, had to retreat indoors after because of the rain, but great lightning show, one close CG with shotgun thunder. Been along time since I’ve seen a nighttime show like that, epic stuff.
  3. this is my view looking south east. excuse the poor pic quality snapped on the phone slowly slowly coming this way
  4. thread resurrection.spotted this today (well my 5 yr old daughter saw it first)
  5. snowing in Coalville, although the sun is still out. Can see the dark clouds to the north, been watching them roll ever so slowly closer all morning.
  6. long time lurker so go easy!! am i right in assuming that upper low west of the azores is a consequence of what GP is referring to when he says as soon as the westerlies hit the sub-tropical Atlantic that will flip the NAO negative? ie low presure in the sub tropical atlantic aiding WAA north and setting up a High pressure in our locale thus the NAO flipping negative...??
  7. Cameron doesn't want out,truth be told he promised a referendum while actually thinking he had little chance of winning the general election with a majority ( imho). Will be interesting to see how desperate the Germans will be to keep us in? They've thrown alot of cash to keep Greece in , which won't ever be seen again all to keep the union dream alive.
  8. my Mrs and the two kids have had it. The eldest (4yr) just had a nasty cough,the youngest (18mnth)was really bad with ,completely knocked her out for 3days,the Mrs was very bad with it for a week,then both she and the youngest started with a sto.ach bug. I haven't had it,but I had the flu jab in October and so did the eldest daughter which may explain why we didn't get it so bad. But it did take about 3 weeks for them all to clear up properly.
  9. gettin some sleety stuff in the heavier bursts here. Still hoping mid month,for the possible pattern change to get some proper cold in.
  10. at the parents house on outskirts of Coalville,leics,snowing here cars and grass starting to get a covering
  11. seeing some pictures on facebook of damage caused by an alledged tornado in coalville,leics in the early hours of this morning. anyone have any more info??, didnt think there were any storms forecast last night??
  12. looking at some of the maps available , it looks like an area of precipitation , probably showers moving through wales into the mids by 03.00 and virtually covering the entire midlands by 06.00 moving on out into the sea during the day. 850's look good , dew points marginal though, interestingly tho, bbc site showing heavy snow for my postcode , just need to work out how to post images now!!
  13. i'm still on the fence with this saga. been watching the mod thread for the last week and there is definite interest there no doubt, i really don't want to get my hopes up to high. people say with an easterly you need the ukmet model on board and that has been leading the way, the ecm operationals seem to be (correct me if wrong) a little too progressive compared to the mean all signs point to a cold plunge but how cold and for how long.? if some of the charts that have been showing come to fruition, then one thing is for sure the midlands will get a pasting if the charts are still as good come sundays 12z's i'm in with both feet , and shall be telling all and sundry snowmaggeddon is coming!!
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