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  1. Currently sat in the garden under clear sky and can see stars directly overhead but it’s so surreal it’s like the blitz to my south and west it’s even lighting the clear sky up
  2. Hearing the Leicester cell approaching, deep booms in the distance
  3. the last pic is towards thge south east thats the direction youll need to be looking
  4. Also to add a pic, go onto reply click choose files then tap add pic or video
  5. Wow wish I was up there. But seriously, stay safe up there very exposed and that radio antenna is erm dodgy in these conditions lol
  6. The little cell over Tamworth has gone electrical can hear it rumbling here
  7. Yes I’m watching it slowly make its way to Swadlincote, very muggy here now
  8. Leicester storm approaching here. Quite impressive as it’s still some distance away, seeing lightning and hearing faint thunder
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