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  1. Heard some rumbles from the one that passed over Burton 20mins ago to my NW but things seem to be cracking off now to my south west with very frequent rumbles from the cell over just NE of Sutton Colefield, hopefully catch a direct hit
  2. Didn’t the two of them work on a net weather winter forecast a few years back?
  3. I agree, also loving the way the showers make landfall all scattered and seem to clump together as they come into the midlands. Keep them coming!!
  4. Those yellows and oranges seem to be heading straight for me and you
  5. Excellent news, so as long as the wind stays same direction they’ll keep piling into the area?
  6. Hoping that area over Lincoln will hit me but I suspect it may just miss to the south east of me. Leicester possibly catch that?
  7. Do you mean east of me, according to your location? plenty more incoming and they seem to be intensifying as they head south west, I’m sure you’ll catch something. I think a few people will have a surprise around the region this evening. How long are the showers supposed to continue for anyone know?
  8. Currently under that lot in red, bug 50p flakes
  9. Has this precipitation got to pivot? The stuff over Somerset is moving south east so the pivot point has to be over the region somewhere. I’m going to stick my neck out and say somewhere around Wolverhampton. Whether it’s still snow by then??... it’s just started to snow here
  10. Currently sat in the garden under clear sky and can see stars directly overhead but it’s so surreal it’s like the blitz to my south and west it’s even lighting the clear sky up
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