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  1. Looks like the Atlantic wakes up again next week around Thursday pulling in more storms, Looks like the polar vortex drifts south from Canada into the states so the train starts again.
  2. Can not believe this. I have not seen or heard wind like it. Got home on the last train out of London. No trains with Virgin. Most stations are damaged and huge amount of damage on the line. See the big match is off in Manchester and people being told to stay out of Manchester city centre.
  3. How strange. Came home 45mins ago and the temp was 5.8c and now it's dropped to 2.6c in West Manchester with snow!!!
  4. Well tonight is worse than are last storm here in Manchester. The rain is being driven in by a strengthening wind. Some flooding again in the UK must happen. I am sure the met said winds would not be strong, boy these are.!!
  5. 5.1c Very chilly before the next storm from the Atlantic comes in!
  6. Well yes -30c last time and they are are getting battered with snow storm after snow storm!!
  7. Its a kind of winters day to stay in and relax before the new year really kicks in. It's 6.2c. I will get my snow from next week as off to Alberta, Canada for three weeks!!! Anyone know of any weather forums over there?
  8. Think the met will issue by 10am today, Could see sustained winds of 60mph -70mph with higher gusts in NW tomorrow lunch time. Anyone agree?
  9. Tem rising now 5.9c a sure sign the next Atlantic storm is on it's way in and a cold breeze has started
  10. Once again calm before the storm 5.4c and no cloud cover. The cloud will be back when we wake tomorrow and the wind will be back. Looks poor for New Years Eve.
  11. In another part of the forum people are reming us of 1947 when the record cold did not kick in till mid Jan till March end.......... Temp now 5.2c
  12. Cloud all gone and a brilliant sun set. 5.5c and falling. More worried about 31st to 2nd Jan, The next big storm is barreling in by the looks of things.
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