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  1. We can but hope ... we've been under a thunderstorm warning every day for 5 days here but barely a drop of rain and no real thunder other than the occasional, distant sky-mumble.
  2. Very happy for all of you experiencing some awesome storm activity today, regardless of whether I get any or not (I can't believe the amount of whingeing and moaning that goes on in this forum sometimes!).
  3. Had a nice little deluge here around 9.30am (just outside Ashford) with a bunch of thunder and a little hail mixed in ... overjoyed to feel the edge come off the temperatures, although it's rising quickly again now - and with added humidity.
  4. Today's Weather - Daily highs and lows - Netweather WWW.NETWEATHER.TV
  5. I captured this yesterday at Folkestone. Proper weather! More Photography
  6. Looking all white in Ashford this morning - guessing a good 5cm and more on it's way. I'd say the forecasts were pretty much spot on so far with it being a hit or miss affair. Just happy to be in the 'hit' zone on this occasion.
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