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  1. I remember a few winters ago, the forecast said the mild air would be coming in, double figures etc... well the cold air fought back and it stayed cold with snow on the ground for a few more days. Am not saying the same thing will happen today at all, but pointing out that the cold air may dig in and hold the mild air at bay if it digs back in enough. And No, it doesn't mean we know who has successfully predicted the next ice age!!
  2. Just rain here in Coventry. Was expecting sleet at the very least. It's freezing cold though
  3. It certainly is a changeable picture and milder interludes within a British Winter is to be expected. Just need to that jet to be kept South and to have a NE which will stay with us for a bit. A NE is even colder than a Northerly, it can be really proper cold (though the next ice age will still not be coming imminently just in case anyone believes the scare stories and myths we all know who peddles, lol)
  4. Does the GFS 18 run this evening suggest that the cold air may win out tomorrow rather than the milder air? Saw a suggestion above that there has been an upgrade at 12 hours? If this was to happen, then surely the forecast may change in the medium term too?
  5. I am in the south west of the city, not far from cannon park. Where abouts are you?
  6. Unexpectedly it started to snow here again in the last 30-45 minutes, that wasn't in the forecast! However, not really settling and it stops and goes
  7. Starting to settle on the road/pavement now.. a few hours of this and the morning will look great...
  8. Yes, it's Heavy, all over the grass and cars at least. It was very wet before but I think as it gets a bit colder, we will get a good covering on the pavements too.
  9. Heavy snow here now in Coventry- settling on cars and on the grass but signs it may begin to settle on the pavements too but it hasn't done so yet. The ground was very wet after the rain then sleet so it may take a bit of time.
  10. Sleet here at the moment - but if the forecast is correct, should turn to snow soon. Radar showing just rain which is not consistent with what I can see out of the window. Midlandsiceage from Solihull says it's snow there - very small margins in terms of altitude probably matters a lot in this marginal situation. Or its just about to get here.
  11. The snow remains heavy here in Coventry but it doesn't seem to be settling at the moment. It will probably change in an hour or 2.
  12. Snow had got lighter here in Coventry but very heavy now with large sized flakes. Will have further accumulations if it carries on like this.
  13. We've had a lot of rain here but in terms of wind, nothing much at all. It really is just a bit of a light breeze. It looks like we've escaped this one.
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