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  1. I am in the yellow weather warning area but as we are near the coast we never get the worst of it.  Definitely no chance of snow on my birthday 12th August I will be in the low 50 's next time. 

    The nearby villages have been getting a bit of flooding during the heavy rain due to house building and the changes due to a new nature reserve.  

    Take care everyone 

  2. 5 hours ago, Huggles said:

    Thanks SparkleS.  I'm in Tarleton which is between Southport and Preston.  Still quite windy today but nothing like what happened yesterday.  My bird table is in pieces!  Hey ho, could have been worse.

    Hi welcome from another female also from Tarleton.  

    Hope the Wind isnt too bad tonorrow as we have family coming up from Oxford area in the morning   

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