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  1. *Getting the deck chairs oot and the picnic table set up for the weekend* SS you've got it right. If my granny had held on a wee bit longer and been born in Galway instead of Glasgow I'd be joining you wi the Irish passport.
  2. One flash of lightning and thunder last night, must've been the same one you all heard. Then heavy rain or hail, now calm and 3C.
  3. Had that before Catch, but never this loud.
  4. I had to get the coal in, and thought a train was coming - but it was the wind, roaring. Never heard it that loud before . Usualy roars through the pines up the hill but this was right beside the houses here. Rain battering the windows. I've shut the blinds and curtains which I never ever do.
  5. Horrendous up here, awful - wind screaming and howling round the hoose.
  6. Husband swears his head off about the messy roads here but I think myself that farmers have enough to do without sweeping the roads as well.
  7. Temp here just jumped to 4C and its turned to rain. That was that then
  8. This was posted on FB this morning, taken by one of the drivers from a coal firm in Duns
  9. Husband took this earlier, it's back on heavy again now so might get better pics later on.
  10. It's odd because usually it comes from the west and piles up against that fence/hedge. This morning it's coming in from the east and piled up on the neighbour's side of the hedge. The A7 is oot there in that white stuff somewhere..
  11. Heavy proper snow here, world has turned white.Husband says it started about 6am.
  12. We've had rain on and off all day and it went down to 3C. Will see what tomorrow brings but won't hold breath
  13. Blowing a gale up here, coming right in the front windows, from the south west I think. Heavy drizzle. All ready here too mistyQ for possible powercuts.
  14. Sorry about my typing, my keyboard has gone a bit weird. Well either that or mybrain.
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