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  1. Horrible thick mist here now. Was clear skies with stars at 6 am.
  2. Yep Bigsnow that's the one. It's far nicer in reality, very nice I wouldn't mind it meself. Got a lottery ticket too... We were up in Edinburgh and it was a very cold wind - the cranes in the St James Centre were off, their alarms all going with the wind.
  3. I'm in the peasant hovels down the road a bit..
  4. Oooh think I know that one. It's a very pretty house.
  5. I'm in Heriot - can you remember the name of the house? We've got a lot of big houses here, inc Bowes-Lyons. *looks posh*
  6. Yep, if I wasn't on top of a hill I think I'd be floating down the Tweed by now!
  7. I dunno MQ, by that time I've tuned him oot. Forgot to post this pic, taken the other day from my back door. It doesny look like this today..
  8. Nice morning here, all white and 0C. Husband moaning about winter already!
  9. Temp 3cwhen hubby got up, frosty ootside and a lovely clear sky.
  10. Husband saw a couple doing that near us! think he said they had 2 bairns.
  11. Had a last wee day oot in North Berwick to see the sea and say goodbye until next year. Hard to believe the weather due in this week :(
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