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  1. 101 north I might be moving too. Viewing the hoose tomorrow. Much further down, more sun/less snaw. I don't know how to find the altitude - it's the village of Ancrum just north of Jedburgh.
  2. Between the weather and the current situation of the country I think hibernation is the only sensible option. If youz could all send me sweeties to see me through to April, then I'll take to my bed.
  3. I haven't poked my nose outside for days, too dull and miserable. Much nicer to stay inside reading a good book. Or ten. Or maybe I'm just a lazy mess 😈
  4. I don't know MS, but the far north west seems to get a lot of snow inland anyway. Somebody on here will have charts and statistics. Only prob is that they get an awful lot of rain as well.
  5. Our eldest son was here yesterday, he wore a mask and we wore masks. I had the back door open too. He's been working up in the outer hebrides for the week, loved it apart from being 40 miles from the nearest shop ... which he found out when he ran out of fags 😁 Saw eagles and a pod of dolphins and raved non-stop about the beauty of Harris. I can't even talk about the weather, its doing my head in. I'm making soap for xmas pressies and not even looking out of the window.
  6. I'd be a very grumpy cow too if I'd had a caesar. Am just sayin. 😈
  7. Still dry and calm here. Anybody up in the islands? Son is heading for the Uig ferry and going to Lochmaddy = what's it like up there? He isn't a good traveller.. 🤓
  8. Lovely calm still morning, sun going to come oot any minute, 6C.
  9. All fine down here MS ta. Looking forward to an epic winter to round off a very weird year!
  10. Is out west and Greenland good? 🤓 or should I wait for up north and Siberia? lol
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