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  1. Going to be an anxious night for you NL. Sending you wet & soggy vibes to discourage that fire!!
  2. Sssshhhhh HC!!! Nooo negative vibes! The gods listen!!
  3. What about Saturday for the Borders area - I need a wee day oot. Are we better to head for the coast like St Abbs, or further west ie Moffat?
  4. You have made my day! Cheered me, thank you
  5. Thanks for that NL, I'd have worried! Hate foxes.
  6. Go wee sheepie! I hope the farmer went out later and helped her in case it came back... not fond of foxes at all
  7. The wee church at Balquidder is lovely :)
  8. My only unusual weather memory is one day in June it snowed when I was in Princes St in Edinburgh. It would be either late 60s or early 70s. I think it was a bad summer that year, no warmth.
  9. NL, are we getting less warm weather over the year, or is it staying mild for longer at the back end to make up? I realise this sentence doesn't make much sense but I am just up and have only had one cup of coffee.
  10. Was 2 huge flashes of lightning around midnight but no thunder. Then heavy rain. Got to go to EdinB today for vitally important stuff (ok hair done) so hope it behaves today and no snow on the A7..
  11. Snowing a lot but not much lying, it's a bit wet.
  12. Just came in to report that's the snow started here now. Heavy snow showers on the BBC for us, 3 and 4 am.
  13. Been bright sun up here since early on, but chilly. No wind thank god. Got a lot of snow forecast tomorrow.
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